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12 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for Backpackers

No matter what continent, you can always find places to visit on the budget. Also if you want to experience the authenticity of the place, you can only find them while discovering the local community. Any travel experience is unfinished without trying local cuisines or knowing their history which I believe is not expensive most of the time.

With careful planning and smart financing, it is possible to trot across the globe on a budget and have a full-on authentic experience of those places. You can save some much-needed bucks by staying and eating locally and traveling using local transport.

To help you along the way here are some budget-friendly destinations across the world. You can use anyone for your starting point.


The Philippines is all about its white sandy pristine beaches, turquois-blue water, and delicious seafood. Here you have 7,641 islands to choose from! But the best thing about this place is its people. They are very hospitable and welcoming which you rarely find in other tourist destinations.

Here 1$ beer is common and food is cheap but very delicious Living accommodations cost start from 10$ to 20$ per night. Hostels can be even cheaper than that.

Limb Mount Appo or Mount Pulag, explore the beaches of Pangasinan or Palawan, swim with sharks, or go spelunking in underground caves. The Philippines has never-ending adventures to offer.


Most of Southeast Asia is quite affordable but Thailand offers you more bang for your buck. You can find decent accommodation for 10$ or less for a night and the food here is especially cheap.

Who doesn’t love Pad Thai? But don’t forget to try Gai Tod – a fried chicken dish, Guay Teow –noodle soup, Khao Pad, and much more. This place is heaven for foodies.

With sites like Thailand’s sacred temple – The Emerald Temple, the breathtaking turquoise water of Railay beach offers water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting, and kayaking, even if you splurge a little bit you won’t feel guilty.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a heaven for travelers because it has so much to offer. From the Grand Prague Castle to the intriguing Chapels, delicious local beers to fine wine, from striking buildings to flowing rivers. But most importantly Prague is very budget-friendly because there are plenty of affordable accommodations, backpacker hostels, roadside eateries, and low-cost walking tours available.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is still undiscovered and not overrun by rowdy tourists. This charming city is a gorgeous blend of the urban landscape and gothic architecture dotted with the pristine coastline. It also has a thriving nightlife and food scene to add some fun & spice to your travel vacation.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital city of Hungary sitting majestically on the bank of the river Danube is one of the tourist hotspots. The Hungarian baths are definitely a sight to behold. But what makes Budapest so pocket-friendly is its extensive and extremely value for money public transport system. You can take a day-long or a week-long pass and explore the city to your heart’s desire.

The most desirable sites to see here are Buda Castle, St. Steven Basilica, Parliament Building, the World’s largest Flipper Museum, Funky bars, House of Terror, and obviously public Thermal Baths.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is Turkey’s historical & cultural center. Be sure to see the Hagia Sophia Mosque, and the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, wander around Grand Bazaar, eat locally at the busiest street of Istiklal, buy spices at the historic Spice Bazaar, and walk the Galata Bridge & Galata Tower. Also, don’t forget to take Turkish Bath or Hamam.

Although Istanbul is economical to travel to, it’s also very crowded, plan your day carefully and avoid scammers in the local market – avoid going inside the shops or you’re forced to purchase something.

Saranda, Albania

Looking for some Mediterranean sun, the Albanian Riviera is as much as beautiful as French Riviera but less crowded and much cheaper. Splash in turquoise waters, eat at the beach-side seafood restaurants, and sunbathe on the beach. What else do you need!

Malaga, Spain

Tourists in Spain often overlook Malaga for Seville and Granada. But with budding art scenes, jaw-dropping coastline, and an electric atmosphere, Malaga definitely is must visit. The food here is very cheap, so fill your belly with Tapas until you can’t eat more.

Palermo, Italy

When we think about Italy, places like Florence, Milan, and Amalfi Coast come into mind. But the city of Palermo in Sicily is an undiscovered gem. The city has 12 UNESCO sites, over 230 ancient churches, 3rd largest opera theater in Europe, and the four oldest street markets in Europe for you to discover.

Eat local, walk around winding streets, have a drink or two in the pub, and enjoy the laidback life of this beautiful city.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

One of the great European cities to travel to for culture lovers. It’s the 2nd largest city and cultural capital of Bulgaria. Plovdiv and its iconic hills have been inhabited for 8,000 years, making it the oldest continuously settled city in the world.

Don’t forget to check out the historic monuments such as the Ancient Stadium, the ancient Roman Theater of Philippopolis, the Dzhumaya Mosque, local markets, and the Kapana nightlife districts.


People are often avoiding traveling to Mexico but if you stick to touristy places, you won’t have any problems. For an affordable and truly authentic taste of Mexico, check out some of the Pueblos Magicos (Magical Towns).

There’re a total of 132 Pueblos Magicos most of them showcasing beautiful baroque-style architecture. Do visit Palenque in Chiapas, Taxco in Guerrero, and Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosi.


This South-American country is considered to be one of the most biologically diverse in the world. With the nation, you can explore the rainforest, gaze upon the famous Iguazu Falls, visit the lowlands, the tallest active volcano Ojos del Salado, and marvel at the glaciers of Patagonia. Where else can you find all of it in one place!

Since traveling and staying costs are low, you can stay here until you explore it all. On average it can cost you 40$ to 50$ per day. Less if you can find.

Get Ready to Explore

Are you packed yet? Just kidding! After reading about all these wonderful places I sure will be ready to plan my whole itinerary. So plan carefully and finance smartly before you rear to go on a world-round vacation and enjoy this nature’s wonder.