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Affordable Weekend Getaways Near Me in the USA – Tripsonwheels

Are you also tired of searching inexpensive weekend getaways near me on Google? Weekend trips are a great way to relax and explore new places without spending too much. Whether you like spending quality time in nature, exploring history, or just having good food, there’s always something for you in the United States. In this article, we’ll talk about some great weekend getaway spots in the USA that won’t cost you a lot. From beautiful mountain towns to lively cities full of things to do, there’s plenty to choose from that won’t empty your wallet. So, if you’re ready to take a break without spending much, keep reading this article for some fun weekend getaway ideas!

Asheville, North Carolina, Affordable Weekend Getaways Near Me

Asheville, North Carolina - Tripsonwheels

With budget not an issue, Asheville, North Carolina, is our personal top pick of affordable weekend getaways nearby. Asheville is located below the dazzling Blue Ridge Mountains featuring great shops, unique galleries, and comfy cafés. One of the best ways to discover this city is by taking a walk through the most lively streets, as well as looking around for great places to discover along the way.

You should not miss out on the Biltmore Mansion, which was built using the wealth of George Vanderbilt in the late 1800s. Have a look at the beautiful furnishings and interiors, and walk through the beautiful gardens which were made by the best architects of that time. The tickets to visit this can be a bit costly, but you can get discounts if you buy tickets in advance or you buy tickets in bulk.

Nature lovers won’t get disappointed here because when going on a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway, it will take you through some breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. Moreover, Pisgah National Forest is the place that offers a huge amount of priceless hiking trails where you can dive deeper into nature.

Finally, when it comes to taking trips with low budgets, Asheville has it all to offer. This place is at the no.1 in our list of  “inexpensive weekend getaways near me” because of its appealing landscapes, fascinating culture, and plenty of fun activities for those who seek an affordable and amazing trip. Now pack your bags and start your journey to see all the surprises this town has already for you.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon - Tripsonwheels

Next Affordable Weekend Getaways Near Me, If you are looking for a place which is a little easy on the pocket for you then Portland, Oregon, is a good idea for affordable weekend getaways. It is known for its unique atmosphere, active lifestyle and gorgeous nature. On the list of Portland’s advantages, its amazing food is at the no. 1 place.

There is a wide range of restaurants available in Portland which offer street food, healthy food, and many more types of foods to eat. The choices are abundant in the Bay Area, with the local favourites such as Hawthorne and Alberta districts that have something for everyone and all budgets.

Beer lovers, have a seat as you are going to love this amazing place after reading this. Portland has more than 70 bars and clubs, and it therefore becomes a favourite place for beer lovers. Go to a bar, experience the exceptional beers they are offering, and get involved in the relaxed environment of a beer-loving town.

Outdoor lovers do not need to worry because Portland also treats these types of visitors. Forest Park would be a good place to start your day on a hike as it is the biggest urban forest in the country. 

You can cruise along Willamette River Greenway while admiring the views. Don’t forget to go to nearby sights such as Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge so you can see some of the best views in the world and spend some time in nature.

Bikes are popular in Portland due to wider bike lanes and an evolving public transportation system that can go anywhere. Cars or MAX light rail are the alternative ways of checking out the city that’s just easy on your wallet.

In short, Portland has pretty much all you need for your inexpensive weekend trip. The mix of your foodie kind of person, as a beer lover or an outdoor type is where you’ll find tons to enjoy and experience in this unique city. 

Destination 3: New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana - Tripsonwheels

New Orleans in Louisiana is a lively place for an amazing and cheap holiday in the United States. Everyone talks about its unique past, cultural distinctiveness, and vibrant musical background.

The buildings in this city are rather old, and the streets are always busy here. You must explore Bourbon Street to feel how this city in particular is famous because of its nightlife. Of course, you might want to pass by Jackson Square on the crooked street, where you can admire the old St. Louis Cathedral, built in the eighteenth century.

In New Orleans there is a part called the music. The city is not short of places that promote jazz, blues, and street music. And live performance is the opportunity you do not want to miss undergoing the”magic” of music from New Orleans.

Easily finding accommodation here in New Orleans is another advantage. One of the benefits of keeping New Orleans top on your list of affordable weekend getaways is that it has options for every budget, either a person is looking for quiet and more relaxing hotels, or they are looking for cheap hotels. Watch out for great offers and bundle deals that come out from time to time to save money on travel expenses.

The best way of transportation is also a simple one here as you can use trolleys, buses or even taxis to get around the city. You can also explore the city on foot or by bicycle, which allows you to go with the flow and to enjoy the atmosphere.

All in all, New Orleans is the very best deal and a memorable travel destination for an affordable weekend. This eccentric place has the potential to satisfy anybody who loves history, music, culture or food.

Destination 4: Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona - Tripsonwheels

Sedona, Arizona, a small town with a rich history and beautiful scenery, is a great place for affordable weekend getaways nearby. Probably the thing which is most marvellous about Sedona is the cleanliness on roads and streets of this city. 

Despite having a population of just 9000, Sedona is well- known in the USA as this area has a spiritual energy. A lot of people visit here every year searching to experience the energy. If you’re looking for a place to meditate, do yoga, or just relax, Sedona is the perfect spot to be for you.

As far as history and culture, you as a Sedona visitor would have that assured. Take a look at the art and crafts offered at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village by visiting the different art galleries and shops located in the traditional adobe buildings. 

For another historical thought, you can visit Sedona Heritage Museum to understand Native American history and also board a Jeep to witness ancient rock-arts as well.

It is easy to explore Sedona because the vehicles on rent and shuttle services are available as well as guided tours. Moreover, foot or bicycle tours are also at your disposal, which enable you to enjoy the scenic spots slowly and safely.

Sedona, Arizona is a heaven for the soul searchers, and an escape for the activities-addicts. It is a lovely place that is covered with wonderful nature, significant history, and everything we need for a budget-friendly weekend break. 


We hope that your search for “inexpensive weekend getaways near me” comes to an end after reading this article.. There are lots of affordable destinations where you can have a great time and make memories without spending too much. Whether you like old cities, peaceful nature, or busy cities, there’s a cheap weekend getaway for you right here in the USA. So grab your bags, get in the car, and get ready for your next adventure without stressing about money.

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