Why is Abu Dhabi the best solo traveling destination for girls?

You are a modern woman and you would like to step out alone on yourself. At the comfort of your own freedom. And being an explorer at heart you would simply like to visit places. But if Abu Dhabi has not made it on top of your bucket list then I would personally recommend you to make it to the top of your list. It is one of a kind place on earth and you might have heard a lot of appreciation about this place but one thing that you might not have heard was any disrespect to the women visitors that have visited this place.

The only reason is the conservative culture of Abu Dhabi where the economy runs on turism up to a large scale. But for every single time your plan has been cancelled to go somewhere just because some friend of yours has backed out of the plan. It’s high time to make it up for yourself and give yourself a majestic treat simply bi visiting the new middle east which Abu Dhabi is.


There is no concept of modern women in the middle east but you are a 21st-century woman and you prefer to travel alone all by yourself without any hesitation but you worry about your safety and security as well. Now that you have decided to explore places all by yourself you want to make your experience innumerable and unique. You are one of a kind person and so are your travel locations. Henceforth, you chose this location because of your intricate choice in art and culture which not many people do.

As you step down from your magic carpet here in this region you will realize the kind of feminist mindset that you have is not being supported by the man’s land which Abu Dhabi is. Though it is the new middle east. Many people are dreaming of residing in the province of Dubai. Abu Dhabi has become their travel destination around the world. And for what you see on the surface here, not ever doubt your choices. For you are entering into a world where women won’t even put down their niqab while eating. So the culture here can take you by more surprises than any other country in the world.


There are multiple places that you would like to visit in Abu Dhabi without the worry of security and your safety. The more population that you see around would be of Sheiks, however, they are not regional middle eastern people but the people who have settled here in the past few years. Abu Dhabi has just been constructed on a sand piece in a few years. Though they don’t have any heritage sites, there are a plethora of pieces which you can visit here. And you can visit all these places with a free mindset.

The beautiful Louvre Abu Dhabi making the first on your visiting list because of its architectural beauty, accompanied by Ferrari World for a more fast-paced visit and Qasr al- Hosn for diving deep into the culture of the country. If you have ever fallen in love with a celluloid screen then the Warner Bros world would be the best place for you to visit. Though the regional people are not into movie making and movie watching experience here there are economic things that attract them for sure and the fact that movies make more business than anything.

Yas Waterworld, Yas Safari, and other places are known for their natural beauty. Spending some time at Yas Island would be an experience beyond imagination. Being a girl you would be in love with shopping for sure. And if you agree with this statement then you are most welcome to swipe your credit cards here. Make sure that you must have a credit card with a greater credit card limit because the malls of Abu Dhabi offers you the best to shop from the brands available around the world. From buying lingerie to the most reputed designers in the whole wide world. You will find everything in Abu Dhabi malls.



The sex ratio is quite low in Abu Dhabi and there are conservative men around. The skin show does not take in respectful regard in these lands. Hence even as a tourist, one had to be very careful in dressing themselves. It is highly recommended to dress up fully covered from head to toe by the women visiting the country as well. Hence you need to choose any dresses which should not show any skin of your body. It is also recommended to keep a scarf with you when you visit any regional places and they ask you to cover your head at all times.

They can ask you not to visit certain places because of your clothing. It is highly recommended also for not to attract sexual attention from any men there. Because of the sex ratio as there is only one woman to every three men in that province.


If you are a regular traveler and have been to many places then you might have visited many hotels. But the experience that the middle eastern hotels are going to provide you and especially in Abu Dhabi which is also known as the new middle east is one of a kind and will surely make you feel like Princess Jasmine from the Arabian Nights.

Welcome drinks with rose waters, your butlers, and depending upon your budget you may have a room with a private elevator and to get drunk into the sovereignty of Abu Dhabi you can have an in-room bar in your wing of the hotel all by yourself.

The architecture and interior design of the hotel are one of its kind. You might find gold polished utensils, walls, and big chandeliers on the halls. Don’t forget to click a lot of pictures around that because once you are in the Abu Dhabi hospitality you may certainly tend to forget yourself let alone the picture for your Instagram.


If you are in the lands of Abu Dhabi you are not here to simply lie down on your cushioned beds in your room. Depending upon our choice of hotels you might have resorts attached to the hotel as well as a swimming pool all by yourself. If you are using public water bodies and a public swimming pool. Instead of the bikini, you have to put on a burkini which will cover you from top to toe just like a jumpsuit does, and then you will be allowed in the swimming pool. But if you are in your swimming pool then you need not worry about anything as no one would be there to disturb you in any way. Your resorts will be as Posh as your hotel rooms altogether and will have marbles and drinks all around for you to enjoy while you can simply lie down in your camp at the resort.

You can order regional as well as international delicacies both in the room, resorts and the restaurants where you are planning to have meals. Middle easterners are going to treat you with multiple delicacies of all kinds irrespective of the country they belong to. And believe me, you are going to love them. The picturesque garnishing of the dishes as well as their lip-smacking taste is a never to be forgotten experience. And sitting there in the culture of Abu Dhabi will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Some restaurants, bars or clubs, may not allow you to have alcoholic drinks or hookahs altogether/ But there are other spaces where you are free to drink to your heart’s content without any apprehension or fear to be complained about.


Abu Dhabi is a religious place. And the people of Abu Dhabi are very disciplined about it. The calls to prayer, the cleanliness, and the right clothing are some of the rules that need to be followed in Abu Dhabi. But Abu Dhabi mosques are great in architecture and interior design. They are beyond beautiful, the way they have been made shows the proper amalgamation of culture and technology which also depicts the soul of Abu Dhabi. The people of Abu Dhabi expect the same from their visitors as well.

Hence there are certain timings when the mosques or religious places that you are planning to visit be closed due to prayers. So you need to plan your visit accordingly. Apart from that, you need to take care of the dressing as well. The mosque’s officials might not allow you to enter the places where your head is not covered, or you are wearing any tight fitted jeans, trousers, or pants. The loose fitted clothes that cover you from head to toe will not be objected to. Some places are strictly closed for women, and there are no exceptions for tourists and visitors as well until you visit the place with the prince of Abu Dhabi.


If you visit the deserts and you forgot to have a trip in the sand or the huge dunes then you didn’t visit the heart of the desert. Though the dunes around the populated region are a few remote places, you can certainly pay a visit on a camel and around the desert without any fear. The camel ride is a must in these dunes. And you must not worry about your security during this adventurous visit. As it is perfectly safe around that.