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7 Jaw-Dropping Unique Hotels Around The World You Should Be Travelling To!

You might have come across people bragging about their vacation and amazing discoveries they had and wonder when you’ll get to unleash the travel bug inside you. Gone are the days when people use to spend their time and money on clichéd travel destinations. Travel enthusiasts are now finding ways to explore wackiest and strange places to visit to add to their resume. The world is now going crazy with ideas and taking inspiration to another level. Which is why we are taking you on a short journey to the unusual dimension of travelling i.e. visiting strange and unique hotels in the world. Yes! You read right! This post will walk you through one-of-a-kind hotels around the world that are unique and absolutely fun to explore.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Kakslauttanen arctic resort is the place where dream collides with reality. Located in the wilderness of Finland, this glass igloo hotel is a paradise of dreamers filled with starry nights, snow-clad mountains, and not to forget the unforgettable and breathtaking view of the northern lights. These super-cute and comfy igloo glass igloos are not something that can be called affordable. But, it is certainly something not to be missed in this life.

Additionally, there are plenty of fun things to do to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities. You can pamper yourself with a hot sauna bath, or relish some of the delicious and drool-worthy dishes, or explore the wilderness or simply lie back in your warm bed and enjoy a book.  This is the reason why probably people travel to Finland in winter. The Disneyland-like charm of Finland is so intoxicating and that you’d fall in love with this tiny European nation.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

If you are an animal lover, then you wouldn’t want to miss a stay at Giraffe manor in this lifetime. This iconic and elegant property is home to Rothschild’s giraffe who poke their neck through the windows, search for treats and wander freely. If you fancy breakfast with giraffe, the Giraffe manor is the place to be in. A dining experience with these friendly animals is surely a unique one that you should have in life. While it is true that you can discover the true meaning of wildlife safari in Kenya, but your exploration isn’t finished until you have stayed in Giraffe Manor.

The Caves Hotel, Jamaica

Talk about luxury, the Caves hotel in Jamaica (the land with gorgeous rainforests and beaches) glorifies it. The hotel is located amidst Negril’s cliffs and is 90 minutes drive away from Montego Bay Airport. If you prefer a laid-back holiday where you can simply relax and enjoy everything nature has to offer, a visit to caves hotel is a must. The thatched-roof cottage, lush greenery, dogwood trees, stone pathways leading to limestone cliffs is heaven for solitude seekers. Witnessing starry night, heart-stopping coastal view, clear blue sky, and sea caves are the moments you won’t ever forget. The caves hotel is one place that will leave an everlasting impression on you. Whenever you pay a visit to beautiful Jamaica, make sure to book a room in this hotel for an unparalleled experience.

Fantasy Land Hotel, Canada

Justifying its name, the Fantasy Land Hotel in Canada is indeed a dreamer’s destination full of surprises. If you are a person who easily gets attracted by hyper themes, this one-of-a-kind hotel is bound to leave you speechless and spellbound. Fantasyland Hotel is a shopping center but in the name only. With more than 120 fantasy-themed rooms, the best part about this quirky hotel is that you can choose your theme from a plethora of options like – spaceship, prison cell, Arabian Desert, gas station and many more. To top it all, there are adventure rides, bowling-alley, Water Park and miniature golf to keep you occupied. Fantasy Land Hotel is a unique hotel that must be visited at least once in this lifetime.

Train Hotel, Pennsylvania

The Red Caboose Motel in Pennsylvania is an eccentric hotel where locomotives are turned into fine dining spots leaving you with a flabbergasting experience. The sleeping quarters of the hotel looks like basic motel rooms surrounded by Amish farms. Casey Jones restaurant in the caboose serves lip-smacking delicacies that not only fill one’s appetite but soul too. Living in a caboose is unlike any experience you can ever take.

The Red Caboose Motel is one where you can watch and enjoy the train passing by when enjoying your meals. To add nostalgia to this journey, you can actually sleep in the legendary retired trains like Indiana’s Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station, Minnesota’s Whistle Stop B&B, Alaska’s Aurora Express, Montana’s Izaak Walton Inn, and South Africa’s Santos Express.

Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain

Situated in the heart of Spain, Hotel Marques De Riscal is one of the most peculiar hotels in the world with unique ribbon-like architecture. In the backdrop, one can find themselves amidst the lush vineyards enhancing the beauty of the hotel. Also popular as one of the best-in-class luxury retreat, the hotel Marques De Riscal is interestingly the only project of the architect Frank Gehry. Cathedral-height ceilings, tilted walls, serpentine-like windows, and intricate details are the biggest highlight of the hotel that pulls everyone towards it. To experience the finest Spanish hospitality, hotel Marques De Riscal is certainly a phenomenal choice.

Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Conrad Rangali Island in the Maldives is a name to reckon with. It houses Muraka hotel, a two-storied underwater haven that is one of the strange hotels in the world offering a surreal experience of life beneath the water. The place is an underwater heaven that caters to the needs of tourists. It is indeed a top-notch hotel with all the modern amenities and luxuries.  The beauty of this hotel cannot be described in words but is only meant to experience. With coral dancing in the sea, colorful fishes swimming freely, exotic ocean creatures lurking for their prey, Ocean obsessed people wouldn’t want to leave this paradise ever.

Laden with plenty of water sports, fine dining, and ample of exciting opportunities, the hotel is a perfect place to spend quality time with loved ones. The only drawback is that it might cost you a bit heavier than usual hotels owning to its extremely superior services and features. But that doesn’t mean one cannot afford to experience the charm of this hotel. The Muraka hotel definitely deserves to be mentioned in your travel bucket list. After all, you’ve got only one life!