A Visit TO THE Hidden Gem IN Caribbean: TURKS & The CAICOS ISLANDS


Multiple islands in the world serve as the perfect amalgamation of land and the water but certain other islands are hidden in nature. And are the gems where the evolution of mankind and nature has thrived through the centuries. One of these islands is a group of islands in the Caribbean sea called The Turks and The Caicos Island. 

It is a luxurious island and serves as the buffet of adventure, history, evolution, nature, and long term leisure which you want to spend out of your long term hustle that has become part of your lifestyle. The grand, majestic hotels, the royal rooms, delicious delicacies, and love for nature along with exclusive adventures can bring in motivation and rejuvenation to life. Let’s know more about what else is there in this hidden wonderland.



Though this region in the Caribbean experiences sun throughout the year due to its geographical location, it is still very rich in nature and its resources. And so do the people of the state who have preserved the natural resources here. The wide range of national parks here is proof of that. There are almost 69 different parks in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The best five of them are Grace Bay Beach, Mudjin Harbor, Half Moon Bay, Tailor Bay Beach, and Gibbs Bay. But if you are expecting lush green grassy parks here, these might bring in a surprise. These are more like white sandy parks, with palm trees and ocean on the sight. Smooth waves of water will hit your feet a day in and day out. You will be friends with small ray fish here. And dip in your feet with some Garra Rufas to get that natural pedicure done to your tired feet. While you sip on fresh coconut waters under a palm tree shack.




For all the adventure enthusiasts who love to do something new on their vacations. There are a lot of opportunities for such people here. You can go for deep-sea diving in the reef, Parasailing is another sport that this place can offer you. There is a special place called Captain Marvin Water sports and Para Sails which one must visit if someone is expecting something different from the regular water sports. Sailing kayaks and a SkyPilot Parasailing tour is another beautiful water sport that can give you one in a lifetime experience. Above every single adventure sport which is offered here is Snorkeling, it is slightly different from general sports offered in any of the beaches or islands. Apart from that, it could be of different varieties based on the type of lace or region in which you are pursuing the sport. There are stingray and coral snorkeling. Then there are deep waters and shallow water snorkeling. And you can take pictures too for your Instagram feed or simply for your memories that you tried something completely different from anything.



Though Australia is very famous for its coral reefs worldwide. But as Turks and Caicos are hidden gems in the Caribbean sea so are their reefs. The only reason snorkeling is very famous here is because of the abundance of reefs. Many visitors prefer starting their underwater adventures here from the region called Providenciales. Where they find an abundance of reefs to explore and to observe closely. The Sea Fen beds here in this region are marvelous to explore. It is most famously known for its Great Barrier Reefs. The French Cay beach is also famous to closely watch the sharks in the area. Surfing around his area is prohibited because of this. On your reef expedition, you tend to watch a lot of such stuff that can amaze you for life and can remind you of the best of nature’s amazements.



Islands of Turks and Caicos are a chain of 40 different islands in a chain which are almost 20 to 25 minutes apart from each other and are mostly recommended to be visited accordingly. Which mainly becomes the reason for most of the tourists to come back and take an island at a time. Not all these islands are crammed with restaurants, resorts, hotels, bars, etc. but some are left estranged. The best part of these islands is you can be at peace and have the experience of a personal island here at this place without any disturbance or commotion of any kind. 


Starting the journey from Provo, you can move towards North to Middle Caicos by regular ferries but most of the islands can be reached through boats as well. Though the most economically flourished island is Providenciales or it is where you want to stay most of the time with a wider range of facilities being here. Grand Turk and Salt Clay are other islands that you can hop on next for a deeper experience in the area. Middle Caicos islands and North Caicos islands are the best for some in-depth natural experiences as here is where you can find the best vegetation which can be found in the Caribbean climate. All kinds of aquatic animals, different kinds of island animals, etc.




If you are tired of all the adventure activities in the Turks and Caicos Islands then you are definitely in need of a long, lazy, cocktail afternoons, and what is best to spend much time on than beaches. Turks and Caicos island are full of wonderful and majestic beaches. The clear water at bay and white sand on the side is the exquisite view which can be inhaled with limitless sighs. The bars are always open on the sides so if you are looking for an ultimate toxification or detoxification from the coconut water, they are all available here. 



Spending a complete night on the surface of the water looking at the stars could be one of your dreams. But even though it is not, and you simply want to spend the days on the cruise, it is all available here considering all your preferences and moods. The different kinds of cruises available here are set up as per your needs and would be available to you as per your requirement from certain beaches and islands. And these cruises including Lucia, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, etc. present a different definition of luxury with bars, gymnasium, large rooms, in house staff, big suites, and international delicacies. Some can even provide you a swimming pool onboard as well. These are all night cruises, these are half-day cruises as well with a complete package including, surfing to various islands and adventure activities, fishing, deep-sea diving, cliff jumping, etc. 




If you thought that this place is all fun and tourism and no serious country business then this is all set to surprise you. These islands and its people have a history to contain and stories to tell. The National Museum on the island is a collection of the history of this region. It has everything from the pre-historic Lucayan culture to the colonial history of the slave trade of the seas. After all, it is a Caribbean island and must have been a resting point for many pirates and slave traders. The next stop could be The Grand Turk Lighthouse which testifies the history and culture of the island as well. Her Majesty’s prison at the Cockburn town is another major tourist attraction which you can pay a visit to. 


Apart from that the famous Jojo dolphin which has been famous as the national treasure of the island can be friends with you. As that’s what she loves to do and you would love her too for that. Cheshire Hall Plantation, SapoRock Carvings, Wade’s Green Plantation, Haulover Plantation Dilla Hill are some of the major historical attractions that you can visit if you want to delve into the deep and colorful history of this magnificent island.