Being an art lover is like living in the era of history when romanticism was at its peak along with the revolution of Industry. When people were trying to make more machines in the name of development, the artists, philosophers, and writers who were widely known as the romantics during that era were making history more delightful and delectable to watch. It is often said “ to plan for the future one has to understand the past. “

And to know the past at the best beauty of it, where else one can visit other than Paris itself. Which can now be known as the city of fashion but once was a cozy resident to the artists who were not only shaping the history with their chisels but writing a saga thorough their strokes. The artists who captured the evolution of mankind with a little click and the one who recorded it to be remembered. Here is a collection of some of the great museums in the homes of the artists themselves, just for you to get experimental and expressive.


The Museum of Contemporary art of Val de Marne also known as the mac val museum is the museum for contemporary art established in 2005 and is located in Place de la Liberation in Vitry – Sur – Seine, Val de Marne a suburb of Paris in France. If you want to find the best in Paris or France then you have to start from here. Any kind of contemporary inspiration and works of the great artists can be seen here as they are all on display.

From the paintings of Arman with the mix of French and American strokes, or the photographs taken by the Valerie Belin, the amalgamation of modern, kinetic, and pop art in the creation of Julio le Parc or old swiss sculptures of Jean Tinguelyg. They are all here. And simply by looking at them, you can feel all kinds of admiration and awe towards these artworks which have traveled through the centuries and are preserved now to give more meaning to the existence of mankind.

The best part is next time you are going to visit the Mac Val Museum, you are in for a surprise for more creations and artworks as The General Manager of the Mac Val Museum has decided to conduct a full-fledged exhibition of the whole Frac collection in the Museum. These unexcelled pieces would be either from Paris or around France but sure to leave you all awestruck.


The Camille Claudel Museum or Musee Camille Claudel as it is called in French was opened and closed a lot of time from the nineteenth century till now and finally been opened for public display in 2017. As per the name, all the creations in this museum are made by the great sculptor Camille Claudel who used to mainly work with bronze and marble, giving them exquisite shapes as they are now displayed in the museum. She spent her life away from fame and complete obscurity but got recognition only after her death.

Camilla’s creations are not the only thing that you are going to find there. Camilla’s teacher Auguste Rodin under whom Camilla worked as an Apprentice has some of his greatest creations in this gallery. The building in which the museum has been built is also Camille’s own house where she spent most of her teenage years. The bronze and marble work, expressive busts, nudes, and narrative scenes, sculpted around several items are a pure definition of art and imagination.

The collection at this museum was renovated and restored by Adelfo Scaranello by collecting a lot of artworks from Camille’s niece and some of the best collections of the sculptures of French origin. The museum has been divided into 15 galleries and has over 300 sculptures on display.



This museum is the won house of the great painter and artist Claude Monet who spent most of his life living here and painting most of his creations here. This museum or house is restored and maintained by a non-profit organization called The Foundation Claude Monet. What you can expect here are the thousands of paintings, the same living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. where the artist lived and got inspired. You might see the pallets and the brushes with which he did the artistic strokes on the canvas or the canvas itself.

Not to forget the beautiful garden on the outside of the house which inspired not only Monet but other artists to draw a lot of other paintings. I am sure that paying a visit to this house not only tingles your creative nerves but gives you a sense of peace. A wide garden full of well-kept flowers and a large wooden house turned museum covered with climbers, herbs, and other plants. This could be your wonderland.


You don’t have to be a sculptor, a painter, a photographer, or simply an artist to have your museum. Albert Kahn certainly proved it that simply having a love for art and giving it the space to be looked and heard around by the people is enough and thus he gave birth to The Albert Kahn Museum in Boulogne. A classical display for all kinds of art categorizing in historic pictographs and films collected by the banker and philanthropist himself.

The museum has spread in almost 10 acres of land. Therefore history and films are not the only things that can expert here while visiting the place. There are multiple sections to this land and each section has been made up of different kinds of rocks and different kinds of structures on it. Which makes it even more attractive to visit and take the stroll all around the area. And above all FYI, the collection at this estate includes 72000 photographs, 4000 autochrome plates, and numerous films.


Probably bigger than any other museums in the entire list, Musee Roden has the best and the most signifying pieces of art. Some you might have already heard of, others you might have seen in the movies and all those magnificent pieces of work are available here for you to visit them.

As the name suggests, Musee Roden has all the world of art from the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin who not only lived here but had a workshop in a hotel room nearby to this palace. The collection here includes 6,600 sculptures, 8000 drawings, 8000 old photographs, and 7000 other objects of art. Talking about the most famous ones it has the great sculpture of The Thinker, The Kiss and gate which has its mentions in the great Dan Brown creation Inferno: The Gates of Hell.

There is a separate room for the creations of Camila Claudel which has her famous creations called Fate or Destiny. Though Van Gogh has its museum there are several of his significant drawings which can be found here as collected by Roden himself. The other great artists whose great works are displayed here are Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir.