A city or a country that has the record of being the healthiest and happiest city in the world. With shorter working hours, more leisure time for its employees along with better facilities for students, and almost free of cost tuition fees for anyone who wants to study in these regions. Denmark has always been the city that has kept amazing people throughout the world.

Some people also believe that it is impossible for a city to be so rich in everything and seems like a fairy tale city here on this earth. If you too want to know more about this place, you are most welcome in the land of amazement and pure wonder. A place which has not only a rich flora and fauna but a perfect combination of history and evolution of mankind. Many of the features of the city make it a must-visit for people who look for something new in every travel story and are always keen on discovering new things.



One of the oldest zoos in the entire Europe, Copenhagen Zoo is the home for approximately 264 different species and is spread across 27 acres of land. From the largest elephants to multiple kinds of butterflies in its flower gardens. From the dwarf goats of Africa to all the kinds of crocodiles, snakes which you can only imagine in rainforests are found in this zoo.

If you have an ultimate desire to see all the creatures on this magical blue planet, this could be your flying carpet and if you are traveling with kids to this city, they will jump with joy finding themselves away from homo-sapiens.


A land spread in 12 km and is known for the grave mounds dotted from the bronze age, Thy National Park is one in a lifetime opportunity to visit. It is the only place which will make you closer to the earth and nature as much as possible.

With wild deers and multiple otters, Denmark’s first official national Park is a paradise for Ornithologists and typical bird watchers as there are 30 different species of birds that thrive in this land. For fitness and adventure enthusiasts, you are most welcome for cycling, trekking, and mountain climbing here.


The world is full of ironies. One of the most famous ones is when common men used to ride horses, Rich used to drive cars; now, when everyone has cars Rich has great farmhouses in which they have multiple stables of horses and they prefer to keep them as their pets.

If you are sitting in Denmark and you hear tales of wild horses from the locals then you are definitely in for a magical experience of these majestic creatures, Langeland is the separate island which can be a water ride away from Denmark. Once you will reach this place you will see a beautiful sight of troops of horses running across a wide meadow with dark hairs on their back and neck waving seamlessly in the air.



A perfect representation of the renaissance model of art, Egeskov Castle is one of its kind buildings in Denmark city. Guarded by a working moat on one side and a huge trail of trees and jungles on the other side, the roads around it are paved with stones of huge size giving it a perfect look for an ancient castle. The reflection of the castle in the water enhances the beauty on the outside and gives you a relaxing and tranquil feeling.

On the inside, it will fulfill your desire to be a part of history by displaying the great knight hall, beautiful wall carvings, and ages-old ornaments kept on display as you walk around the castle. As you look up the great spire at the castle roof is sure to leave you tongue-tied.


A pentagonal land which was the symbol for protection in the west lies the historic palace of Kastellet and serves as a well-known historic site. It stands its importance because of its huge shape being built near a river water body and its construction and reconstruction throughout the ages as per the change in the Governments in Denmark.

Having 2 gates at the north and the south end it is a perfect specimen for a Dutch Baroque style. A huge Citadel which was constructed on the commission by King Christian IV is a collection of a windmill, a church, and a beautiful park.


Among the UNESCO, the world’s heritage sites Kronborg Castle situated in Helsingor weaves the great story of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. Not that all the incidences portrayed in the book are evident by the castle. But the beautiful wooden carvings, colorful frescos on the walls of the castle, and architectural designs of the buildings are sure to be inspiring for Hamlet.

If you have read the great creation by Shakespeare and you want to walk around the castle living and feeling the dialogues of the great saga, then your visit to this place is a must.


A beautiful palace for the royals of Denmark but is used for government officials and is known for its magnificent fresco designs by Joakim Frederik on the walls of the palace. Though some areas are restricted for tours the huge palace has 3 different sections to see. A parliamentary section of Denmark where you can find all the historical documentation of the history of the Danish Government.

The second part is Ruins under the palace which is called to be the home for Bishop Absalon’s castle and the ruins for the parliamentary artwork itself. The third and the last wing of this huge palace is known as the Palace Chapel and is used for religious ceremonies by the Danish Royal Family.



As Lana Del Rey sang “Down on the west coast, they got a saying”….. It seems that the song lyrics by keeping the west coast of Denmark in mind cause that is where the mystery of the land stands still in the shape of huge statues or as they are commonly called Giants of Esbjerg, it might sound a bit scary but it means the men who watch the sea.

The name Giant because these sculptures are huge for any human to make but were made by a human sculpture with the name Svend Wiig but were placed near the coast in 1995. This is a tourist attraction worldwide and signifies the perfect co-existence of man and nature together in one attained harmony.


