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How To Get Paid To Travel

Would you like to get paid to travel around the world, but don’t believe it can? Feel like it’s a nightmare? Think again! We are proof that you too can be paid for travel if you put your mind to that.

Every week, our emails from readers who want to travel, but don’t have much money to do so, flood our inbox.

People always ask us how they can receive funds to travel around the world. Let us say to you, there are many jobs that you can do which include travelling and money-making at the same time.

We have listed a total of 8 great ways in this post that will help you to get paid for travelling.

Teach English In Foreign Countries

Thousands of budding travellers travel abroad every year to teach English. Young or old, there are a variety of different attractions: a chance to tour the world (and get paid for it!), discover a new culture and become immersed in a new community while helping others learn new skills. With a more cultured perspective on the world and your pocket money to finance your journeys, it seems that you could teach English abroad.

The ticket to an excellent job with a good salary in a country that you want to visit is a TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Probably, while you are looking for job lists, you will see that while you do not need to speak the first language of the countries or have any previous teaching experience, a TEFL is a necessity that will continue to emerge. However, don’t stress, there are many ways to get your TEFL certificate. There is one for you from online, self-paced classes to full-time, in-person courses.

If you are fluent in English, have a bachelor’s degree in any area and are keen to explore the world, you’re looking for job boards, get your visa sorted and pick up your bags as the next step to your dream job!

Writing Travel Blogs

If you write as you go then you can be paid for travelling throughout the world, and also can see your name in your favourite publications. This is the dream for many people around the world. If you try to be a successful travel writer, get paid to visit your favourite countries and get a tremendous income, prepare to be disgusting, because it is the best job in the world.

With the current digital landscape that supports the travel and writing industries, it has never been easier for you to live your dreams of living in something that you love. What’s the first step? You guessed it, you began to write!

Whether you’re on an exciting overseas vacation or visiting a local waterfall in your home, this will be your business, so take the time to sit and refine it. The beauty of travel writing is that you can integrate it into your daily routine or full-time work and do not have to travel to get started. If you are looking for the perfect way to build your writing portfolio, find your tone, and attract a committed audience then these local stories will help you a long way.

Now is the time to approach your incredible work with publications. It is vital to find the correct publication, which matches your writing and personality, that you spend time learning about what is there and the guidelines for contributing to the magazine so you can perfect your pitches and land.

Travel Photography

Do you always have an eye for aesthetics and beautiful content with your camera? Are you happy to wake up early to get the sunrise shot or to skip lighting activities? Photography can be a great hobby, but also a great side-hurricane or even a full-time job. However, if you succeed, you must know your stuff.

While many photographers humbly begin without experience, they all share one thing—they take their cameras everywhere and everywhere. You evolve in this way, take better pictures and build a personal portfolio. While in social media everyone is nowadays a photographer, travel photography is more than a beautiful photograph, it is about the capture of your photographs of stories, moments and feelings.

You will need to be creative and expand your horizons to land jobs as a tourist photographer — but creativity is not only necessary in your photography, you must also be creative in how you make money out of your work. Books, magazines, newspapers, calendars, cards and sites all require travel imagery so there are plenty of contractual and independent photography opportunities.

Be A Tour Guide.

To become a tour guide is a job that will bring you to make your office the French Alps or the Thailand jungle literally around the world. As a guide, you’re always on the go, from country to country or place and something new is always ahead. Although this kind of lifestyle may seem draining for some, it could just be a ticket for others.

As a guide, you will meet people from around the world, immerse yourself in local culture and work around the world. While all this sounds great, you must also take into account how you live out of a suitcase, answer hundreds of questions every day and never really allow an “off” day.

If this sounds like your type of show, then it is time to sit down and research extensively because it is one of the main things to be sure that you have time to work as a guide for a tour operator.

Be An Influencer

Admit it, your feed on Instagram is usually full of lovely images inspiring you to explore new countries and try out this fantastic new travel bag, and you’re jealous of the lives of that influencer 99.9 per cent of the time. Influencers (those who post on social media for their lives) play a big role in the world of marketing these days, and how much you can earn by making it big as a traffic influencer is no limit.

Although many people are desperate to live this dream and build on it to become an influencer, there are only a few elites who have succeeded in turning their travel pattern into a profitable business. These people have captured the attention of their niche by creating lovely content and sharing their true personalities. Although it may not be for everybody, the rewards are certainly tedious.

Influencers are making money through partnerships with companies and brands and through a post on Instagram stories to share their products or experiences with their large and highly-engaged audiences. The world of influencing can be lucrative with successful influencers earning up to thousands of dollars annually per post.

Work On Cruise Ships

Your workday starts with the magical colours of the sunrise over the ocean skyline and comes to an end with a bright view of an endless horizon. All that is between them is filled with hard work and the sweet rewards of life on a cruise ship.

Cruising in almost every part of the world is one of the most popular forms of tourism, and is constantly growing. There are many jobs for those who wish to use their job as a means of travelling around the world with all this consumer demand.


On average, over 200 workers operate on the vessel every day, performing jobs such as deck-hands, hosts, expedition managers onshore, fitness managers, physicians, bartenders, entertainers, gift-shop workers—the list goes on and on. In return for accommodation, food and a decent salary, all these paid positions offer endless opportunities. If it sounds like an unattainable dream to grow your bank account while sailing from port to port, think again.

Virtual Jobs Assistant

A virtual assistant concert is one of the best ways to finance your obsession with travellers from all over the world. The situation changes from customer to customer, but a visual assistant is someone that employs a company or individual to perform digital tasks.

Most virtual assistants provide support to their employers through customer emails, website updates, file organisation, bookkeeping, scheduling coordination, management of social media, research and, even, photos and video editing.


You have to be quite computer-savvy and confident in navigating a number of online systems to find a virtual assistant job. Also, important skills are being a good communicator and time manager.

There are numerous platforms that connect workers like you to companies that need your expertise, Upwork being the most popular of them. Each employer pays different salaries and depends on your experience and skills, but allows you to earn enough money to support your road life.

Do Freelance Journalism

If you are knowledgeable in words and have an interesting opinion on media topics? Many skilled writers take travel journalism as an approach to ensure that they can continue to travel around the world to earn money.

As with travel writing, you have to spend time developing your skills, improving your writing and developing your portfolio to become a freelance journalist.


With so much white noise and generic content in this area, it is important to think about what people like, what will get readers involved and what matters at the moment.

In the age of online readership, finding free journalism jobs has become increasingly accessible for those who just join the company. You can begin by submitting articles on websites accepting independent entries. The Great Escape Publishing, International Living and are some great ones who have supported many freelancers and provided many opportunities.

Conclusion:- Hopefully this list has inspired you to travel around the world and get paid to explore it. As I said above, there are many ways of being paid for the journey. All you have to do is make a conscious choice and change. Good luck! Good luck!

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