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Monsoon Travel Destinations – Places You Must Visit This Rainy Season!

With the onset of monsoon in June, India gets a new lease of life. The season is loved by all not only because this is the season when fields are ploughed and seeds are sowed but also because this is the time people get to see nature in its full glory. No wonder why monsoon is immortalized in our folk songs, movies, ancient scriptures and traditions. Monsoon brings moisture in the air accentuating the magnificence of nature. However not every part of the country can be travelled in rainy seasons, yet certain places are far safer to travel during monsoon. If your soul calls you out to venture out in the rainy season, then you must not shush the wanderlust inside you and explore these happening places without giving second thoughts. These diverse places will warm your heart and are worth visiting once.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

If you can visualize in your mind the bubbling streams meandering through a valley, chirping sound made by birds, silvery glaciers, cascading waterfalls, colorful flowers blooming and scattered across the field, mountain standing in its full-glory, pristine air filled with the essence of flowers in full-bloom, ice-cold water of the river, then this probably would be the apt description of valley of flowers during monsoon. Home to several endangered species of Himalaya, utterly beautiful wildflowers and alpine shrub, Valley of flowers is a popular world heritage site in India. If you are someone who can never get enough of the mountains and harbor immense love for the Himalayas, then the sight of the valley of flowers will surely bind you into its spell especially during the rainy season. 

This beauteous place is a bio-diversity hotspot of various birds, butterflies, and insects not to forget rare species of animals like snow leopard, musk deer and the brown bear. It houses more than 400 varieties of flowers typically growing from July to September. These months are the best time to visit this enchanting place as every week you get to see some new vegetation cropping up. As soon as monsoon touches this place, the entire region seems to get a fresh lease of life with flowers in full bloom, which is a sight to behold.

Blessed with the rare and exotic Himalayan flora, the valley of flowers is a bouquet of nature cooped up in the west Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. A trek to this place is something that must be done once in a lifetime to work out your adrenaline rush. You can catch a glimpse of snow-clad peaks, rocky mountains and other phenomenal wonders created by nature. Sprawled over more than 80 square kms, this place is a perfect monsoon travel destination that must be a part of your travel bucket list.

Another reason to stop by this place in rainy season is to capture some of the ethereal flowers in the country on camera including Brahmakamal, the blue poppy and the cobra lily i.e. from May to October. As time progresses, the exotic flowers of the valley take on different colors and shades which is a visual delight in itself. Valley of flowers is the favorite place of botanists, trekkers, backpackers, bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and flower lovers. It is the best place to have wonderful trekking adventures. However, you can also indulge in village tourism and pay a visit to hemkund sahib if you are not up for the trekking.

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

If monsoon brings out the child inside you, then you won’t be able to resist a trip to Cherrapunji. Coined as the second wettest and rainiest place on earth, this breathtakingly beautiful place is wrapped with hilly landscapes and lush greenery paving a way for trekking to the adventure-hungry souls.  The famous double-decker tree bridges enhance the beauty of this place and make it look no less than wonder on earth. Cherrapunji is one the most unusual monsoon destinations in India with cascading waterfalls, dense forests, farmlands, misty surroundings, pure air and clouds playing hide and seek, that simply cannot be found in jam-packed cities. The place receives a good amount of rainfall throughout the year.  You must enjoy the Nohkalikai and the Mawsmai falls during monsoon while on a trip to this soul-soothing place.

If you love the fierceness of rains and are not bothered by thunderous clouds, then must take a trip to Cherrapunji during monsoons. You might spot the unique orange flower honey while exploring the place. Also, don’t forget to sip the Meghalayan tea when travelling this northeast part of the country. Drinking tea in drizzling rain of Cherrapunji is enough to get a soul-satisfying experience. 

The place is well connected through the roadways so you can travel by bus, or by own vehicle to rejoice the rainy season and enjoy a backdrop similar to that of Scottish highlands. Exploring the village and local culture, nature walks, sightseeing are some of the fun activities you can do to absorb the rustic beauty of Meghalaya. No doubt, you’ll end up falling in love with this place.


