Whenever you plan a trip or travel. The first thought which comes to your mind is the budgets and the big chunk of it gets consumed by the flight tickets. But what if I tell you some really easy hacks and smart ways which can not only make you a pro in booking your flight tickets in the cheapest way possible but also can save a lot of money in your bank account which you can use in other things.

To help you with that, here are some really easy tips and tricks to get you the cheapest flight tickets possible.

Always go incognito

For all the beginners who are trying to book a flight for themselves and are not aware of the different hacks for booking the flights. It is the first thing that you should know. Try to go incognito first, check and compare all the deals, the availability, and then further book the flight on the site that you find the best deals on. Otherwise, every time you check the deals on the flights, it will keep increasing and you will end up giving more money to your flight budget as compared to what you thought of.

Check Today’s best fares

If you are planning a trip, it is not a sudden plan and you have been planning it for months. Keep a close check on the prices and the deals offered to you. Don’t forget to check the Todays’ best fares on the flight prices and it will give you the best deals. Or at least keep a close check on the trends. Soon you will know all the dates, days, and festivities when the cheapest flights are available on your preferred route.

Check the best times (non-regular hours) to book the flights

There are always rush hours for everything. For your favorite food joints, restaurants, that parking lot, etc. And so is for flights. Please avoid booking flights during these hours. And book your flights in the most offbeat hours. That is when the flights would be the cheapest in the entire 24 hours. If you pick the right day you might get your hands on the best deal available in the entire month.

Best days to fly

Adding to the point I was talking about. The day that you choose to book your flight is very important along with the day that you chose to book a flight. If you are pre-booking your flight and it is not an emergency, the 6th Tuesday before you choose to fly to your destination is when you will have the cheapest flight available to you. And the best days to fly would be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Check Historical price trends

From the one hack, you can be the mastermind of booking the cheapest flight as compared to anyone who books the flight around you. But before that, you need to study and look into the trends a little bit. And it is easier than choosing the stocks to invest in. Just keep a check on the numbers when they dipped in the complete one-year history of the flight fares. And you will know how to make a difference in your flight fares not only for hundreds but probable thousands.

Keep the price alert ‘on’ in search engines

To avoid the all-time price checking of the flight and being anxious about it. Go for Google alerts for the lowest price of the flight and make your search engine work for you. It will notify you once the prices would be at the lowest for your preferred destination or in general. You can do the maths of when to book the flights based on the result of the alerts.

Take advantage of the flight prices errors or glitches

When was the last time you received a glitch in the flight bookings and they made some of the other mistakes in giving you a boarding pass? Honestly, I experienced a glitch on the last flight I booked. They do a similar glitch in the prices as well. And all you need to do is to take that opportunity to your advantage and save your money. Book your flight during the glitch and you will have the best deals in your hands.

Flight Deals on Discount websites

Get to know some discount websites or coupon websites to cut off your flight fare charges and save up to 20 to 40% on your flight tickets. After you apply all the hacks along with the discount coupons to your flight tickets, you may save up to thousands on an all round trip.

Small airlines are the best

When it comes to saving money and booking flight tickets at the cheapest flight, small airlines are the best. So instead of switching on the big sharks which are available in the market of the airline industry. Switch on to smaller airlines to make them your friends. They not only wave off a lot on those charges of the tickets but also will give you your favorite seats. In that case, ditch the international airlines and choose from some domestic ones.

Keep switching your flight vendor

If you booked a flight from a flight vendor which can be your absolute favorite on the last trip to your memorable vacation. And this time you are thinking of booking a cheaper flight. Please do yourself a favor and check other flight vendors. There are more chances of getting a good deal if you keep switching your vendor. And you can compare your experience with different airlines.

Use your condition to discount

Have you heard about business discounts, executive discounts or student discounts, old age discounts? You might have not. Cause these are some of the discounts offered by the airlines but not advertised for the people to take advantage of. But as you know you can ask for it. And get some chargers waived off from your flight budget.

Handy Rewards and credits

The rewards that you got in your Gpay or that credit card transaction, keep that in handy and use it while booking your flight. This can reduce a lot of your charges. If you are a group of friends who are traveling for a vacation. Ask everyone to keep these reward points, cash back, coupons or credits in handy so that they can be used while you book the flights for everyone, It will reduce the budget of the flight on your vacation while you splurge that money on food and shopping.

Best Cards to pay for the flights

You will have multiple debit and credit cards in your wallet. Then why not put them to use while booking the flight. Check which debit or credit card is offering any discounts on the flight tickets. Any kind of reward or cashback can also be used. Do not book the tickets before comparing the card offers as you can save a lot of money through these.

Transfer Hotel Rewards to Airline Rewards

You can transfer your hotel reward points to your airline tickets under special circumstances and you better take advantage of this policy. Get the charges waived off or get a discount on your next flight but use those points before they get expired or simply wasted.