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Best Destinations In India To Throw Your Bachelor’s Party

Experience some insanity with your bachelor party friends as this is an extraordinary time to enjoy some mental things. Check out those selected spots in India to celebrate with your gang your bachelor’s party and enjoy some of your last single cap moments. Here is a list of the best party destinations for bachelors in India:

Goa: The Capital of India Official Party

Night life, casino, nature, booze and tons of crazy fun describe Goa, which makes it one of the best party destinations for bachelors in India. Before saying goodbye to loneliness, If you want to have the last epic party with your buddies, then you must go to Goa!

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to relax, drink and enjoy a great time in a luxury villa or who wants to take to the roof and party, like tomorrow is not there. It’s a win-win situation for everybody, anyway.

When to plan: As the weather of Goa from November to February is cool and pleasant, you should prefer these 3 months if you want to throw your bachelor’s party in Goa.

Mumbai: Night Away Dance

Being named the second most populous city in the world, it is not surprising that the core of Mumbai is full of festive animals and is thus one of the world’s top bachelor tourist destinations. Aamchi Mumbai is the best place to dance the night from peppy Bollywood numbers to psychedelic transit and from deep house music to live band performance. Lovers of EDM will surely love it!

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: People who like to burn and groove the whole night.

When to plan: Mumbai is a destination all year round. While Monsoons are more popular than any other season, you can organise your bachelor’s party from November to February in winter too.

Leh-Ladakh: A Trip To Liberty

Since the film “3 Idiots,” Leh Ladakh has been one of Indian travellers’ most wanted destinations. Leh Ladakh is probably India’s best place to enjoy a party destinations for bachelors. It is one of the places where you and your friends can enjoy the beauty and snacks of the mountains.

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Ideal for: The kind of adventure. People who want to taste mountain thrills one last time before their big day and experience a surreal sense of freedom.

When to plan: Leh Ladakh’s best time to visit in the summer (April – June). The weather during this time is good for sightseeing. However, the mountains remain covered with snow and the lakes frozen, making it one of India’s best bachelor sites.

Valley of Ziro: The Neverland

A valley called Ziro Valley lies far away in Arunachal Pradesh and everybody there describes it as a paradise and one of the best bachelor party venues in India. And this is exactly the place to go on a bachelor’s tour with your friends. The Ziro Music Festival (September) hosts one of the most famous Indian music festivals and is therefore one of the coolest and best places to celebrate bachelor’s degree parties in India. Go for it because it’s worth the fun!

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Ideal for: If you want to spend time with friends, Ziro is the best. Be there for expeditions, nature walks and sightseeing with friends.

When to plan: If you visit the Ziro valley between March and October, it’s the best time. Anyway, the weather is pleasant all year round. Before planning your trip, make sure you do a rain check.

Kasol: Going up to nature

Kasol is situated in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is One of the best party destinations for bachelor’s when it comes to people belonging to Delhi. Up on the hills next to the famous Parvati Valley, Kasol is a paradise for those who want a good time in peace, good friends, and nature.

Ideal for: Peace lovers, mountains and everything fine.

When to plan: Visiting Kasol from October to June is the best for a bachelor’s party as the weather is pleasant. If you want to explore the best of wildness and nature, planning your trip from March to May is important.

Jaisalmer: Time Sands

Camping in Jaisalmer, unlike a regular camping experience in hills, is all about luxury and fun. Bachelors can chill in the comfort of a luxury tent which comes with air conditioning. No doubt that Jaisalmer is one of the best places for bachelors in India. PS – it feels great sipping cold beer in the company of sun and sand with your buddies.

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Ideal for: People who want a luxurious party experience in isolation.

When to plan: The winter (November to March) season is the ideal time to visit Jaisalmer because it will enable you to do sightseeing and outdoor activities such as desert safari or camel rides in pleasant weather.

Rishikesh: The ends of Fun

Considered an adventurous option for party destinations for bachelors in India, Rishikesh is one of the most popular destinations in all of India for its river rafting delight. Trekking, rafting, bungee jumping and much more – feel that your friends rush to adrenaline here and recall their lives. It’s not that bad to drink a pint of beer by the river, right?

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: For junkies with adrenaline.

When to plan: The best time to visit Rishikesh will be from March to April, and from late September to November to experience the greatest possible adventure.

Puducherry: The Mind Where the Ocean Meets

Party destinations for bachelors don’t always have loud music, insane beverages and dancing. Sometimes you want to live in peace and enjoy the little things of life, like nature, beaches and sightseeing every moment of your solitude. This is one of India’s best bachelor parties. So if you and your friends are looking for a place to relax and still have the best bachelor moments, come to Puducherry. And just in case you wonder, Puducherry’s nightlife is as bright as its daytime atmosphere.

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: Those who spend their last days on the beach, drink pina coladas and spend their last days with close friends. After all, booze, party and dance are all right, but what about peace of mind and perspective with your close friends?

When to plan: The best time to visit Pondicherry is in the winters (November to February) and during the early summers (March – May) as the weather is warm but not too hot – sufficient to explore the surrounding areas and relax on the beach.

Gokarna: Hub of the Beach

What better way to celebrate your holiday at one of Karnataka’s best bachelor parties. You must have a party at the top beaches in Gokarna, like Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach. The numerous beach sports and activities for your party destinations for bachelors  . When you’re finished with the beach, head to the natural and attractive side of Gokarna.

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: People who want to spend time with friends and want to take part in a natural retreat.

When to plan: October through March, when the weather is mild, is the best time to plan your journey to Gokarna and to wander around the tourist spots without a problem.

Bangalore: The City of the Forever Young

Bangalore is one of the best places for the bachelor festival in India and is dominated by a young and energetic crowd with a never-ending spirit of fun and frolic. In the famous Namma Bengaluru nightclubs you can experience the best after-party scenes and dance all night. From university students to young professionals, food love unites everyone in Koramangala’s busy streets, MG Road, Whitefield and so on. Bangalore is undoubtedly India’s best bachelor party venue.

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: Free souls that want to have a good bachelor’s party delight in food, music, dance and adventure.

When to plan: Bangalore is famous all year round for its pleasant climate. For those who do not want to mingle with the crowd in the peak season, they can plan their bachelors between September and February.

Andaman: The Nature Marvels

A unique choice, but Andaman is on the line to become one of India’s best parties. If you and your friends want emerald waters, pristine beaches, and natural beauty, then Andaman is ideal for you. Relatively untouched by marketing in tourist areas, Andaman provides a bachelor party for you and your close buddies to drink, sunbathe and relax simultaneously.

party destinations for bachelors

Ideal for: People who want to experience a chilled bachelor party.

When to plan: November to May is the best time to visit Andaman.

Conclusion:- Search well and book your villa or resort before selecting any destination. Because this chance is a memorable moment in your life and don’t let it go any bad way.

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