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Countries Where An Indian Drivers License Can Be Used To Drive A Car

A thrilling experience can be had by travellers of any age group who choose Indian driver’s license to drive their own car while travelling abroad. When travelling by train or plane, you won’t be able to see everything that a road trip offers. Driving on winding roads full of curves and turns can add an element of excitement to an otherwise ordinary trip. Overseas road trips are unique in that they allow you to go wherever you want.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about where an Indian driver’s licence is accepted. As an alternative to transporting your car across country lines, consider renting a car for the duration of your trip instead. If you’re going on a long vacation, renting a car overseas can save you money and make your trip more convenient.

Here is a list of the top 21 countries where an Indian driver’s licence can be used to drive a car.

United States of America

United States Of America (Indian Driver's license)

Modern American architecture is a big draw for tourists, so many of them come to the United States just for that. For the duration of one year, you can drive across the United States with your Indian driving licence. The International Driving Permit (IDP) may be required in some cities. To enter the country, you must notify the United States of your date of entry and carry Form I-94. If your licence is not in English, don’t worry.


Indian Driver's license(Norway)

Norway is a popular travel destination because of the country’s stunning natural scenery and snow-capped mountains. Anyone with an Indian driving licence can take three months to explore India’s splendour in a self-driven car.


Canada (Driver's license)

Canada is a one-stop vacation spot where you can enjoy the country’s natural splendour and return home with wonderful memories. In spite of the fact that your Indian driver’s licence only allows you to drive in Canada for a short period of time, you can extend your road trip by applying for a Canadian driver’s licence.


There are numerous auto museums in Germany. For a period of six months, Indian drivers with valid licences are allowed to drive in the country. Your IDP will not be complete without a German-language copy of your driver’s licence. Keep in mind that driving on the right side of the road is required, as opposed to driving on the left side of the road in India.

United Kingdom

For one year, you can only drive in the class of vehicles listed on your Indian driving licence to explore the UK’s landscapes and roads. You’ll be able to drive alone in the UK in three places: Scotland, Wales, and England.


To drive in Malaysia, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a driver’s licence, which can be in Malay or English. Make sure your licence is authorised by the Indian embassy as well, because this is a requirement in India.

South Africa

As a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, South Africa has numerous winding roads where you can use your Indian driving licence to rent a car and explore the country. The most important requirements are that your licence is written in English and includes both your photo and signature.


Switzerland (Indian driver's licence)

Switzerland’s gleaming, snow-capped mountains are a sight to behold. With an Indian driving licence in English, you can rent a car in Switzerland and explore the country’s scenic roads for a year.


You can drive your car in Bhutan with an IDP or an Indian driving licence. Visitors are allowed to drive both four-wheelers and two-wheelers in the country.


Driving in Singapore is legal for anyone over the age of 18. Keep in mind that your Indian driver’s licence will expire after 12 months if you don’t renew it. To continue driving in Singapore, you’ll need to obtain a Singapore Driving Licence.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a glitzy city that is constantly buzzing with activity. While your Indian driving licence will allow you to drive in India for a year, you will need a driving permit if you plan to stay longer than the year-long period allowed by your licence.


Finland, which has been named the “happiest country in the world” for the last four years, allows visitors with an Indian driving licence to drive for a year. You will be required to obtain health insurance as soon as you arrive in Finland. Your insurance will be used to determine the length of your license’s validity.


Indian driver's licence (France)

France is known for its brightly coloured homes and numerous historical monuments that are located throughout the country. The country allows visitors with a valid driving licence to drive for a full year. To use your licence in France, you’ll need a copy of it that’s written in the language. Driving in France requires some getting used to because the country follows the right-hand driving approach.


Indian driver's licence

Mauritius has stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters that will captivate even the most jaded traveller. Because Mauritius is such a small island, visitors are only allowed to drive for a single day before their licence expires.


