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Unforgettable Motorcycle Trips in India to Experience Once in Life


India is a huge country with plenty of options for travelling that can confuse the wanderlust souls seeking action and thrill in real life. There are numerous options to explore different places in the country. However, the best way to discover the diamond in the rough is through a motorcycle trip that can change your life big time. Nothing can match the sense of adventure that comes with riding a motorbike.

With a motorbike, you get to search every nook and corner of a place calming the travel junkie in you. You can cover almost any destination on a motorcycle, therefore, adding some spice to your life. For all the bikers, their gangs and travelers looking for unforgettable motorcycle trips in India, we have jotted down a list of ultimate motorcycle trips in India to help you decide which place to mark next in your bucket list.

Manali to Rohtang Pass

Manali opens up doors to many heavenly places, the beauty of which is utterly captivating. You will need a special permit from the SDM office to travel the route from Manali to Rohtang Pass.  The route has enchanting greenery, magnificent landscape, meandering roads, and Buddhist monasteries, which are sufficient to get lost in the charms of nature. All you need to do is hop on your bike so that these glimpses are not missed when traveling through the route. The best time to make a journey from Manali to Rohtang Pass through a motorbike is in the months of June, July, August and September.

Manali to Leh-Ladakh

A dream of every biker in the world, Ladakh is an ideal destination for the motorcycle rider to chase thrills of nature and work out the adrenaline rush. Ladakh trail is one of the most treacherous trails in India. The route to Ladakh should be taken with a motorcycle only when you have enough experience of riding a motorbike. You can also tag along with the group of bikers for an amazing adventure-filled journey. The region is filled with ethereal raw natural beauty that cannot be comprehended into words.

The sheer magnificence of Zanskar valley is enough to give chills to any biker. Travelers come across some of the most beautiful passages like Khardung La, Rohtang La, and Darcha Pass among others that are a treat to the eyes. Since the weather in the region is highly unpredictable, you must not forget to pack the necessary supplies. Landslides are one of the common natural hazards that can be witnessed while travelling to Ladakh. Once you reach leh, you can take other routes for different destinations. The best time to take a bike trip from Manali to leh-ladakh is between the months of June and October.

Manali to Spiti Valley

The highest village in the world, Spiti is a dream destination for travelers. Spiti is a paradise for nature lovers yearning to be surrounded by snowy mountains, lush green landscape and Buddhist monasteries to feel tranquility. The route covers some of the major hotspots of the region such as- chandra taal lake, kee monastery, kalpa pin valley, tabo, and shoja among others. A motorcycle trip to Spiti valley via Manali will make you lost in the magnetic charm of the Himalayas. Best time to hop on your bike and experience the enchanting trip is in the month of May and June which are the peak season. However, the route is safe to travel till October.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

One of the favorite travel destinations of motorcycle riders, the route to Jaisalmer through Jaipur is packed with a different level of thrill. Here instead of snowy mountains, you’ll find yourself trapped amidst the rustic landscape.  It is almost 9-10 hours of road trip where you can witness the colorful and changing dimensions of the state. This rustic route is ideal for bikers who favor a smooth riding experience. There are many places where you can stopover for refreshments. You can also fill-in necessary supplies along the way to Jaisalmer, the desert city of Rajasthan.

If you have tolerated the challenging road trip to hilly regions, then the Jaipur-Jaisalmer route will be easy to travel by. You can bask in the diverse culture of Rajasthan, grand architecture, rich history and spectacular view of the golden-brown desert with green hues. A road trip by motorbike to these places can only be considered complete when you have gorged upon the lip-smacking cuisine of the state.

Guwahati to Tawang

If you are looking for a full dose of thrill in the northeastern region of the country, then the route from Guwahati to Tawang will certainly not disappoint you. The route is a pleasure to travel by which presents nature’s marvel beautifully. It is among a few of the challenging passages in the country that are the hotspots for both national and international travelers. The breathtaking scenery involving waterfalls, lush paddy fields, mountain, is a treat to the eyes.  Travelling by this route is indeed one experience that you must take in life. The journey will ignite the adventure junkie in you and give you unforgettable memories.

Ahmadabad to Rann of Kutch

A road trip from Ahmadabad to Rann of Kutch is one of the top motorcycle tours preferred by the travelers. A great way to feel the adrenaline rush, this route covers the colorful and vibrant shades of Gujarat. You get to experience the rich culture, history, traditions, hauntingly calm Rann of Kutch from a different perspective. From the noise of the city to the serenity of salt marshy land, the trip is packed with thrilling adventures that you won’t be able to forget anytime soon. It is ideally suggested to take upon this route between December and March. The twinkling stars and the shiny full moon is a breathtaking view one must not miss when travelling to Rann of Kutch.

Shillong to Mawlynnong

A walk through the paradise of a route, road trip from Shillong to Mawlynnong offers the ultimate experience of an adventurous vacation. This experience is doubled when you take a trip by a motorcycle. Along the route, you can find many places to visit such as- Living root bridge, elephant falls, mawsmai caves, among others. It is an ideal road trip for bikers and wanderers looking for some thrill in life. The trip can be taken at any time of the year. The cleanest village in India which is in Mawlynnong is worth a visit when you follow this route.

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

If you want to take a ride through the coastal regions to the terrestrial one, then a road trip from Vishakhapatnam to Araku valley is definitely worth travelling. The curvy road gives a spectacular view of the ethereal hills filled with dense forests. Araku valley is famous for its dense and rich biodiversity where you can take a leisurely stroll through the forests and find calmness amidst nature. A biking trip to this route can be taken any time of the year. It is a popular route for getting a thrilling experience of riding a motorcycle that must not be taken lightly.

Mumbai to Goa

Admired as the father of Indian road trips, the route from Mumbai to Goa is one thing that must be experienced once in a lifetime. The 10 hours of bike riding experience will fill you with a sense of achievement. From the hustle and bustle of Mumbai’s streets to the serenity of Goa, you can experience the contrasting characters of both these cities. The infamous NH66 highway is a rider’s delight with buttered road gives a picturesque view of the surroundings. Another way to travel the route is by NH17 which gives you views of the spectacular sights along the western coastline of India. You can make a few stopovers along the way to capture nature at its best.

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