5 Peaks Every Adventure Addict Must Summit Once In A Lifetime

Don’t be surprised to see that we haven’t added Mt. Everest in this list of 5 peaks every adventure aficionado must summit. There’s more to the buzz you get after climbing the highest of peaks in the world.   It’s not only the height that makes a mountain mean and dangerous. The route to the mountain … Read more

Your Guide To Adventurous Holidays In West Bengal

West Bengal is known for its sheer beauty, colorful traditions, ancestral cuisine, refined culture, and brilliant architectural marvels including terracotta temples. If merely hearing the word ‘West Bengal’ reminds you of ‘Sandesh’, ‘Durga Puja’ and ‘Mishti Doi’, you’re not entirely at fault. However, Bengal is way much more than that. Not only the place is … Read more

Ring of Fire Adventure Awaits You. Don’t Miss This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Good news to all intrepid travelers out there! Your wish to explore the deepest part of the ocean is going to get fulfilled.  Now would be the right time to prepare yourself for a life-altering experience beneath the deep crevices of the ocean. Sitting proudly at a depth of 10,928 meters, who wouldn’t want to … Read more

10 Adventure sports you mustn’t miss while in North East India

The remote and tribal lands of Northeast India are a delight to offbeat travelers who are constantly looking for unspoiled and unexplored places. Northeast India is now growing into the hottest destination for adventure junkies in the country. With the rustic beauty, open green fields and tall mountains, cascading waterfalls to exotic wildlife, everything in … Read more