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Top places to visit in Jharkhand in 2021

People look for areas with magnificent views whether they wish to go for a walk or spend a vacation with their families. Today, let us know top places to visit in Jharkhand. Coming to the city of the mountains and the gorgeous sceneries here will leave you fully worry-free and full of delight. Coming close to Jharkhand’s natural regions would fill you with new vitality.

Along with lovely natural areas, this area is densely packed with religious sites. Water springs, Tata Steel, Baidyanath Dham Temple, Parasnath Parvat, Netarhat Sunset Point, and other attractions are the state’s pride. If you’re looking for a list of places to visit in Jharkhand then the list below can help you have the best vacation of your life.


Netarhat, located in the Latehar district, is also known as the Queen of Chotanagpur. Tourists from other countries visit as well. In the summer, people come here to spend their vacations. This location is located at an elevation of 1128 meters above sea level. There are Sunrise and Sunset Points here, as well as numerous waterfalls.

Netarhat, Places to visit in Jharkhand

It is reported that an Englishman’s daughter falls in love with a shepherd. The shepherd is killed because of a lack of social respect for their love. Magnolia, the Englishman’s daughter, jumps from the top of the hill and commits suicide, distraught about the killing of the shepherd. Sunset Point is stunning from this vantage point. From Ranchi, take the route to this location.


Hazaribagh’s prominent sites include Hazaribagh Lake, Canary Hills, Wildlife Sanctuary, Suryakund, and others. On the summit of Canary Mountain, there is a dak bungalow. From here, the entire city of Hazaribagh appears to be magnificent. The views from here are so beautiful that you’ll be compelled to take photos. The animal sanctuary is located 10 miles from the city of Hazaribagh. There are wild creatures to be found here.

Barkatha in Hazaribagh has a hot water tank. There are five pools in all. There are two hot water tanks and one cold water tank. The average water temperature in this area is 169-190 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the high sulphur concentration, this water has a medicinal effect. Hazaribagh can also be accessible by road from Ranchi via a rail link.


Jamshedpur is most popular place to visit in Jharkhand. Jamshedpur is regarded as India’s first planned city. There is a lot of greenery here, and there are a lot of industries. The appealing infrastructure and scenery are settlements that have been aesthetically developed. Dalma Pahar, Dimna Lake, Jubilee Park, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Tata Steel, Hudco Lake, and more attractions are available. The Chandil Dam, located on the Swarnarekha River, is a magnificent example of natural beauty. This dam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jharkhand. Ranchi may be reached by road from here. From November through February, you can visit there.


Giridih, which was once a part of Hazaribagh, is now an independent city that was established in 1972. It is well-known for its mining towns and verdant hills covered in lush green woods, with extensive plantations of Sal tree, bamboo, Semal, Mahua, and Palash.

Places to visit in Jharkhand

Giridih, also known as the ‘Land of Hills,’ is a popular destination for Jain pilgrims and is often referred to as the ‘Land of Jain Pilgrims.’ Giridih is a popular destination for nature lovers and pilgrims due to the presence of multiple Jain Temples and various Jain architecture and places. Giridih’s beautiful valleys, picturesque hills, dams, and temples contribute to Jharkhand tourism. Giridih can be reached by road or train.


When it comes to religious tourism, Deoghar is one of the greatest places to visit in Jharkhand. Deoghar, with its abundance of natural beauty and calm surroundings, offers its tourists a pretty pleasant trip, thanks to its many Hindu temples, the most of which are devoted to Lord Shiva. Deoghar has so much to see and do that travellers come from all over the country to explore its unique beauty.

Deoghar, also famed for its ancient temples such as Baba Baidyanath, which is considered one of India’s twelve ‘Jyotirlingas,’ promises a divine sojourn to those seeking calm and tranquillity. The world-famous Baba Baidyanath Dham Temple in Sivaganga is located here. Baba Bholenath devotees travel from all around Sawan to pay their respects. Deoghar’s Baba Dham is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Deoghar can also be accessible by road in addition to the train route. It would be ideal to visit Deoghar from July to March.


