The coronavirus has changed the world all at once. People are practicing social distancing, staying indoors, and are taking necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. But there are certain steps that we have to take even when the pandemic is over. As now we are understanding the significance of our health and cleanliness. We are going to be extra cautious in the future when we travel.

Here are some of the tips which we can follow while traveling during and post-pandemic to make sure that we stay healthy and safe for all the adventures of life.


You already know, sanitizers are the new cool and post-pandemic this one trend ain’t going anywhere. You were used to carrying your cell phone, your watches, and other personal stuff. And you never realized when the sanitization sneaked its place into your daily life. Now we have sanitizing wipes, liquids, and sprays. It is essential now and you must carry it whenever you travel. I understand when vehicles, hotels, and resorts promise to follow the procedure of sanitization day- in and day- out and that is what they must do.

But now when the pandemic is finally upon us we are realizing how soon and how easily the viruses and bacterias transfer from each other to the surface. Hence, don’t ditch the habit of sanitization while you are traveling. Sanitize before the street food you are planning to eat. Or after stepping down public transport. Because it is not just essential for your safety but for every person for which you can be a carrier and the same virus can be lethal for them.

Social Distancing

If you have been traveling from the airport you might have realized the significance of social distancing and how they are so stringent in following that. But it is not just what they are asking you to do. But it is about the precautions that you must take. And once you have his habit of social distancing you are going to follow it everywhere and anywhere. And even if we have a vaccine we must not give up on the habit of social distancing and keep on the habit of staying a few meters away from each other not only in public places but also everywhere we go.

The habit of cleanliness and hygiene is the shining part of the pandemic that has been gifted to us and we must keep it.


You might have been traveling through different time zones. Maybe you forget the difference between day and night but one thing which you must not forget is to drink water and avoid aerated drinks while traveling. Your body will require similar water while traveling as it requires regularly but our water intake lessens while we are traveling. Dehydration can lead to a lot of problems like acidity, dizziness, or indigestion which we must certainly avoid while traveling. Hence a proper intake of water and keeping your water with you is the only way you can avoid unnecessary problems while you are traveling.

Regular Medications

In the rush to catch a flight, a train, or booking a hotel taxi, we simply forget to take your medications. And it is very essential for the people who take regular medication of blood pressure or diabetes. A small negligence can cost you free leisure of the trip and you won’t be able to enjoy your time off.

It is very important to keep a check of the medication when you are traveling. And if you are traveling through different time zones you can keep a check of the hour difference between the different dosage of medication. For your convenience, there are small containers available on the online shopping store where you can put your pills by the day and have them accordingly. Just to make sure you don’t miss any.

Regular Health Check-ups

Proper health checks up before you go on a travel tour or a long journey is very essential. The lifestyle that you have can take a toss on your health very gradually without even giving you an alarm. And you will realize it when you are away from your home, your family and friends and believe me it is not a good place to be at. Regular check-ups are recommended to every citizen of the country but unless there is no problem we tend to avoid it. Proper notes of the diabatic check-ups, the blood pressure, and other conditions need to be done. One can also keep a rapid test tool with themselves so that health conditions can be managed in case of emergencies.

Sun Rays Protection

Traveling to the places near the equator or the places which experience extreme heat conditions than the usual are tough places to visit. Maybe you think getting a tan would be fun. But the dermatologists would never recommend you to have fun in the sun without sunscreen lotion. UV rays are very harsh to the skin and being in direct contact with them again and again can cause various skin diseases that you might not have been aware of. The extreme cases may cause skin cancer as well.

The only cure is following a proper skincare regime and a good amount of SPF on your skin. Choose the SPF as per the doctor’s recommendations. Though there are multiple skincare products and sunscreens available on the market which one suits your skin needs to be checked. So that you can take just the right amount and the proper number.

Prevent Insect Bites

You can be a die-hard wanderlust but so can be the other beautiful creatures on earth. Being so small in size they might make you their world. And these creatures can be insects and worms. Some can live on your skin and can give you a lifelong tattoo to remember how you met them. On the other hand, some can simply find their way to your stomach, intestine, etc. These can be pathogens or parasites which can not only harm the host but also make them devoid of all the nutrients and minerals which the host’s body requires to survive.

Doctors and medical practitioners recommend medical courses every once in a while to wash out all of such unwelcomed creatures from the body system. But only if you consult them. The long-lasting effects of not taking a precaution can be long-lasting like malnutrition or it can also cause an effect on your height and weight. Hence to stay safe and healthy one must make sure to stay away from insects and worms.

Seasonal Precautions

You might make a plan to visit the mountains this year or you can visit the north pole to watch the natural northern lights. But you need to take care of your allergies and other seasonal conditions which might occur due to climate change. It could be breathing problems at higher altitudes, allergies in extreme heat or extreme cold weather, etc. As there is only used to know our body and to provide what it needs we must take extra care of our body during these harsh situations and take the steps accordingly.