If you are a Disney fan, then you might have heard of Ariel, the beautiful mermaid who lost her fishtail to a witch’s clever words and hence got a pair of legs on a quest to find her prince on the land. If you visit Denmark and have visited this beautiful bronze mermaid then you probably have started believing in the same beautiful tale of love.

This lovely bronze idol with a fishtail is of a mermaid being seated at the shore of the sea looking at the shore in search of her prince. This idol is approximately 100 years old and was made by a Danish native Hans Christian Andersen and is renowned among visitors to this city.


Before Game of Thrones, Viking was the great show which people used to love and admire not only for its political lines but a complete history of how Vikings used to live, their culture, their methods, everything. If you are a history junky and a fan of Viking culture just like me, then you are in for a great treat in this land.

These burial grounds were excavated in 1952 – 1958 revealing 700 Viking graves from the sand burial which are estimated to be 400 AD to 1000 AD old. Situated in Lindholm Hoje, apart from these graves you will also find stone-carved ships and preserved villages to experience the stone age of Viking rule.


We would never understand the mysteries which nature contains as it shows different colors and its different types in hundreds and thousands of years. A great example of nature’s time to time changing colors is the buried church of Skagen.

Once prosperous and visited the holy place and now remains of the great tower of the church.

This church dates back to the 14th century and Saint Laurence who was known to be the saint of seafarers’ was being worshipped here.



If you have always been in love with literature and wanted to know-how fiction writers create a beautiful world of stories that is away from reality yet more believable than that. Christian Andersen Museum is dedicated to one of the greatest fictional authors of the last century. This is simply not a museum but a set of buildings including the building which is a part of his stories in making.

This lovely collection of places includes Andersen’s birthplace, his childhood home, a museum separately dedicated to his works and imagination, and A lovely planned house of fairytales inspired by the stories written by Andersen himself and made by the Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma.


A magnificent piece of architecture settled beneath the ground, the Maritime Museum is one of its kind. If you are roaming around Denmark and you see a large glass built beautiful structure roof, you have reached this sublime piece of art.

And as it surprises you from the outside, it is going to make you astonished on the inside. The architectural design on the inside and multiple walls merge into one, long and short galleries all around you. A futuristic white bundle of imperial flight of stairs which takes you to a different world altogether. It’s better felt than seen for sure.


If you have already visited Vikings burial ground, your brain might be crowded with all the more questions about Vikings and how they lived thousands of years ago in this barren portion of land. And to solve all those questions and to know more about the Vikings and their empire. A visit to the Viking Museum is a must.

It is also known as the Viking ship museum because the huge Viking ship is kept in the center of the museum. Located in Roskilde, apart from the main big ship it has 4 more large ships to get the taste of the variety that Vikings had. This museum would also allow you to dress up like a Viking and have all their tools to get the feel of that era.


This museum is specifically famous for its colorful glass gallery which you can walk through. It’s on the roof hence you can have a lot of colorful pictures taken in your celluloid capture when the sun plays with the shadows on a bright day. But it would all be at the end of the tour of this palatial creation.

This museum has a theme to reflect Dante’s Divine Comedy. Inside it has multiple art galleries with numerous themes, architectural designs, and aesthetics along with the modern side of the painting. If you are among the people who have an architectural approach or been interested in interior designs for so long, this place could be your eternal heaven.



If you were amazed by the fossils in your geography class, then welcome to the coast of fossils in the south of Denmark was 65 million years ago history has been slowly merging with the sea. You can collect some of the fossils from here to take them as a memory with yourself, a part of the history, a part of your visited land, which took thousands of years to be made and is now slowly slipping away in the waters nearby for never to be found.


The advertisement of what Carlsberg does the best is made glass for us. But the Carlsberg brewery in Denmark is an architectural wonder on the outside with two elephants guarding the gates and freshly brewed beer on the inside. The loving and gentle people here can give you a tour of the making of the beer and can give you the taste of multiple varieties of beer available and made in the Carlsberg beer center.


A forest combined with a beautiful amusement park where you can feel like a child again and delve into the nature surrounding you. Pack your picnic sheets, a basket full of fresh fruits, loaves of bread, and a small casket of drinks with a classic book that you can get lost into from a sunny afternoon to freshly breezed evenings. The park of Dyrehavsbakken can give you luxurious romantic time in these lands.


When was the last time you were playing with Legos and were surrounded with smaller blocks which you can turn into anything? The colorful houses that you always saw in pictures of Denmark are available here to be visited by you.

Legoland in Billund is sure to bring your inner child out and is an adventure land if you are visiting with children.