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Cheap International Trips for Indian Solo Travelers: Unearth Best Solo Travel Destinations

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Solo travelling has become a craze among youngsters these days. Travel industry throughout the world is leaving no stone unturned to give these wanderlusts the best life experiences. This might be the reason why travelling solo has become a trend.  Whether it is a domestic tour or an international one, adventure junkies are not hesitating to take a risk and enjoy life the way it is meant to be.

From deserts to ocean, rainforests to bare mountains, active volcanoes to the heart of our civilization, every place in the world has got its charm. It is extremely difficult and baffling to pick one destination where you can unleash your inner child and gain a different view on life and fresh perspective on the world and other aspects. To break the dilemma, we are giving you insights into the hottest and most-safest international places to travel alone.

Essential Aspects of Planning a Cheap International Solo Trip

Before you plan for your solo International trip, here are the key research pointers to note:

  • Budget: The key factor before selecting a place to travel and explore is Budget. This part of planning requires extensive research. Make sure to go through the solo best travel blogs and solo travel packages in incognito mode while browsing and get a rough estimation of the budget. Choose a destination that aligns your interests and budget.
  • Interest: Travelling is supposed to be fun. But if you travel to any regular place without having any interest in its history, culture and everything, you won’t be able to enjoy your solo vacation. Which is why, interest should be kept in mind before you jot down a list of places to go for solo travel. For example- if you love desert, mummies and mysteries, Egypt is the place to be.
  • Safety: Discuss and research safety, crime rate etc in that particular destination. Talk to someone you know who has personally travelled that place or join a community for travelers and ask questions from fellow travelers about the safety aspect of solo travelling to your desired destination.
  • Affordability: Research, discuss and cross-check the additional cost for shopping and unplanned activities. Always keep additional money for such things. Going on budget travel simply means that you only intend to explore different places. So think beforehand if you’d like to shop extravagant things on your budgeted trip.
  • Backup plan: Always prepare a backup plan for last-minute confusion or unfortunate events. Keep your family and friends informed about your plans.
  • Travel insurance: The most important thing to do before you give a green flag to a particular destination is to get travel insurance. Travel insurance is a lifesaver that reduces your burden in case your passport goes missing, documents got lost, health issues and any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Emergency contingency plan: Note down the important numbers (police, hospital, consulate etc) in case something goes awry on your trip.
  • Deals and offers: Before you book a cheap international travel package or flight, make sure to check offers and deals on booking to save additional cost on travelling. Honestly speaking, international travel doesn’t come cheap, but different airlines and travel companies give you astonishing discounts to ease your travel worries. So why not use the benefits?
  • Connectivity: Explore and investigate whether the place you desire to travel is well connected with different modes of transportation or not. Transportation cost can be a big burden if you have not prepared a rough estimate. Since you intend to go on a cheap international trip, exploring places with local transportations like bus, train etc is the best thing to enjoy your vacation without worrying about the budget at all.

International Destinations for Solo Travelers: Bucket List Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics of planning a foreign solo trip, let’s jump to the point which is about budget-friendly international destinations to travel alone. It’s high time to ditch clichéd Singapore, Thailand, Dubai etc as these foreign places will give you memories of lifetime loaded with thrill, adventure, fun, comfort and what not!


Travelling Norway isn’t as expensive as you might think. While there is no doubt that the country is one of the most astounding places on the earth and can be expensive in terms of living. But there are ways to avoid spending huge bucks on Norway travel. Don’t get scared when your travel advisor says that it’s next to impossible to travel Norway on a budget. The travel industry has opened new doors to the travelers where they can enjoy their trip without going shell-shocked over budget.

  • Transportation: To commute to different places, use trains and buses rather than rental cars and you’ll be good to go. Private cabs can cost you big which is why it’s recommended to travel via these modes.
  • Accommodation: Go for BnBs, hostels or homestays to save money on accommodation or pitch a tent anywhere in the countryside. The country is extremely safe to travel. However, make sure that you stay at least 150 m away from the nearest cabin.
  • Food: Pack food from the supermarkets (Kiwi and Rema) while travelling to avoid unnecessary expenses on dining. But feel free to devour the specialty of the region at the nearest bakery or food joint. Walk as much as possible since the country is loaded with extremely beautiful sceneries that are a treat to the eyes.
  • Places you must see: Northern lights (Tromso), Bergen, Trondheim, Geirangerfjord, Pulpit Rock, Oslo, Lofotr Viking Museum and Flåm.


Eye-opening majestic castles, brilliant architecture, happy lifestyle, colorful buildings, shadow reflecting lake, dramatic trails, jagged coastlines and heartwarming hospitality are the thing that defines Denmark other than being one of the top 10 safest countries for tourists. Denmark is a place where imagination runs wild. Contrary to what others say about Denmark being expensive, travelling this fascinating land depends on your budget. No matter if you are a little tight on budget; you can still get the best of Denmark.