During monsoon, the climate of Goa seems to take a wonderful turn as these are the times when travel junkies come out of hibernation and go for an adventurous ride in the beach city. Contrary to the belief that Goa is not a place to be visited during the rainy season, monsoon is the best time to take a tour when the state attracts more tourists. From party animals to backpackers, everyone wishes to visit this place once either to spend some quality time or to experience the roaring parties that are enough to wake the dead.

Goa is the perfect destination for beach lovers, adventure junkies and nature lovers to enjoy monsoon and relish Goan delicacies. There are plenty of things one can do while being in Goa- from scuba diving to trekking, shopping to bird watching, jet skiing to heritage tours, from cruising to casinos, Goa gives endless options to the tourists. During monsoon, the thrill of participating in water sports become twofold which speaks the grandeur of Goa. The place is so much more than beaches and breathtaking landscapes. You can lose yourself in the beauty of nature by visiting some of the most alluring places in this state including spice plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, Dudhsagar waterfall among others which are a pleasant treat to the eyes. Since the place is properly connected with transport, you can enjoy your monsoon trip via bike, car, taxi, train, or airplane as suits you.

Agumbe, Karnataka

Agumbe justifies being called the Cherrapunji of South India. Monsoon brings out the best of Agumbe to the tourists and nature lovers. The place gets extremely peaceful and serene in August that one can experience tranquility in the air soothing one’s soul.  Watching the sunset from atop the hill and the Arabian Sea is a stunning sight that must not be missed when you are on a trip to the place. There are a bunch of exciting things you can do while enjoying the breezy weather be it- sipping famous vanilla flavored tea, savoring authentic local delicacies, visiting temples, trekking and sightseeing among others.

Home to the vulnerable and endangered species of animals like the lion-tailed macaque, king cobra, cane turtle and flying lizards, Agumbe rainforest is truly a miracle of nature that deserves to be in your travel bucket list. The stunning backdrop with pouring rain can make you forget the noise of the cities and bask in everything nature has to offer. Agumbe will remind you of “malgudi days” and take you to the golden childhood days. It is the best place to bring out the child inside you where you can dance your way in the rain, run carefree in the lush green fields, and smell the essence of flowers without worrying about the past, present and future.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur- the city of lakes turns romantic during monsoon when the clouds bless the land with rain and rejuvenate the environment. The rainy season is probably the best season to capture the immortal beauty of the place on camera. The magical view of pristine lakes, grand royal palaces, flower-studded gardens, can make you lose yourself in the beauty of the city. Travelling Udaipur is not a hassle as the weather remains pleasant throughout the year. However, witnessing this remarkable place in monsoon speaks another story. If you are up for a romantic getaway in monsoon, then there could be no place better than the city of lakes. The magnetic architecture, welcoming locals, spicy Rajasthani food, heart-warming hospitality, and rich culture of Rajasthan are calling you! So pack your bag and get ready for an exciting monsoon trip. Rajasthan will greet you on the other side.

Khandala, Maharashtra

Amidst the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, stands a small hill station named Khandala. This pride of sahyadri mountain range has earned fame for its scenic beauty that is a feast to the eyes of anyone visiting it. Snuggled between the lofty mountains with dangling waterfalls, misty meadows surrounded by rainy clouds, this small quaint town is a wonder in itself. If you love drenching in rain or want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, then Khandala is your ideal monsoon destination. A short trip to this little town is surely going to refresh your senses. Stargazing, sightseeing, nature walk, temple visit are some of the things you can do to enjoy your stay here. If you want to experience the best feeling in the world, we would recommend you to eat hot samosa or pakoras while sipping masala tea in the pouring rain of Khandala.  

Don’t let this monsoon slip by and plan your vacation for the adventures of a lifetime. Explore these astonishing monsoon destinations in India and inspire others to achieve these major life goals. Don’t let anyone stop you from feeding the wanderlust inside you. Get ready to recharge your life in this rainy season and discover the magnetic charm of these places. You will not be disappointed!