The summer season has already started and it is that time of the year when you simply want beaches, cocktails, food, and long lazy afternoons. And what would be the best place to find the beaches than the islands itself which has beaches all around the land. Whether you are an extreme travel enthusiast or a family man you need someplace which has it all when you visit it. The one destination which fulfills your heart, mind, and soul at the end.

To save you from the aestivation sleep of this summer season, here are our handpicked best islands around the world which can be the best to visit and can refresh you for the entire year.


Everyone who is a travel enthusiast is well aware of Bali. A heavenly place that is mostly famous for its tourism. And it has numerous places to visit but there are hidden gems in this place and can give you an ultimate travel experience for life. The beach of Canggu is one such place. If you are an adventure lover you can head towards the echo beach which is mostly famous for surfing. Another spot for you would be Seseh beach which has black sand and is 9 km away from the Tanah Temple, another piece of fine architecture in this region. The great rocky walls of the beach get crashed by the sea on one side.

If you are planning to visit the beach with your friends and family. You can visit all the waterparks on this island and those would be Taman Segara Madu Waterpark and Splash Waterpark. For some creativity on your summer vacation, you can go for cooking classes at Iboe Soelastri Cooking Classes and for making some fine silver jewelry at the House of Alaia. They will teach you how to cook the traditional Bali dishes and at the jewelry classes, you can wear your handmade jewelry. If you love bike riding, The temple of Enthusiasm by Deus Ex Machina on this island is going to be your delight.

When was the last time you sat on the saddle of the horse and made it run on the beaches? It is not just an adventure sport but an experience in itself and you can participate in it on the Canggu Island by visiting the Kuda P Stables where you can learn horse riding and ride your favorite one. Being surrounded by water, Canggu can give you all kinds of beach experience. Peranan beach which is famous for horse riding and the rice fields besides that is a home for Stallions, Nelayan beach can give you the best sunset views ever. And if you are looking for a more sophisticated resort kind experience you can head towards Berawa Beach. To know more about other places to visit in Bali click on the link below :


Siargao is nature’s reverence. Whoever has visited this marvel has witnessed some of the best colors of the earth. It is nowhere touched with the commercialization or economic boom, instead, it is very raw and nescient. If you remember all the picturesque islands that you saw in pirate movies and you wish to visit them. A visit to Siargao can make all those dreams come true. Dense forests with long palm trees give a landscape to the white beaches at the Mam -and La Januza Island. Shallow water on the beaches gives home to the coral reefs and on the other side if you by any chance visit the island at the right time you can go for cliff jumping to your heart’s content at two different lagoons at Sugba Lagoon. If you enjoy the sunset while meditating on the water waves, visit Kawahgan Island and Pamomoan Beach. 

All the adventure sports at Siargao are Cloud 9, Jacking Horse, Pacifico, Rock Island, and Guyana which is also known as the secret beach. Lose yourself in the jungle with tall palm trees in the coconut palm forest. Take a bath at the TakTak waterfall and experience the crystal clear water at the Alegria Beach. No vacation lace is complete without some lip-smacking food. So, Siargao has multiple cafes for the same but a famous and exquisite one is Shaka Cafe Smoothie Bowls. 

Have you ever heard about coconut ice cream? You might have tasted some depending upon what part of the world you are at. But the coconut ice cream at the local Lokas cafe on this island is an absolute treat to the travelers. Or simply have one complete meal at the Kermit Restaurant. Above everything, the Sohoton Cove Tour is a must-do in Siargao and is a perfect hotspot for the people who prefer to have a drone view and visit the place from the sky. Siargao will assure you that you have a perfect summer getaway here.


There are many islands in the world but the perfect blend of human civilization and nature’s wonder is something you will only witness at Lanzarote, Spain. There is no doubt that the islands of Spain have a different place on the world map but the serenity that Lanzarote brings is of a different class. Be a witness of the lunar landscapes here and the land of volcanic matter all around. The color of these lands when merged with the turquoise waters, gives a perfect moment to click in the memory.

The best place to enjoy the unique landscapes of this island is to visit the Timanfaya National Park, which is known for its moon-like terrain. This island is perfect for the people who prefer sunbathing cause Lanzarote remains sunlit throughout the year. For all the people who love cycling over rough terrains, you are most welcome to do so here. There are delicious cuisines both local and international kinds all around the island but what’s fresh here is the vineyard and its wines. You can visit one, filter glass for yourself, and enjoy it in the evening.

