Admit it or not we all have made plans to visit Goa at one point with our friends and we all are guilty of canceling it due to one reason or another. Some friends back off due to personal issues and the other times you are short of money. Whatever be your reason, this time if you plan for Goa, I will make sure that money must not be the reason for you to cancel.

If you have never been to Goa or spent a lot on your last trip. This could be your bible. So read on and know some of the easiest rules to plan a Goa trip on a budget.

Pre-book your flights on the cheapest flight portal

If you have been planning to finally go to Goa this holiday season or are determined about it then it is high time you count on your best friends (who tend not to cancel the plans later ) and book the cheapest flight available on your route first instead of procrastinating about the trip. After all, when it has to be done it needs to be done now.

There are several tips and tricks through which you can book a cheap flight way prior to your plan. And if you do that you can lay your hands on some of the cheapest deals ever. When reaching Goa can take a huge chunk of your budget, you can save on it. By doing that you can also convince your friends who have been giving an excuse of not having enough money for Goa that it is possible and Goa can be done on a budget as well.

For some mind-blowing tips on how to book the cheapest flight. Head on to the link below.

You can also divide the expenses in your group. Participation brings in more interest. Know how.

Book a cheap hostel for your luggage dumping (cause who stays in the room after all)

You have been planning to explore Goa all in and out but you can’t do that with your luggage. And you need to dump your luggage in some safe place. After that, all you want is to get your swimwear out and head on to the beach and spend your day under a shack.

So instead of choosing the luxury resort and houses, one must go to the hostel rooms. Because there is so much to visit and explore in Goa if you miss some good room pictures you won’t be missing at all. Hostels are very cheap, especially in the off-seasons. You can even pre-book a time to get the best deals and negotiate the prices to their lowest.

After all, if you are not planning to stay in the room then there is no point in investing your budget in there. In that way, you can save on the most expensive things on your budget.

Stay on the Cheaper side

If you are planning to go to Goa then you must be planning to live either in North Goa or at South Goa. North Goa is a tourist-filled place, and is comparatively very expensive as compared to South Goa. As South Goa becomes a more offbeat location, prices are low. Hence, you can simply decide to stay in South Goa instead of North Goa.

There are many beaches that you will find only at the north Goa but you can cover up that distance by traveling through Scooter which will be much cheaper. Hence plan to stay at South Goa and then travel anywhere throughout the place you want.

Self-transport with a scooter instead of public transport cause its cheap

If you are planning a budgeted Goa trip with your friend. It has been highly recommended to get your driving license. No, I am not talking about the four-wheeler driving license instead a two-wheeler driving license would work absolutely fine in Goa. And it is a must before you plan any trip to Goa. There are important aspects to that.

First, renting a scooter is the cheapest way to drive around Goa. It is cheaper than you think. If you pre-book and negotiate, it will cost Rs 200 for 2 days depending upon the fact that you book them in the offseason.

Secondly, the Goa local transport can leave you on the public spots instead of taking you to the right destination altogether. Though it can be accessed on any beach that you are. However, it cannot wait for you.

Thirdly, your scooter can be available to you at night when Goa transport starts coming to halt.

Cause drinking is Cheap in Goa

Your friends and you are there to have fun in Goa and there is no party without drinks. But you forgot to add that in your total budget. No worries cause it won’t cost you more in Goa. Especially if you are planning to do under a Shack at the beach party and not in any North Goa club. A total of Rs 1500 can bring enough drinks for two and which can last up to 2 party days at Goa. You will be paying more in whichever city that you belong to in the country for drinks of what you are going to pay in Goa.

Cut your budget on non veggie meals because it’s cheap

Goa is a tourist destination. Therefore, meals are bound to be expensive there, Specially some special seafood, nonvegetarian cuisines or delicacies along with vegetarian food cause that is not easily available around the place. But this case is only with high-end restaurants, clubs, and cafes. For everywhere else, like local shops, street foods, and non-tourist destinations, the food is going to be really cheap.

Anything that you are planning to eat under the shack is going to cost you much cheaper than if you enter any food establishments there. So ditch your diets for a while, and eat at the locals. Not only are you going to save a lot of money through that way but also grab on some really delicious local food stalls.

Shop at Cheap Markets

If you are in Goa and you do not shop anything you are meant to regret your decision later for sure. Goa has some fantastic pieces when it comes to interior decor, clothing, and accessories. There are a lot of things that are going to fascinate you while you will be visiting some of the best tourist places around Goa. But calm your horses for a while and head on to some of the best places to explore Goa markets at its best possible.

Margaon Flea Market is one of those few markets which are not only cheap but provide you with a variety of stuff to buy from the local products.. And as you know flea markets are cheaper than anything that you are going to find here. Believe me, if you know the right spots you can save up a lot of money while shopping at Goa.

Local Entertainment for Night Owls

There is a huge difference between a tourist and a traveler. There are some people who not only go to the place and do their own stuff but would love to touch the lives of the place. Staying there, knowing more and understanding makes a lot of difference. If you are one of those few people then there are certain places in Goa where you can experience the Goa culture at its best and you won’t have to spend a single penny for that.

For that, all you need to do is to reach for the local markets at Arpora and Mackies near Baga beach which is very lively and full of shows and activities which depict the true spirit of Goa. Reaching these places on a Saturday night can take you to a different world in transit. And it is free of cost. Hence you must visit it.


  • Adventure Sports like White water rafting is available at Mandovi River from Mid June to Mid September.

  • No application based Cab services available.

  • Flyboarding is costly but worth the visit for adventure freaks. It is worth Rs 2800 per person for a 20 minutes ride.

  • Visit Anjuna Market for some cheap stuff if you are visiting around November to March.

  • Search for the cheap Spa session for that luxury feel in a tight pocket.