10 Countries with the best healthcare facilities RANKED

Amidst the coronavirus outburst, countries have realized the significance of a better healthcare system and how important it is to provide better healthcare facilities and emergency services to the patients at minimal costs. While some countries took the charge and controlled the situations accordingly. While other countries had to manage the pandemic situation struggling and counting each day.

But there were some nations, which made sure that the basic health care facilities needed to be provided even before anyone knew of these circumstances. They made a common structure and made sure that the health of every citizen is not only financially secured but easily available. Here are the top 10 countries that provide the best healthcare facilities. Make sure that you take the citizenship of the country of your choice.


The Canadian government offers Public Health Care Services which covers every Canadian citizen to provide them the basic healthcare amenities. Emergency medical services come with no cost even if one doesn’t have a government medical care card. The medical equipment and services are of top-notch quality. But of course, this comes at a cost. There are monthly premiums or yearly premiums that need to be paid along with specific medical taxes which makes the entire health care system. If certain out of pockets(OOP) services are not covered by the insurance team they need to be paid by the patient themselves.


Denmark is one of those countries which has a universal healthcare system and hence makes it easier to provide access to all the citizens in the country. The Danish government has not compromised with the quality of healthcare and hence has made it public with most of it being financed by the taxes. But the Danish government is trying to be one step ahead when it comes to providing health care services to the citizens. The Danish finance ministry is trying to minimize the number of hospitals and the digitalizing the OPD process. Some hospitals and health care centers have the patient information stored and hence continue the treatment as per the records.


Sweden is another country that has made sure that all of its citizens get access to the basic health care services in the country. Most part of the fund is sourced by the government and the rest is funded by taxes for better healthcare coverage. It is very effectively decentralized so that irrespective of the income all the citizens would get basic health care services provided. Though there are private health care organizations as well. The basic fees such as hospital entrance fees as well as regular routine check-ups are covered by these public healthcare insurance.


Norway is another country with an exemplary healthcare system. Just like other best healthcare countries listed here Norway has universal healthcare coverage. It is primarily funded by two sources as general taxes as well as by payroll contributions mutually shared by the employees and the employers. The kind of public health care funds is used to provide services to anyone younger than the age of sixteen. For all the citizens reaching adulthood would have to be deductible each year until they become eligible for the exemption card.


Germany has a universal multi-payer healthcare system. Which makes it easier for all the citizens to have access to the basic healthcare facilities. It is so uniformly organized that it fulfills the low salaried citizens with all the basic needs of health care and those who are high salaried can purchase their own private health insurance. There are no wait times for critical operations like surgeries and MRIs or diagnostic tests. The employees pay most of their salaries in healthcare insurance as premiums. Approximately 7.5 percent of the worker’s salary goes into the public health insurance pool.


In a 2017 report, healthcare in the United Kingdom was the best in the overall healthcare services provided. The major reason for such fine maintenance of the healthcare system here is it is all free of cost for the citizens and mainly governed by the National Health Services. The health care services are free at the time of use and are deducted later through taxes. Major categories where healthcare was ranked best Care Process such as effective, safe, coordinated, patient-oriented as well as equity.


Citizens of Japan have longer life expectancy naturally and in the last five years, Japan has surpassed leading countries and developed nations when it comes to investment in healthcare. Japan’s government has invested approximately $5 billion making it one of the best nations in the world to provide healthcare to its citizens. And not just that Japan includes everyone in its healthcare provisions who has been living in the country for more than a year. Patients simply have to pay 30% of the total cost and approximately 80% to 90% get reimbursed as per the health care policies.


Australia may be the smallest continent in the world but it displays quite impressive features when it comes to healthcare. The best feature of Australia’s healthcare is that it has been Medicare-funded primarily. Medicare and the public hospital system provides almost free to minimum cost to most of the health care services. Private health insurance allows citizens to take services outside the system as well which depends on their consent. The secret of such a well-formed healthcare system could be the three-tiered government structure but all the sections have been simultaneously active in the healthcare of the country.


Netherland is another country where health equipment, medical services, and other health insurance facilities are at its best. The best part of the Netherlands healthcare system is that it has a dual-level system. The private mandatory insurance finances all primary and curative care. Though it is very much similar to the health care system of Switzerland on wider terms the out of pocket (OOP) costs are lesser than Switzerland. Along with that, the complete health care system is 50% financed from payroll taxes paid by the employers to a fund controlled by the health care regulator body which is government authorized.


Switzerland is a beautiful country in Europe. When it comes to healthcare, it is best in the whole wide world. Switzerland offers health insurance and health coverage to all of the citizens along with those that are born on these lands whether or not they reside there. The normal life expectancy of a Swiss citizen is 83 which is the longest in the world. It is mandatory for all citizens to have health coverage.

The special features of the Swiss care include other features as well. No one is denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. There is a minimum waiting time for patients. Almost all the facilities are available to all the citizens easily and in the minimum time possible. Switzerland has recently become famous for its maternity services such as prenatal care, delivery-related costs, long hospital stays, and other facilities. People around the world are spending money in no time to get their hands on these services to explore safer options for childcare.