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When we danced to the beats of the song “ I took a pill in Ibiza To show Avicii I was Cool …” we were not sure of the beauty that this smaller piece of the island consists of. However, there is a lot that this piece of land offers. Being surrounded with more islands, scenic beauty, blue beaches, a long line of yachts at the ports, tongue-tingling food, and finest of the drinks, Ibiza has a lot to offer.

If you look at Ibiza, I believe that this is the only place in the world where people of any age can enjoy to the fullest. There are fun and adventurous beaches and then there are more serene and quiet beaches. There are deep waters where you can swim in the moonlight and there are shallow waters where you can surf the high tides. Here is a list of 10 handpicked places in Ibiza which are not only eye-catching but to visit them would be a once in a lifetime experience.




Pick 35 minutes to ride on a ferry to reach this wonderland. As all your dreams of turquoise blue waters and white boats and yachts over that are going to come true. There is no doubt that it is more beautiful than the pictures that you have been watching on the internet. It is known as the most frequently visited beaches by tourists. And doubt not, for a second because the view of the Azure Coast is so stunning that it can make you go spellbound at its first sight.

It is a heaven for naturalists not only because of its beauty but also for Es Pujols, Migjorn Beach, Es Arenal, Es Calo, and Cala Saona. If you don’t remember the last time you cycled you can do it on the Formentera island because it is one of its kind experiences here. Watching the horizons at the time of sunsets from the cliffs available all around after following a cycling trail can make you fall in love with its beauty.




Ibiza being an island has most of its economy dependent on fishermen. And it is not a new thing at all, instead, it is an ancient business and families have been living on the same business. Therefore to honor this occupation an aquarium was being made a few distances from the main city of San Antonio. And if you were thinking that it can be similar to the aquarium just like the one in your house then that is not completely true. The flora and fauna of a particular region are very significant and that is what is showcased in this aquarium of Cap Blanc.

It has unique fishes and rare turtles to watch. The best part is they are mostly freshwater creatures, hence it is very easy to breed them and to see their life cycle from one time to another. You will have the experience of a lifetime to watch these creatures living naturally in their home-like surroundings. A few sea creatures can surprise you as well.




An island near an island. Yes, that is what Island of es Vedra is. When Coldplay was singing “a land of old with legends and the myths” they might have had this island in their mind. Because it is the third most magnetic spot on the entire earth after the north pole and the Bermuda triangle. Though there is no scientific explanation to prove the same magnetic instruments get haywire on this spot that is for sure.

Almost 400 meters high, this estranged island, completely made of limestone is at a distance of 2km southwest of Ibiza and is situated opposite to the beach of Cala d’ Hort. Not just scientifically there are ancient myths around this island as well. Many say that this island used to be the home or resting place of the mystical creatures. Stories say that the homes of the sirens and sea-nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey and are the birthplace of the goddess Tanit. Interesting, right?




The beach of Cala Comte is a few hours’ drives from San Antonio and you can easily catch a bus or a ferry to reach here. It has shallow clear blue and turquoise water which is kept that way by the constant flow of sea currents in the area. You will find stunning views of the multiple islands here. There are not many facilities available here but here is a restaurant with a few delicious meals and other smaller islands.

It is another point where you can enjoy the sunsets and twilight skies. As it is not very famous among tourists and not a lot of people get attracted to it. Therefore, you can consider it more as a private island with very few people around. There are certain places on this beach which are considered as nude spots.




It is another interesting town in Ibiza to visit as it is submerged in natural and man-made creations. It is the third-largest town on this island and also has the only river on the island which flows into the sea at the western end of the sea. In the center of the city, there is Ajuntamen also known as the town hall of the city. This building in the city is going to hypnotize you with its architectural beauty and old designs, opposite two which you will find a stoned carved fountain.

Behind the fountain, is a stone monument, erected by the city of Palma, Mallorca to thank and honor the local fishermen who rescued victims of the shipwrecked steamboat Mallorca. Apart from this history, there is a lot to offer in Santa Eulalia like the Palish Church and many more.

The beautiful river flowing on one side of the town is surrounded by the trail of the stone-carved road which has benches and lamp posts lining it. Hence, when it is lit up in the night it feels like a lit necklace or tiara of the queen worn by the river which flows on the other side with high tides.




