Airlines and Safety Measures were taken by them for post-pandemic Travel

Airlines and the Travel industry is the one most affected by the pandemic and the COVID – 19 spread and the practices that are being done around the world to avoid it. As soon it was being recognized that his viruses are being spread from person to person and any closed spaces can be easily contaminated by them. The air hauls being hung between the air was being affected by them and we all know it.

But after months of no aircraft in the sky as the lockdown started subsiding throughout the world the airline industry had to be ready for the new era which was coming post-pandemic and with still no vaccines or cure to be found as of yet. Here are some major airlines and their practices along with precautionary norms that they are following to make sure that you can have a safe flight during these times.


America is among the topmost countries who are getting affected by the pandemic on a wider scale. At one point when they’re being feared by the virus and not able to practice social distancing after the lockdown ends. At the same time, the regular businessmen of America are worried about the falling economy, also when they are looking at the dawn of recession.

Airlines, being the oil of the American economy, are taking proper care and precautions so that they can be run while taking care of the boarding passengers as well. They have changed their motto and hence promising the passengers that they are there with them to ensure safe flight experience and making sure that all the necessary norms and practices are being followed.

As the airline is allowing 55 percent to their domestic flights and 20 percent to their international flights. The safety measures should be top-notch to check the spread of the virus irrespective of the situation. The masks and the shields are compulsory to the passengers except to children or switch passengers with special conditions. Apart from that fooding procedures are also being changed by removing the glassware to wrap up food packaging.


After the worldwide lockdown is coming to rest, most of the countries have allowed their airlines to work after airport hangars being constantly filled by the aircraft. It has been months since any of the flights were in the air due to worldwide restrictions in the services. No matter what the reason may be, countries are gradually lifting their lockdowns and the United States is not behind.

With the maximum of its schedule being open by the end of June United Airlines is making sure to follow certain terms and conditions before they allow any of the passengers to board the aircraft. They are following the special cleaning protocol of United Clean Plus to ensure the proper cleaning of the aircraft from the inside.

Sanitizing procedures are conducted on every flight scheduled to avoid person to person contamination before and after the flight. The wrapped up food is also being provided to the passengers already on board. The refilling of glasses is restricted. And the trash is directly collected in the trash can instead of being collected by the crew members.

This step is essential to ensure the safety of both passengers and the onboard crew members at the same time.


India has not allowed any international flights but domestic flights are flying but there are several precautions that one has to take even before they plan to board any flights. First, the passenger has to plan out the trip in advance considering they have to sign a statement where they agree that they will stay in quarantine for 14 days following their history of travel. Only after that, they would be allowed to go ahead with their work schedule.

Apart from that proper checking at the airport along with hand gloves, masks, or PPE in some red zones are mandatory specifically around Mumbai. The most active cases are present in Mumbai hence the precautions on the airport are comparatively high.

Above that proper rules and regulations are changed due to the pandemic which needs to be followed and is mandatory which includes social distancing while boarding the aircraft along with regular check-ups while boarding and deboarding the flights.

It has also been understood that the economy class seats have been arranged on some distance considering the norms of social distancing. Some airlines are giving special training to their staff and care about the precautionary measure during the flight and how to handle severe situations when there is no cure for the pandemic as of yet. Also for the passengers who have special health conditions are being interrogated and requested to take careful steps while boarding the flights.


Etihad Airlines are known for its sophisticated and high luxury class airline services throughout the world. The airline staff and crew with their appropriate mannerisms to handle the passengers are being widely known to give a majestic welcome and treatment to all their guests. But in these perilous timings, they have to be very careful to add the proper instructions in their practices to provide the safe travel experiences which they preach.

On the technical front, special sensors and thermometers are being installed on the flight to make sure that they can detect the passengers with any symptoms along with the virus. Apart from that, any passenger with special health conditions is requested to declare that in the declaration form which they are being offered in the flight.

With all the practices being followed by the cabin crew and the staff members. The airline officials also mention that it is the equal responsibility of the passengers as well to take the situation seriously and go with the guidelines of social distancing and the precautionary practices to avoid the spread of viruses.

Though regular sanitization and proper health care practices and routines are being followed by the crew members, the officials still suggest that the candidate who discovers about their symptoms should cancel their flight tickets and not travel under such conditions. Pushing the efforts in these times would not only put them into a dangerous situation but also to the other members around.