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Best Nightclubs In Manila

As a fan of nightlife, you’re likely to enjoy the Manila nightclubs. On the weekends, they host world-renowned DJs in one of Asia’s largest clubs, which can accommodate over 2,000 people.

However, if you’re like other boys and only use nightclubs for one-night stands lasting less than 30 minutes, you may be better off avoiding them at all costs in the city’s capital.

An upside is that Manila has more nightclubs per square kilometre than any other Philippine city. But the bad news is that in Cebu City, there are no clubs like High Society in Angeles or J-Ave. This means you shouldn’t expect to be able to walk into a bar, get a beer, look around, strike up a conversation with a girl you like, and then leave with her to go to your hotel in 10 minutes.

A freelancer bar like LA Café in Ermita, where you can do exactly that, would be a much better choice in this case. And if you prefer to dance with your date before getting to know her, there’s a live band on hand.

Now that we’ve covered the cons, what can we say about Manila’s nightlife? Even if your primary goal is not to meet women, but to have fun and see what the night brings, these clubs are a great place to go. If your primary goal is to meet women and not hookers, these clubs are a great place to go.

You’ll have to put in a lot more effort if you want to hook up with the ladies in Manila’s nightclubs, as 90% of them are either embarrassed or uninterested in foreigners. It’s not as if you can’t find any freelancers among the remaining 90%. Take a look around. You can bet that if you go to a disco at night, you’ll see some of the sexiest Filipina girls around.

Top 5 Nightclubs In Manila

Here are the five best and most popular nightclubs in Manila at the moment:

1.     Valkyrie

The Hi-So Filipinos of Manila frequent Valkyrie, making it the top nightclub in the city. The girls are of the highest calibre, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s the biggest disco in the city, accommodating over 2,000 people on two floors in the heart of Makati’s hip and modern district. Many small round tables are located in front of the DJ stage on the ground floor, while a few more exclusive VIP tables with white couches can be found in the back (you must have to buy a bottle if you want access, and you must do reservation in weekends because Valkyrie is always packed in weekends). On the second floor, which overlooks the ground floor, there are more VIP tables. The best place to see Valkyrie and its ladies if you’re just a “normal person” is at the front of the room, where people are gathered around small tables (don’t worry, obviously not everyone has a table here).

2.     Exklusiv

The only nightclub that comes close to being a “hooker-disco” is called Exklusiv. A 15-minute walk from Ermita’s girlie bars, it’s in the Malate red light district and surrounded by numerous KTVs. When the prostitutes are done working at 2 or 3 am and haven’t yet found a date for the night, where do you think they go? Exklusiv! This club is great because it doesn’t charge an admission fee and the drink prices are very reasonable, almost identical to the bar prices. In this case, you can simply walk in, order a beer, and wait for a pretty person to notice you. However, keep in mind that the club’s action begins only around 1am, and it’s best around 2am-3am when the bar girls arrive for “fishing,” as they call it.

3.     Chaos Club

Chaos, a modern club in the City of Dreams complex in Manila’s Paranaque district that is less well-known and less flashy than rivals Valkyrie and Revel, is tucked away and off the beaten path. If you’re a foreigner, you’re going to get a lot of attention, but unless you’re confident enough to strike up a conversation with a stranger, it’s best to bring a friend along. Take a look at their Facebook page if you’re planning a trip to Chaos because the hours are constantly changing and it’s best to check before you go. Their upcoming events are also listed there.

4.     71 Gramercy

The 71st floor of Makati’s Gramercy Residences houses Manila’s highest nightclub. A date in Manila should include a visit to this legendary location, which offers stunning views of the Makati skyline and the rest of the city.. Since the names of 71 Gramercy’s various businesses (such as its lounge, scotch bar, and restaurant) change frequently, I won’t name any of them here. However, you can simply go to the Gramercy Residences and take the elevator to the 71st floor to enjoy a fantastic night out, regardless of the business’s current name.

Manila nightclubs

5.     Palace Pool Club

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is the last place on the list; there is no particular order to this top list, as each location is distinct and offers its own unique experiences. One of the best examples of this is The Palace Pool Club, which is a day club and a pool club all in one. Located next to Valkyrie in Makati (see above). I don’t think it’s necessary for me to mention that the pool here is attracting some of Manila’s most beautiful women with the best bodies and curves. If you want to impress the girls at this club, you’ll have to pay for your table and bottle, which means that you’ll need money in your wallet.

Price Of Drinks In Manila

Starting with the beer prices, just in case you’re just there to see the ladies: A local beer costs between 100 and 200 Pesos (100 Pesos in Exklusiv and around 200 Pesos in Valkyrie). Bottle prices are relatively expensive when compared to Thai discos, with the cheapest Red Label, Vodka, or standard Tequila costing around 3,000 Pesos, and then there appears to be no limit to the number of high-end liquors available. Spirits with mixer (glass) are in the 150-300 Peso range (yes, this is very dependent on the club). 1 Pesos in the Philippines is equal to 1.44 INR.

Conclusion:- We hope you enjoyed our list of Manila’s top 5 nightclubs for meeting women, and if any new establishments open that are even better than the ones we’ve listed, we’ll be sure to update this page accordingly.

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