Lanzarote’s art and architecture are not far from its natural beauty. The great architect, designer, and environmentalist Cesar Manrique came here and saved the island from the rough patches of volcano eruption and made it as pictographic as it is now. Hence, you will see a binding shadow of his work on the entire island. You can also visit Cesar Manrique’s home here and witness some of its idyllic creations in place at his residence.

Check out another great island to visit in Spain which is Ibiza by clicking on the following link:


Croatia may not be on the top of your must-visit place bucket list but its islands are one paradise to visit. And the best of them all is Vis Island in Croatia. With all the best of what an island can have, Croatia is the best of the landscape. Because it is not very famous among tourists, it brings an untouched experience for travelers. I need not mention that the Superhit movie starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfred titled Mamma Mia was shot here.

The beauty of this island was preserved until 1989 and was opened only after that for a visit. The flora and fauna of this island are so rich that the World Wildlife Fund declared this island to be the best-preserved island in the Mediterranean. If you will visit the island you can still witness a hedgehog passing through just like any other of our human mates. There are all kinds of beaches here, Stiniva being the most famous one. Then there is Gusarica on the east coast along with Nova Posta and Velo Zalo. 

If you want to make some sandcastles, you can visit more sandy beaches in Vela Smokova, Milna, Zaglav, and stoncica coves. The colorful houses around the town with the residents of fishermen and wine sellers give this beach a tinge of color. Vis has a varied history as well and you can visit several historical spots for the same. The archaeological museum and the fortress of Austria which has a bronze head of Greek Goddess Artemis along with the 600 Greek Amphoras.


It is known as the hidden Italian paradise. Italy can give you numerous reasons to visit the land because of its culture and a lovely history. Ponza being hidden from a lot of touristic wisdom remains an island to be found across this land. Only if you indulge in conversation with a local when they will mention the name of this lively land.

Though it has been considered a favorite vacation spot for celebrities like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey. One has to be ready with their swimsuits, kaftans, and huge summer hats to visit this place. It is also known that the founder and the designer of the brand Fendi has a property here and the family prefers to spend some private time in the finely carved resorts, tempting food, and ambrose cocktails all around.

You can go for a boat excursion here, hop on a day cruise around the area of Italy, and Rome on the surface of the water. Though the food that you can expect here is mostly Italian languages spoken among the people are mixed. Some would speak Italian while others prefer Greek. The white rock creations, clear water, and sunlight promise to keep you entertained here.


Specifically for all the population who does not prefer the hustle and bustle of the island beaches. Neither they like the tourists in the restaurant and adventure sports. Above all of that, they prefer a quaint place with more comfortable accommodation and dainty food while watching the sunset from their lavish private cabin. Hence, your perfect destination is Manhausen in Norway, an island with just the perfect everything that you desire on your holiday.

It is a private island owned by a polar explorer, writer, and photographer Borge Ousland. If you are lucky enough you might meet him. The only way to reach this island is to take a boat or ferry. As per your early bookings, a designated member of the hotel staff will pick you and drop you at your chosen room. Though here are the dormitory rooms where you can live but sea cabins are more preferred as they offer a unique experience and views of northern lights that you can’t get enough of.

If this is a quiet place doesn’t mean that it has no adventurous activities parked here. At sea, you can do sea kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving and on the land, you can go caving, rappelling, target shooting, hiking, and climbing, etc. There are also skiing and ski trails that can be accessed through boats for extreme adventurers.


Fourni is a hidden island, mostly off-beat from the regular Greek visits, and is also known as the island of Pirates. As it is said that all the pirates from Corsica used to come here to take shelter This island has emerged from the rocky reefs hence giving birth to typical island flora captivating sceneries and emerald waters. The human habitat including the traditional houses, mulberry leaves, and cobblestone alley spread around the island gives you more of a spell-bounding outlook to this piece of land.

The beach of Kassidi, The Ancient Quarry of Petrokopio, and the capital of the island Kombos is a sure shot visit to understand the culture of the place. After the emergence of the island, the archeological excavation also took place here around the Acropolis which is located on the hill of Alios Georgias. On the west side of the island, there is another site called the ancient settlement of Kamari with its history. This island is also known for its stories as the locals say that this land is guided by the spirit of Poseidon himself.

Beach of Kasidi, Hill of Korakas, and Village of Kambos are the best sunset spots while the beaches that you can visit here are Chrysomilia, Kambos, Bali, Ambelos, etc. If you visit the island during July and August, you might become a part of the celebrations and festivities that happen here on the island. Kampi, Kamari, and Kambos are the places where you can find the tasteful food for your rumbling tummies.