A home for beautiful, serene, landscape sunsets in the evening, and electric parties in the night. San Antonio is a city located on the north-central coast of Ibiza. San Antonio is primarily known for its beautiful sunsets and watching them you can simply enjoy a cocktail and meditate on the waves of the Mediterranean sea while gradually washing away all the summertime sadness from your heart, mind, body, and soul. San Antonio hotels are very famous for their hospitality and restaurants are known to serve exotic delicacies with the finest of drinks, both cocktails, and wines.

The nightlife at San Antonio is more famous for its younger crowd because of its club music which involves both regional and international tunes. The energetic and intoxicating crowd at these places are breathtaking to watch. And even more gleeful to participate in.




It is an entire town in Ibiza and is named after its big fort called Dalt Villa. It is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Dalt Villa means Upper town and has been intact holding its historical importance for 2,500 years. Founded by the Phoenicians, it is considered to be the most important coastal city in the Mediterranean. What brings more tourists and attractions to this magnificent city are the guarding walls of brick surrounding the entire city which was constructed by the Kings Charles I and Philip II to protect the city from the attacks of French and Ottoman.

The whole town has a different feel to it as if you are walking in a medieval period. The small houses with local bars and restaurants, along with local people roaming around the city where men and women are indulged in chatting and frivolous laughter all around give you a feel of a happy place, and probably that is what this town is. The fort of Dalt Villa is a heritage on its own but the seven bastions that have different stories of their own are quite impressive to see.




It is known as the longest beach in Ibiza and is a hub for adventure lovers. And not only that, families along with their children love going to this place. It is also known as the beach with shallow waters. A brunch of activities that you can pursue here includes Pedalos, Stand up Paddle or SUP, Catamaran Rent, Kayaks, banana-boat, jet-ski, water-ski, diving school, volleyballs and many more. It is one of those few beaches in the world which will give you easy facilities so you can enjoy its waters without any worries. Some of its facilities include Loungers, Parasols, Lifeguards, Lockers, open-air showers, and many more.

On the other side, the beach has an outline of many bars, restaurants, and lounges to relax. The spas and resorts extend their services to more quiet parts of the beach. So, you might get a masseuse after a long day of swimming in the waters just as you step out of it. And you can get a relaxing massage for replenishment to explore more in the town. As the sunsets, this beach turns to be a spot for lit Ibiza parties, and many tourists and local people gather to celebrate here. There are many bars and clubs playing club music starting from the Bora Bora Bar which will be next to the Jet Complex. These evenings filled with energy and Ibiza fun can be memorable for you.




Playa d’en bossa could be the beach for the younger generations and full of life with adventure and fun parties all around all the time. However, if you stepped into this city for more serenity and tranquility of the beach. You can always move towards the beach of Talamanca which is not only relaxing but is very photogenic. It is covered with white sand all around. There are no clubs or industrial bars and restaurants on this beautiful beach. As there is no noise all around you can simply relax at the beach and water all around.

This beach is surrounded by small, pine-cloaked mountains and a small holiday community of Cap Martinet. The waters are very shallow so you can take your kids to make them swim without any fear while you can lie on the beach for that tan glow. This land becomes all the more pretty on a moonlit night. While you can take pictures in the day to make your Instagram more interesting and listen to your heartbeat in the night with water waves on high tides.




The principal or the main church of the town should not only be visited for its divinity and belief but its architecture and design remind you of old castles and forts. Again using the bricked walls and mortars, the history of Ibiza speaks for its beauty through one of its marvelous creations. The story of the church goes as the cold conquerors of the city decided to build a church to worship Saint Mary. Therefore to agree upon the contract the ruler of Ibiza converted an old mosque to a worship place of Saint Mary.

But through the curtains of time, the place has been subjected to many changes as per the rulers, making it more architecturally significant and extending the rooms for more believers and worshippers to indulge in prayers. Now, this cathedral church of Ibiza is a home for Saint James, Saint Michael, Saint Tecla, Saint Anthony, Saint John Baptist, Saint John Evangelist, Saint Peter, and Saint Paul. At one end the building holds a trapezoidal bell tower and polygonal apse with 5 chapels. A very strong building built in the Catalan Gothic style.