  • Transportation: Daily travelling places in Denmark can dig a hole in your pockets. But if you intend to explore Denmark, the smartest thing to do is book ‘orange tickets’ for train and bus pass well in advance to save up to 50%. Buses can cost around 20-25 DKK. For places like Zealand, you might have to shell out money for ferry as that is the most convenient option.  
  • Accommodation: Hotels in Denmark aren’t cheap and usually begins at 600 Danish Krone. Alternatively, you can go for hostels costing you around 200 DKK per night. For more comfortable stay, you can also opt for Airbnb. And if you want to save money on accommodation, campsites will cost you around 55 to 90 DKK per night.
  • Food: Denmark is quite expensive when it comes to food. You should expect to spend around 100 DKK for a cheap meal at a local restaurant. However, this can be managed pretty well. The best bet for cheap food in Denmark is Pizza and Kebab shops (which might sound ok for now but you won’t be able to survive on that alone). So it is better to shop groceries from Netto and Lidl and cook tasty meal by yourself. 
  • Places you must see: Copenhagen, Odense, Bornholm, Hirtshals, Hillerod, Frederikshavn, Zealand and Funen.


Prague is a popular travel destination recognized for medieval buildings, cobblestone streets, bewitching landscapes, inspiring architecture and what not! It’s indeed a dream destination of photography enthusiasts where they can capture the surreal beauty of the land. Almost everything, every place in Prague is a wonderful feast for the eyes. The magnetic charm of the land will compel you to visit in over and over again. Moreover, it can be travelled on a budget, what more could anyone possibly want? Prague is a place you’ll fall in love easily.

  • Transportation: Ever since Prague saw a rise in tourism, private taxis have started charging heavy for even a mile of a distance.  A bus pass for 24 hours is a far better option than cabs and takes only 110-120 CZK. For intercity travel, you can also book a train ticket at around 250 CZK to 500 CZK.
  • Accommodation: A decent hostel in Prague can cost you around 300 Czech Koruna per night (close to 900 INR). If you wish to opt for a private hostel, expect to pay around 950 CZK which is equivalent to a budget hotel that starts from 1000 CZK. For lower priced accommodation, there is always the option of Airbnb.
  • Food: Cheap is the right word for food in Prague. Street food can cost you as cheap as 50-80 CZK. A decent restaurant and food joint will take nearly 150 CZK per meal. Avoid eating at restaurants near famous tourist attractions as they are quite expensive (more like twice the price you pay to a decent restaurant).
  • Places you must see: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, Dancing House, Beer Museum, Powder Tower, Petrin, Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, St. Nicholas Church.


Imagine a laid-back friendly culture, mesmerizing sceneries, remarkable canals and bridges, smooth roads, clean streets, windmills, tulips, cheese markets, tons of bikes, bulb fields, coffee shops and incredible architecture and you’ll find the prompt description of Netherlands. The land of the windmills is considered to be extremely tourist-friendly and safe. Netherlands in true sense is one of the budget-friendly international places on earth for solo travellers.

  • Transportation: The cheapest mode of transportation in Netherlands is to rent a bike. It’ll be easier for you to travel nearby cities. You can also opt for a train to explore adjoining Amsterdam.
  • Accommodation: Hostels in Netherlands costs around 15 Euro to 25 Euro which is considerably the best price for staying in the Netherlands. Budget hotels start from 50 Euro with all the necessary amenities including free wifi. Airbnb is the smartest option for decent shared rooms costing around 15 Euro per night.
  • Food: Netherlands is the place to go mad over cheese and pasta. One time cheap meal at regular food joints costs about 10 Euro. Netherlands in terms of food is not going to win any culinary award, but you can try mini-pancakes served with powdered sugar, sweet dutch waffles and patat (thick-cut fries).
  • Places you must see: Edam, Keukenhof, Hoge Veluwe National Park, Maastricht, Delft, Van Gogh Museum, Giethoorn, Open Air Museum, Zaanse Schans, Thempark Archeon.


Peru is a dream destination of adventure enthusiasts who love seeking thrill and adrenaline rush. Every nook and corner of the land is packed with fascinating things to experience. Be it the traces of Incan civilization or mystery surrounded by Nazca lines. Peruvian cuisine and Pisco brandy are must to devour when you are travelling this country in South America. Peru cannot be travelled in a short time. The sun-splashed beaches, Spanish colonial town, highlands of Andes will make you yearn for more. There is  no doubt that Peru is one of the ideal international places for solo travelers who love taking risks and are ready to take upon for an adventurous yet dangerous hike to the Incan citadel ‘Machu Picchu’.

  • Transportation: Intercity buses (costing 1-2 PEN) are a superb alternative to private cabs.
  • Accommodation: Hostel dorm rooms cost around 30-50 PEN per night. Whereas, Airbnb accommodation on a sharing basis will cost 28-35 PEN. 
  • Food: Every region in Peru has its specialty. Cheap street food takes about 3-6 PEN. You can savor local dishes between 12-20 PEN and in case you miss western food, a decent restaurant can charge you about 38-40 PEN.
  • Places you must see: Lima, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Cusco, Chachapoyas, Lake Titicaca, Nazca, Mancora Beach, Iquitos, Paracas.