One of the most beautiful beaches, the long beach famous for its surfing activities is open post lockdown to welcome all the fees that want to be immersed in the sand here. It is a family spot and offers other activities apart from surfing like camping. The surf guards are always available here to guide you through the long waves. And they are still there in these summers. When was the last time you took a long run on a beach? well, here is a beach welcoming you with open arms.

This summer and the year itself has been really difficult and a little bit of fun in the sand while long waves in the sight till the sun dives into the horizon do not make for a bad idea at all. It is located near the west side of Vancouver Island, four hours west of Victoria.


Long beaches with huge waves are what long beaches consist of. That is the reason many people come here to surf. But when there are low tides, sunsets are equally beautiful and calm here. It is the second-largest freshwater beach in the world. It is open now after the COVID – 19 lockdown era, and once being famous for its family-friendly environment and sandy time all around. It is gradually welcoming people to do camping and other sports activities but with all the precautions that one can take.

Other sports activities that you can expect here are paddle boarding, kite-surfing, along with canoeing. It is a great way to start up now and give your body a wake-up call after quarantining for so many days in your homes. A long walk with your beloved to take some fresh air on this 11 km beach would not be a bad idea. You might miss a long drive but a long walk here can make you ready to pump up your post lockdown plans. It is located at Highway 6, past Owen Sound.


It is not your regular sandy beach with long waves. In summers sometimes, you need that quiet serenity to introspect a little bit. And the area near Kathleen Lake is just for you. A world heritage site in itself, it is one of a kind place here in Canada. Dark pine trees on the side, calmer waters, and the sight of mountains make its most beloved picturesque view of all times. Fishing is the most sought after activity here.

But there are the activities that you can do here like going on a boar to the most remote portion on the lake. Spending some quality time with your bae or a book. You might not need a lot to enjoy here as the calmness of the area can become your best friend here. There are a lot and a lot of monster fishes that inhabit this lake. So if someone wants to be friends with you when you are simply sitting in your boat, don’t be surprised by that. To reach this paradise, you simply want to take the Alaska Highway towards the Destruction bay after Whitehorse.


Hopewell Park is one of the oldest parks on the Canadian lands. And through the centuries it has passed the test to be people’s favorite. It is not only a phenomenal tourist place but serves as a fantastic destination for locals as well. Walking through the maze of huge, wild rocks and playing around can be your perfect choice this summer. When all you have been walking to is one room to another during the lockdown.

The park is open from mid-may to mid-October but considered to be more accessible during the offseason and that is when all the locals come to visit the land. And for the people who wonder whether they can dive the Rockwell, yes you are most welcome to. Many beaches in the area have some natural tidal swimming pools. And for more private time, you can swim off to an offshore island. Nearby Rockwell, you can find Fundy National Park for more adventurous and fun activities.


The Sandbank Provincial Park was the last one to close during the lockdown and the first one to open. Even after the Lockdown, it is open now. Though most of the services are closed. The Surfers and the lifeguards are not available at the moment and they are not regularly guarding the beach right now. So one has to be very careful if they are planning to perform any activities on the beach.

The pandemic has done nothing to the life of the Outlet beach. As soon as the people found out that they could step on to the beach after a lockdown in the blazing sun. People took their mats and went out with the family to get some tan. Outlet Beach is one of the most lively beaches and is a diamond to the land of Ontario. So pack your bags this summer to head onto the beach, watch the waves and build some sandcastles.


For all the pictures that you have seen lying on the surface of the water, not swimming but just lying there could be of the Manitou Beach. The density of the water on this lake is quite high and you can easily swim in it. No matter what you do you will still keep floating on the waters around the Manitou beach. Hence it is more or less like lying in our bathtub just under the clear blue sky and the sun shining on us. There are no fishes in the water because of its nature and there are no high tides or low tides so there is no scope of fishing or any other kind of adventures here.

But it provides you a luxury or simply doing nothing and lying all day getting tanned. This beach also allows you to have that free time with your family and is perfectly safe for the children. And during the high season, you would also find a lot of people spending a luxurious time here.


Skaha Beach is another beach that families love and it is quite crowded during a lit sunny day but then there are other days when the beach is very quiet and serene. The nights here are way more beautiful. Skaha beach has everything that a beach can have along with freshwater around to swim. The trees and shrubs make it a perfect hangout destination. After the lockdown when we were limited to our concise spaces we needed a larger area to breathe and nature to its fullest.

Skaha beach gives you the same feeling of being a little piece in the big natural globe.

With a big waterbody all around, mountains, trees and a linear path behind are the perfect places to spend these summers.