You have been wondering how you managed to spend all that time in the lockdown when you could not have spent a day stepping out of your room. And when the world is finally recovering from its deep sleep. There are some of the most exquisite and unique travel destinations that have been opening its gates for visitors. Hence all the money that you have saved while you were at home and not going out splurging on travel.

You can spend it now by visiting these places as you might have been wondering where to go and what to do?


It is one of the few places which got unlocked initially and started welcoming tourists from the beginning of June. The destination is filled with whitewashed walls, and islands on the other side. The whole of Santorini is based on tourism as the complete economy is a part of 80% tourist services and 20% wine production. Santorini has taken a lot on its economy during the pandemic lockdown. However, when the place made sure that they are all sanitized and ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. They announced that they are ready to welcome guests with open arms.

Santorini being a part of the Greek province was the first one to be hit by the pandemic. But as soon as it got sick, they outstandingly recovered as well. Now they can proudly say that there are no death patients in Santorini, along with the Greek province. Being locked into your rooms and houses for months and simply fantasizing about travel for months. I am sure that this travel destination would have made it to the top of our bucket list. Wondering what’s so special in Santorini. Head on to the following link to know what surprises lie in these parts of the land.


Italy fought a long fight with the Coronavirus. And was affected the most among the neighboring countries. But the one who fights as a true warrior emerges as the winner. Though it took some time for Italy to announce that they finally cleared to welcome the travelers. However, the active cases in Italy finally reduced and it got ready to open its gates for everyone to travel. Italian travel destinations make for one romantic place to visit. And why not if the place is filled with art, culture, history, and some of the magical natural sites which makes them a truly romantic getaway destination.

From east Italy to the west Italian coasts. This land is filled with the places where you can visit once lockdown is over in these places and they are estranged and waiting for someone to visit them. From all the stories that Italy can inspire. Be the first one to get inspired by it. And If by any chance you are planning for a romantic getaway in Italy. Here are my recommendations to have a look at the natural beauty of Italy. It’s these lakes. Click on the link below to get some ideas.


The land descended from the Ottoman Empire which has not only saved its culture and traditions through the test of time. But they have dealt with the lethal global pandemic as well. And It is one of the few countries or places where the active cases were less or very few. And as Turkey made sure that there are no casualties that they have to face they took no time to open their gates for the visitors.

You would be surprised about the fact that Turkey offers a visitor’s Visa within a few hours So if you are thinking of visiting this place around the corner of the year then you don’t have to wait for months to plan a trip here. All you have to plan is to visit all the places in Turkey and within a few hours the Visa would be in your hands.

There have been poems and couplets written on the beauty of Turkey as the Turkish beauty can only be experienced if you visit. Include this in your bucket list cause the Turkish people will make sure that you will have a safe visit along with sweet Turkish delights in their hands.


A paradise in Desert that is what Dubai has been called. Though the local and regional people of Dubai made sure that they deal with the Coronavirus by practicing social distancing and staying in their homes as much as possible and they are successful by following the restrictions. But they had to cost other aspects of their economy due to that. It was a ban on international travel. The Dubai flights were being and the touristic places in Dubai including the big hotels and resorts which were always filled with foreign guests and travelers went all dry and lonely.

But people here made sure to protect themselves and to protect others. The main observation of how Dubai is taking the pandemic seriously is they have not only sanitized all their stay-ins, flights, and the surrounding staff but are training their flight crews and other employees to take the instant actions and precautionary measures to prevent any casualties against the virus.

Therefore you can take a sigh of relief if you are planning to step out and Dubai is on your list. Because Dubai won’t leave any traveler or their guests disappointed. The magical experiences that you used to have in Dubai and what you might have expected will remain intact.


If you are a beach person then you probably have been missing the sound of water while locked in the rooms during the global pandemic. And to quench your thirst Barbados Island and the Maldives are open and ready to serve you the beach cocktails while you look at the clear horizon and getting tanned at the same time.

Barbados saw absolutely no casualties during the pandemic and when the virus was at its peak. And the reason I Have included the two islands together is that they have been left a lot lonely and when the world is simply awakening from its deep sleep. These islands are ready to welcome you wholeheartedly.

Both the islands are known for their services and the groups of tourists that they keep on serving throughout the year. Specifically in summers when people prefer their time off. As these summers went all off without a getaway to any of the islands. You don’t have to travel to longer destinations to rewatch these islands away from that humdrum life.


Though the Indian government has kept a hold on International flights, National or Domestic flights are flying after they have been announcing the unlock in the country. Though some cities have an ever grossing cases of Covid-19 and some other major cities also have containment zones but there are beautiful parts of u try which are not only open to visit but they are being untouched by the pandemic which has taken a lot of lives in the world.

A few of these states lie in the North-Eastern parts of the country and they are Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Nagaland. Though these places come in offbeat locations to visit around India. However, these are those hidden gems on the Indian map which are way beyond any beautiful words ever spoken or said to explain these exquisite places.

The most important thing is they connect you to your culture and the indigenous tribes that you are going to discover in the parts of the lands are inexplicable. So please don’t ask to wait for your wanderlusting soul and set the bird free while visiting these places in India.