Dhanbad is known as the coal capital of India. Dhanbad is one of the country’s fastest expanding cities, providing travellers with numerous opportunities to enjoy the state’s particular charm. It is a well-known mining city in Jharkhand that has more to offer than just coal mines. Dhanbad, surrounded by gorgeous valleys and lush green forests, gives vistas of huge dams, refreshing lakes, and temples, which continue to be a key draw here.

Places to visit in Jharkhand

This city conceals a plethora of secrets. The best attractions to visit in this area include Maithon Dam, Topchanchi Lake, Jharia Coal Mine, and others. Many devotees travel to Dhanbad to visit Dalmi, a sacred shrine that houses the statues of Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Nandi. The city also includes various Buddhist and Jain landmarks, which provide travellers with a more enlightening vacation experience. The quickest way to go to Dhanbad is by train. The Howrah-New Delhi rail line is the busiest train route in the area.


Ranchi is the state capital of Jharkhand. Ranchi is most popular place to visit in Jharkhand there are numerous gorgeous places within the city as well as 50 to 100 kilometres outside of the city where you can unwind. Ranchi is sometimes referred to as the “City of Waterfalls.” The city is home to Pahari Temple, Rock Garden, and Nakshatra Van. Apart from this, Hundru Fall, Jonha Fall, Dasam Fall, Patratu Valley, Diuri Temple, and other attractions are also worth seeing. You can travel here via rail, car, or plane.

Ranchi, Places to visit in Jharkhand


Sahibganj is a place to visit in Jharkhand. This less-known destination is truly a gorgeous place that is popular with families, children, couples, and lone visitors for sightseeing, photography, and trekking. This gorgeous city’s comfortable weather and exquisite surroundings make it a perfect location that can be visited in any season, be it summer, monsoon, or winter. Tourists from faraway towns come to Sahibganj to enjoy the picturesque beauty that surrounds the city and to see a few ancient ruins that are worth seeing.

Sahibganj, Places to visit in Jharkhand

There aren’t many places to visit in Sahibganj, however for a wonderful visit, one should surely go to areas like Teliagarhi Fort, Binduvasini Temple, Raksisthan Temple and Mary’s Church.


Bokaro is a popular places to visit in Jharkhand, noted for its steel and coal industry, as well as its metropolitan lifestyle. Bokaro has long been a preferred destination for leisure visitors, nature enthusiasts, and devotees due to its abundance of natural areas and tourist attractions.

Almost any type of traveller will find amazing attractions such as Kali Mandir, Jawahar Nehru Biological Park, Garga Dam, and Ram Mandir in the city. This city’s nice and warm weather, as well as its gorgeous surroundings, make it an even better spot to spend your vacation.


Palamu is a place to visit in Jharkhand. This scenic resort draws visitors from all across the country, particularly from Kolkata, which is not far away. It is home to a wildlife sanctuary and a national park, and it provides a wonderful opportunity for nature lovers, trekkers, and animal enthusiasts to enjoy the city’s luxurious environs.

Palamu, Places to visit in Jharkhand

Palamu also has a rich cultural history, which contributes to the city’s attractiveness among historians and fans of Indian culture. If you’re in Palamu and wish to enjoy its natural beauty, go to Palamu Wildlife Sanctuary, Betla National Park, River Koel, Palamu Fort, Upper Ghaghri Waterfalls, Lower Ghaghri Waterfalls, and Lodh Falls.

Conclusion:- Jharkhand is unquestionably the state’s crown jewel, with some of India’s most beautiful and spectacular sites that must be seen and explored. This is not the end of the list of interesting locations to see in Jharkhand. Aside from that, there are other such locations in Jharkhand where you can learn more and more about this state and its people.

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