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Statue Of Unity Travel Guide 2021

About the statue of unity, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, known as the “Iron Man of India,” was a man of tenacity, courage, and excitement. Sardar Patel, a wise and kind-hearted leader, was instrumental in the unification of post-independence India. From Kutch to Kohima, Kargil to Kanyakumari, it is thanks to his hard work that we can now travel freely across India’s beautiful and fertile territories.

His ideas and ideologies have influenced millions around the world, including me. His extraordinary life path, packed with innumerable moments of courage and unselfish sacrifice, has favorably impacted my life, establishing in me a “never-say-die” mentality, as well as a determination to serve people with a loving heart. He is a true hero of mine. And it is for this reason that I couldn’t resist going to Gujarat when I first heard about the ‘Statue of Unity’ being built in his honor.

I was desperate to see the world’s largest statue. And with a weekend free, I took advantage of the opportunity to pay a quick visit to this historic site. So I promptly purchased the Statue of Unity tour package, packed my belongings, and embarked on an enthralling adventure to see this great man come to life in all his magnificence.

And, to be honest, I had a great time visiting the famed Statue of Unity. It was incredible to see nature’s bounty complementing the immaculate architecture to provide a stunning panoramic picture.

Here’s an experience of my thrilling trip to the magnificent Statue of Unity; a trip that gave me memories to last a lifetime, a trip that filled me with great pride and honor, a trip that left me dumbfounded and entranced, and, last but not least, a trip that I would highly recommend to anybody.

A location that is easily accessible

The Statue of Unity is conveniently accessible from some of Gujarat’s major cities, including Vadodara, Surat, and Ahmedabad.

However, I preferred flying to Vadodara because it is the closest airport to the Statue of Unity. Then it’s a nearly 90-kilometer drive from the airport to the historic site, which takes about an hour.

A Wonderful Piece of Art

And here I was, standing in front of the world’s tallest and most beautifully constructed statue, personifying India’s first deputy prime minister. A completely out-of-this-world sensation!

The Statue of Unity piece of art

The Statue of Unity truly gave me shivers, standing at an astounding height of 597 feet (182 metres). I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It felt heavenly; surely, unbelievable. It’s no surprise that this iconic statue required 3,400 labourers, 250 engineers, 18,500 tonnes of reinforcement steel bars, 70,000 tonnes of cement, 1,700 metric tonnes of bronze and 6,000 tonnes of structural steel to construct.

Beautiful Scenery

But the true marvel was yet to come! The Statue of Unity was ethereal in its setting, surrounded by enormous forests, awe-inspiring mountains, and the refreshing Narmada River. It seemed utterly amazing to behold such a great work of art in the midst of nature’s awe-inspiring bounty. Furthermore, the Statue of Unity’s viewing gallery provides a breathtaking view of the “Valley of Flowers” and the “Sardar Sarovar Dam,” which is absolutely enticing. I was taken aback! Without a doubt, the administration chose an excellent location for the famed Statue of Unity!

View from a Helicopter

I learned from the Statue of Unity tourism guide that we can even get an aerial perspective of the Statue of Unity with a 10-minute helicopter flight. And I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity. So I bought the tickets available at the place, and yippee, I was in a helicopter, marveling at the great statue and its gorgeous, renewing surroundings.

The Statue of Unity

A Peek Inside the Life of India’s Iron Man

Then I arrived at the Statue of Unity complex, which houses numerous opulent restaurants, stores, and, not to be missed, the sumptuously spectacular museum, which houses some of the beautifully created sculptures and paintings depicting the entire life journey of the great Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. I ate some delectable treats at one of the restaurants, purchased souvenirs—caps, t-shirts, and a replica of the Statue of Unity—from the souvenir shop, and then went to the much-discussed museum. Trust me when I say that it was an incredible opportunity to witness the life journey of such a wonderful personality all at once. I applaud the creators!

Because there are many tourist attractions around the Statue of Unity, I decided to go there as well and enjoy some more pleasure. The nicest thing was that the admission fees for several of these attractions were included in the ticket I purchased for the Statue of Unity.

Valley of Flowers

A captivating landscaped garden, with hundreds of varieties of natural flowers, bushes, trees, bamboo, grasses, and many other plants, made me feel extremely near to nature. Being present in the middle of revitalizing flora is a blessing!

The Statue of Unity

Sardar Sarovar Dam

The Sardar Sarovar Dam, the world’s second-largest concrete gravity dam, was my next trip. The dam, surrounded by lush green forests and massive mountains, has everything to make it a favorite among nature enthusiasts and picnickers. It also features boating at a specially designated site on the Narmada River upstream of the dam. The vistas of the Sardar Sarovar Dam are ideal for capturing selfies and photos.

Laser Show At Statue Of Unity

After spending some time at the Sardar Sarovar Dam, I returned to the Statue of Unity around 6:15 p.m. to see its famous Laser or Light and Sound Show.

The Statue of Unity

It was simply amazing! Absolutely mind-boggling! The laser show illuminates the 182-meter-high structure, highlighting Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s life journey and his role in the unification of post-independence India. This 30-minute display captivates audiences with a flawless combination of laser lights, sound, and images.

The presentation employs a total of 51 high-resolution projectors. They are all fastened at a distance of 600 meters. It makes use of high-brightness projectors, which are being installed for the first time in India. Furthermore, the lenses and lasers can resist all weather conditions, which is an impressive feat.

If you’re seeking some interesting short-break holiday options, a visit to the Statue of Unity will undoubtedly satisfy your needs.

I didn’t have much time after the show ended. To name a few, Sardar Patel Zoological Park (2.5 km from the Statue of Unity), Panchmukhi Lake (5 km from the Statue of Unity), Zarvani Waterfall (14 km from the Statue of Unity), and Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary (104.8 km from the Statue of Unity) are all interesting tourist attractions. Please keep in mind that entries to these locations are not included in the Statue of Unity ticket.

Final Words: Overall, I had a fantastic experience and was more than satisfied with my Statue of Unity tour package. I just had a weekend off, but if you have the chance, I would highly recommend going on a Gujarat trip because the place is incredibly engaging and enthralling. For that, I would recommend that you first inquire about the schedule, and then buy the Gujarat tour package to ensure that you do not miss any of the state’s historic sites.

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