Budgeting and money management is both a resource and a setback for travelers. For the people who like to travel to different countries, they have their issues to deal with when it comes to expenditure. Apart from that if you are traveling with friends or a group of travelers then to calculate minor expenses every time is a hassle in itself.

And travel expenses are something that never gives a warning before burning a hole in your pocket. But there are some applications which can not only solve all your travel expenses issues but would make travel budgeting more easy and manageable for you.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, sporadic, regular, business, or always on a traveling route. Here are 8 best apps to manage your travel expenses to the last penny. So that you never run out of funds to explore new places.


Spendee provides many handy features for the people who love a colorful platform to calculate their travel expenses. And one of the coolest among all those features is the change in currency. You can travel anywhere and put the amount into it, it would simply convert into the currency you want it to and will give you the correct values up to the last penny.

Spendee is free both on iOS and Android. But if you want these calculations to be connected to your bank account or to the mobile apps or wallets that you have been using during the trip. You might want to switch to the premium version which costs $2.99 per month.


It is an alternative to Spend And has that similar colorful interface. It is free of cost both on iOS and Android. And it comes in use when you don’t want to connect your bank account details to your spending wallet. It gives you the option to feed in the numbers. Apart from that, you can also click the pictures of the receipt. But unlike Spendee, change of the currency is a hassle in this app. But it is very good for you if you are switching between different countries.


Money management is a lesson that should just not be learned by travelers only. Personal finance management should be everyone’s heads. Even if you are not that regular traveler but still want to manage your income properly. Then mint is your all in one recruit. You can add all the finance digits here. You can even set up your bills, attach your bank details, and keep a threshold of your expenditure. Like a good friend that it is, it will give you an alert if you go beyond your planned expenses. It is free of cost both on iOS and Android. And this can surely be your one-stop destination.


The interface of this app would look very familiar to you as if it was being personalized by the travel needs and money struggles that you face while traveling. While traveling to remote areas, there must be times when you will not get an internet connection. There won’t be any issues with Travel Spend cause it would work fine offline as well. Different pie charts and graphs would let you know which part of the trip cost you the maximum.

It can even locate the areas on the map where you spent the most and the minimum. These are features of the non paid version. To split the bill among the friends, you might want to upgrade it to the premium version of the app.


My personal favorite and I will be a bit biased in recommending you this one. Split wise is what I use personally whenever I am traveling with my gang or partying with them. It is free of cost both on iOS and Android. It makes money management seem easy. It is connected through the email id of every person and the smallest entry by your friend in the expenses would be notified to you by it. There are no chances of confusion when you have splitwise handy on your phones. A fair share and no biases lead to a stronger relationship after all.


For all the business executives who need to trave;l every 15 days to not only to different towns but to different countries, Spent can be your solace as it not only provides you the basic features of what a money app gives but also makes a different file where you save our expenses for reimbursements. It can click the receipts, save them and then show it to your later graphically, numerically, in the ways you want them to. You can also get rewards or cash-backs while you do your purchases from Spent. So you can save while you’re spending. Hence your money was not actually “SPENT”.



Tripcoin would work in the remotest portions wherever you go cause it does not need a wi-fi connection. The best feature of this app is that you can compare what you thought would be spent on your travel versus what has been spent. And you can analyze the rest on your own. This application can calculate over 200 currencies so that you can convert directly into the app. It is free of cost on iOS and Android.


As the name suggests, Forecipt manages all the receipts that you are going to receive during your travel in a very easy and manageable way. All you need to do is to click the picture of the receipt, enter the type of the expense or name of the vendor, and you are done. The app will automatically calculate the expenses to give you the right results. Similar to Mint you can manage your finances through this app.