When you are planning to go on a vacation or you are an absolute travel freak, you would prefer to travel on a budget. And hotels take a big chunk of that. While trying to satisfy you with the best of the services that they have, you somehow get disappointed with what you get. And the travel spree or the vacation which could have been 10/10 settles upon a score of around 8/10.

Therefore to make sure that you get the best of the hotel experience, on your trip to anywhere in the world and also to understand how to spend the minimum wherever you go. Here are some tips and tricks along with phenomenal hacks that can not only confirm to lessen your bill there but save your money in the long term.

You can be both smarter and enjoy the best of luxury at the same time. If you don’t believe that then read on the article till the last for the best of travel hacks for you.


The location of a hotel involves a lot of factors. Irrespective of that fact for how long you will be spending time at the hotel or you will simply be using the hotel for sleeping at night. But hotels are the places which are known for luxury and no matter what you pay for hotels they are meant to give you an experience beyond normal life. And for all the right reasons you need to be very specific about the location of the hotels.

For that you might consider your hotel in a location with a perfect competition area where you can have numerous hotels with almost similar prices or you can have your hotel paradise in the most remote portions so that you can simply enjoy the view in your leisure time when you are tired of the journey.

Choosing a hotel in the area with a lot of hotels nearby increases your chances of getting a better deal than anyone else. From a hotelier’s perspective, there is a lot of margin in the hotel industry, so there are a lot of offers and discounts as well. And it is a high chance that they will serve you with the best rooms available to them at a lower price if their competitor is offering you much better amenities at an even lower price. It is highly suggested to take advantage of it.

To enjoy the best of your vacation you can negotiate on the room that you want. And clear the aspects of the deal before you confirm a room. It has been highly recommended to check the rooms even before you check in the hotel and that can’t deny you of that. After all, giving the best of the services at the lowest rate possible is their prime objective.


The other main factor that you might need to consider is the accessibility to your room. You want to take a room which is on top just because you want to enjoy the scenic views then they might ask you to compare prices. Because if they are offering you what might not be served by them but by their location then the prices can be high. But you can always negotiate with them.

Always try to choose the location that is either on the main roads or on the places where you want to room. In other words, your room calls the places that you want to explore. If you don’t want to have the food from the hotel then you can always go out and indulge in some local fooding options but they need to be around you.

The road to your hotel or transport around the hotel should be available at all times. In case of emergencies, you can always go for the best option available to you at that moment. If you are planning to go by your vehicle, nothing like it but if by any chance you are opting for a means of public transport available then you need to be well aware at what times would they be available for you and at the minimum cost. You can ask the hotel staff about the same.

Accessibility to all the basic amenities around your hotel can save you a lot of money which you might not have even counted in your vacation expenses.


Choosing an all-inclusive hotel is a greater task than choosing a hotel altogether. Checking out all the facilities and making sure that they are good to go so that your vacation would go as smoothly as possible could be a big challenge.

The amenities in the hotel include the parking space which is essential for you if you are traveling by your vehicle. The breakfast timings, the clear timings of check-in and check-out. Whether they are providing any complimentary meals or not. For all the executives traveling a free wi-fi connection is a must. Apart from all the necessities at the pool, a gymnasium -open or closed with all the facilities in it is very important.

If you are planning to send some more time, then an in-house restaurant with all the delicacies available along with a bar or lounge needs to be checked. A wellness spa, laundry facilities, toiletries, and other products must be considered. And don’t forget to check the washrooms along with bathrobes as your hotel offers all these facilities to you. To make sure that whatever be the budget of your vacation your money spent must be reasonable to match the kind of luxury you wanted in your leisure time.


Though cleanliness must come with an adjective to all the amenities that are offered in the hotel. But sometimes hotels offer everything but cut the bill on quality. But what is a quality vacation without quality service in your hotel and cleanliness makes its space on top of the lost and needs to be checked for everything that we are going for.

Hotel rooms are used by everyone who checks in them and for space which is used by many and not cleaned regularly is a big no-no. Hence, the hotel staff must be aware and quick enough to clean the room as soon as possible. And with the increasing fear of viruses and bacterias lurking all around us.

We are trying to be extra cautious about the fact that the surface where we are planning to sleep must be cleaned and disinfected even before we drop a look at it. The other cleanliness that you need to check must be of the swimming pool, your bathrobe, the washrooms, the towels in the room that needs to be constantly changed along with the bedsheets. The cups, electric kettle, and another crockery which are made available in the room must be properly washed and disinfected as well.

There are a lot of things that can be cautioned about when it comes to cleanliness. If you can remain aware of that then we can not only spend quality time on your vacation but be double sure that you will not be paying a long hospital bill after that.


Keeping everything aside there are certain hacks that can be followed to make sure that you save on your money while enjoying a good staycation.

  • Plan out your holiday months before your vacation schedule.

  • If you are traveling with the flight the flight tickets would be lowest on 6th Tuesday before the date you are planning to board the flight. You might book your vacation around that.

  • Choose the best credit card to pay your hotel so that it can get you the best reward points at once.

  • Follow the “Five Block Rule” which states anything and everything around the most traveled places or a destination that attracts maximum visitors would be expensive for sure.

  • Research as much as you can to bring out the best deals possible. If you are going to a group you can have the advantage of more resources and multiple opinions.

  • If you can try to take public transport which would comparatively be cheaper for you.

  • If you are comfortable eating out then go for street vendors and street foods, you can have the delicacies there at low prices.

  • You can choose for a stay at a hotel or a restaurant which has a buffet system.

  • Always carry your student identity as it can save you a lot of money.

  • Use VPN to find the cheapest deals.

  • Splurge your money in local markets instead of fancy souvenir shops.

  • It is always smart to buy a sim card that can give you roaming benefits.

  • Try to travel during the off-season.

  • Keep track of your expenses which is very necessary.