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You probably have one in your society or wanted to dive into the natural one out in the open located near your old place where you grew up. But your memories of diving into the waters and swimming for hours in the summer afternoons should not be faded away. In the hustle and bustle of normal city life and regular work, schedules have put so much weight on you that you have forgotten how it feels like being in waters and just being weightless?

Natural swimming pools throughout the world are not a common occurrence. They are not beaches, coasts, or any other water bodies. They are simply natural pools for you that nature itself fills with the best of the waters and welcomes you to have some relaxing time so that you can catch a breath in this race of making life fulfilled and complete. Here is a list of some of the most exquisite water pools in different parts of the world for making sure that you can have natural arresting views while being in the comfort of your pool. 


Australia has almost 100 swimming pools around its region. They are in Sydney, New Castle, Melbourne, etc. The history of ocean pools goes back to the year 1819 when the first ocean pool was made in Australia. And now there are many pools available, especially in New South Wales. There are separate pools for men and separate for women and children. Because of their natural surroundings, clear coastlines in front of them and the joy of sunsets with cocktails in the hand is simply both elegant and picturesque. There are private pools and then there are pen pools available at your convenience. So that you can choose as per your preferences and moods. 


A small piece of your clean waters just beside the great Ocean. It feels like you have everything in your sight and you see the great waves clashing sitting in your sovereignty and contentment. It is as serene as it sounds. The Dalebrook Tidal Pool in South Africa will give you a wide range of adventures but all at your convenience. This experience has been people’s favorite. Tourists come from all around the world to have this kind of experience. With apartments on one side of the line and natural pools on the other side. The main road of the Kalka bay has guesthouses on one side of the road and pools on the other with the coastline on the side. Who wouldn’t want that kind of morning to live?


Siargao has been hidden in heaven. Being surrounded by clear waters from all sides, it has tended to make some natural swimming pools in its landscapes and they are spellbinding in nature. With huge rocks on one side, clear natural water of the sea on the other side, and clear blue skies make the vision complete with the pictorial beauty that it possesses. There are many adventures that you can perform at Siargao and the coconut ice cream of this region is what the tourists visiting here swear by. However, having the same kind of delicacies in your natural swimming pool. And it has a regional name as well called magpupungko. After performing all the adventure activities here you might need a relaxing evening in the waters. If you want to know more about Siargao and what all you can do here check out our list of 7 handpicked summer getaways where Siargao makes a special place.



Remember all the tales that you used to hear during your childhood about a troop of fairies living in the most beautiful of the spaces with plants and waters around. But listening to those tales have you ever felt that I also want to live in the same kind of lands where all these fairies lie as they simply sing and dance throughout the day. I am sure that you used to have the same kind of imagination. To make them come true now, here is a natural pool in Scotland called Fairy Pools. And just one sight is all you require to fall in love with this pretty view. Clear blue water with small smooth pebbles and rocks on the side and lush green environment covering the whole region gives you a serene feeling making you forget everything that you were ever tensed about. What that is not all that makes it so homeliest but the fresh tranquil waterfall that flows from the neatly cushioned rocks on one side makes you take deep sighs and soulfully meditate.


Madeira is a natural beauty in itself but its subtropical climate and its settlement near the Faja River do not make it beautiful but what makes it more unique and grandeur is the landscape surrounded by the volcanic rough rocks and clear sea waters. The Porto Moniz Pool is a beautiful escape from your daily life. A place that catches your eyes you won’t probably want to look back. The black sand and rocks around with sea on the sight, smaller flat staircases to enter the water all completes the definition of luxury here. The natural saltwater of swimming pools is made up of volcanic rock, into which seas flow naturally. The other facilities that have been provided to you here apart from the luxurious time in the pool are car parking, changing rooms, bathrooms, snack and cocktail bars along with special personal cabinets to keep your belongings safe.


A hot water bath with some Epsom salt and lavender oil can not only detoxify your body but can give you a sense of calmness and relaxation. It can destress your muscles and loosen up the knots in them. But what if you receive all of it in the natural luxury in natural surroundings. If you are in for a natural geyser adventure then you’re most welcome to Sol de Manana Geysers in Bolivia. The hot water geysers and volcanic eruptions are quite famous and frequent here. Being the most geothermically hot land space in the surroundings. There are certain hotels and resorts located nearby which can transport naturally heated water to give you a healing time of your own in your own naturally built pool. For some adventure enthusiasts who would like to go places to quench their wanderlust, this place is more than fine, to begin with.


These are among the best hot water springs in California and hence make for the best natural swimming pools in the region. Generally, the long trails around the Little Sur River are used for rock climbing, extreme trekking, and strolls to explore the wild. But after so much physical exercise and tiring days. One thing that you need is a long relaxing bath. And the loving nature provides for the same. The natural beautiful clear water springs between the paths and foamy waterfall surrounding those make a perfect time for relaxing, catching some breath, and claiming your heartbeats.