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20 Christmas Gift Ideas| Secret Santa Gifts For Men & Women

Who doesn’t love being pampered with gifts especially during festivals? Festivals are meant to be enjoyed but the celebration gets enhanced when someone gives you a gift that you wished you had right? Secret Santa tradition has lately seen a surge in big corporates in India, a tradition where you gift your colleague a gift that he/she desires and the one that fits your pockets too.

Since Christmas is round the corner and the more it gets closer the more you’ll get confused on what to gift your loved ones or your friends at work. We bring you the best Christmas gift ideas so that you don’t have to research a lot on what presents to give to your beloved. Here are the coolest Christmas gifts (can also be given for New Year also) that will make strengthen your bond like never before. Celebrate the festival of joy with smile and start your new year with a bang!

  • Electric Foot & Hand Warmer Bag

Why let his/her hands (or feet!) freeze in teeth-rattling winter when this fuzzy warmer can keep your loved ones toasty. You can find it in any leading e-commerce website at less than INR 500/-. Sounds cool right?

  • Tiled Monogram Mug

Glowing mugs and photo mugs are things of past, this Christmas gift a different kind of mug that is classier and cool at the same time. Customize a mug with the initials of your beloved with cool designs and catch his/her shocking reaction! You can get a customized gift from online websites that offers the facility at a cheaper rate (even less than INR 500/-).

  • Winter Beanie Cap

Beanie caps are everyone’s favorite. A beanie can cost you less than INR 1000 and can be bought from any e-commerce or fashion website or stores. Gift a beanie as secret Santa gift this winter and see your colleague/beloved scream with happiness.

  • Shaped/Reusable Straw Set

If you know someone who is fitness freak and cannot live without fresh fruit juice or shake, the best Christmas gift to give him/her is a shaped or reusable steel straw that will not dig a hole in your pockets. It’s a gift that is convenient and useful aside from costing less than INR 500.

  • Skincare Gift Hampers

If you want to gift your loved one a special something, why not pamper them with the best and natural skincare products for winters. The body shop, Bath and Body Works, Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda are some of the finest cosmetic brands that use paraben-free ingredients.  Gifts hamper from these brands start from INR 1200.

  • Grooming Kit

Gifting someone a grooming kit is the best idea that not only fits your budget but can be used by the other person as well. Grooming kit for men and women starts from INR 1500 and is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa etc apart from personal care stores in malls.

  • Scented Candle Set

Who wouldn’t want his/her home to smell nice and relaxing? That is why, scented candles are one of the best christmas gifts to give to someone. A single scented candle can cost anywhere between INR 100- INR 250. You can buy a set in an affordable range from e-commerce websites or stores nearby you.

  • Bluetooth Earphone

Earphones are one thing that is prone to get lost or damaged for so many reasons. Chances are that your colleague/BF/GF might have already broken or lost his/her earphones recently. So why not gift him/her the coolest earphones that are trending these days. A Bluetooth earphone is a hassle-free way to listen to music, make videos or pick a call when you are driving without the inconvenience of untangling the cords. 

  • Customized Funky Socks

Some people love winter some hate it. However, Christmas gifts are loved by all especially when it involves customized funky socks. Get customized socks stating some wacky pickup lines for your colleague or loved ones to have memorable winters.

  •  Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath bombs are packed with aromatic essential oils that enhance luxury bathing experience. The nourishing ingredients ensure that the bubble bath is as spa-worthy as possible.

  •  Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Essential oils are loaded with the goodness of lemongrass, lavender, lemon, cinnamon, clove, jasmine, hibiscus and other medicinal plants that helps in reducing stress and gives a person the much need relaxation. Gifting essential oil (a secret Santa gift) is the best option for someone who is always tired and worried.

  •  Netflix Subscription

If your friend is a hardcore fan of movies and TV series, you must gift him/her a subscription of Netflix then. Your friend is bound to go ga-ga over it!

  •  Vanity Mirror with Lights

For those who love makeup, gifting a vanity mirror with lights is a smart option that will be cherished by him/her for as long as the mirror survives.

  •  Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fruit infuser water bottle is a perfect gift idea for health-conscious people that not only make them happy but doesn’t cost a fortune either.

  •  Streaming Stick

A streaming TV stick is best for a person who is a movie buff and love to watch live streaming of music, videos TV shows and movies on his/her smart TV.

  •  Wireless Speakers

Music lovers can be gifted wireless speakers that are portable and cheaper than the traditional ones. Make him/her groove to the latest song on the charts with that wireless speakers.

  •  Bestselling Novels

Know a bookworm? The most obvious gift to give him/her is the #1 bestselling novel or a set of books from his/her favorite author.

  •  Perfume

Perfumes are the classiest gift to give to someone. A cheap perfume with heavenly scent can take about INR 500, good perfume costs around INR 1500 whereas for luxury ones, sky is the limit. Zara, Davidoff, Tommy, White Musk, Nautica, Hugo Boss, BVLGari, Adidas, the options are endless.

  •  Plush Pillows & Dolls

Gifting Plush dolls and pillows can lift anyone’s mood. They are a cute, cuddly and fuzzy bundle of sweetness that put a smile on anyone’s face.

  •  Funky Handbag/ Wallet

You might think of handbag and wallet as a clichéd Christmas gift idea, but we are not talking about regular bags or wallets. Nowadays, you can find those cute and adorable bear /bunny shaped handbags or marvel themed wallets in shops and e-commerce platforms quite easily. They are super affordable and the best gift you can give to someone for Christmas or even New Year or any other occasion.