Taking a road trip through Spain is a great way to experience the people, culture, and natural beauty of the country for yourself. After registering for residency in Spain, you have six months to drive with your Indian driving licence. The licence will not be accepted unless it is translated into English. You may also be requested to provide identification proof if you visit Spain. As a result, be sure to have it on hand.


Italy has a special place in the hearts of nature lovers due to its enormous contributions to the world of art. To drive in Italy, you only require an Indian driving licence and an IDP. Your driver’s licence will only be valid in Italy for a period of one year.


Indian driver's licence

Iceland, a country known for its stunning natural beauty and fascinating cultural heritage, allows visitors to drive rented cars using an Indian licence that has been translated into English. As well as accepting domestic licences, the country also accepts international licences issued by countries in North America, South America, and Europe (EEA).


Ireland (India's driver's licence)

Visitors from their home country who have a valid driving licence and are in Ireland for a period of 12 months can drive. Ireland recognises driving licences issued by member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area. Furthermore, valid licences from countries outside of the European Union are accepted. Travelers must obtain an Ireland driving licence after the initial 12-month period.

New Zealand

Indian driver's licence


If you want to enjoy New Zealand’s roads, you must be at least 21 years old to drive there. You can drive in New Zealand for one year with your Indian driving licence issued in English. The NZ Transport Agency must approve your driver’s licence if it is not in English..


Australia  (Indian driver's licence)

With driving on the left side of the road in Australia, there are no new traffic laws to learn. You can drive in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales with an Indian driving licence and IDP. If your Indian driver’s licence is issued in English, it will be valid for three months. Additionally, you’ll be limited to driving only the types of vehicles that your Indian driver’s licence allows you to operate legally in India.


Indian driver's licence

If you have a valid Indian driving licence, you can take a one-year road trip to Sweden, known for its lush greenery. Authentic ID proof is required as well. Only a licence issued in one of these languages will function as a driver’s licence.

A Step-by-step Guide On How To Obtain An IDP in India

At least 18 years old and a valid driving licence are prerequisites for applying for IDP. The quick steps to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) from Parivahan Sewa are listed below.

(NOTE: The application process for IDP via the online portal is subject to change. As a result, for any such updates, always check the official website of the government.)

  1. Use your laptop to go to the government’s official website,
  2. A drop-down menu will appear with the option “online services.”
  3. Click on “Driving License Related Services” in the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Choose your state from the list.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select “Apply for an International Driving Permit” (IDP).
  6. Carefully read the instructions on how to submit your application.
  7. To move on to the next page, click “continue.”
  8. Fill in all the required information, such as your driver’s licence number, date of birth, and mailing address. (The address on your passport and driver’s licence should match.) It will have to be altered if the address changes.)
  9. Complete the remaining fields, such as your phone number, Aadhar card number, blood type, etc., and then click “Continue.”
  10. Fill in the required information and upload any relevant files.
  11. Payment of Rs.1000 for the IDP must be made by November 11. The fee for IDP will rise to Rs.1200 if you also need to change your address. (The amount is a ballpark estimate only.)
  12. Print the payment confirmation and the pre-filled forms (both form 1 and form 1A). Once you’ve removed the prints, fill out the paperwork. An MBBS doctor’s signature is required on the forms.
  13. The supporting documents must be self-attested by you. Sign the documents and upload them to prove your authenticity.
  14. The original passport, visa, and driver’s licence must be submitted to your local Regional Transport Office (RTO) along with the copy of your document. Between 10:30AM and 2:30PM, you can visit the RTO. After the officer has signed your documents, turn them in.
  15. Bring your receipt to the RTO in the evening to pick up your permit.

Final Thoughts:-

Overseas car trips are unquestionably a wonderful way to take in the splendour of other cultures’ landscapes. Driving along scenic highways can lift your spirits and provide a welcome respite from everyday life. After learning about the countries in which an Indian driver’s licence is recognised, you’ll be better prepared for your upcoming trip. Above all, make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable time above the wheel while travelling.

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