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How to Overcome Your Fear of Solo Travel?

Travelling solo can be scary especially when you are exploring places for the first time without any guidance or a friend by your side. You are attacked with tons of questions i.e. whether it would be safe, if it will be boring, and what if you feel alone. Despite everything, solo travelling can help you overcome your fears and make you wiser. If the fear of travelling alone is holding you, you need to be brave and fight those fears as solo travelling is not only about travelling alone.

Travelling is a part of life where you get to understand one’s culture, traditions, how people survive in the lowest or highest temperatures and still smile throughout the day, nature’s potential, and everything that makes you understand the meaning of beauty, simplicity, thrill in true sense. If you are too scared to travel alone but deeply wish to do so, here are things that will help you gather courage. Are you ready for your first epic solo travel? If not, you’ll be by the time you are done reading the post.

  1. Research about the place you wish to travel solo. Keep in mind the safety aspect, crime rate, and decent accommodation with proper security.
  2. Chose an easy destination for your first solo adventure. Build confidence in covering easy destinations first and then move to challenging ones.
  3. Avoid watching media if it makes you scared or anxious. Media is supposed to show the bad things happening around the world. Don’t expect them to be a bastion of truthfulness.
  4. Talk to a fellow traveler about your plans and know if he/she is heading to the place you intend to. Invite him/her if you both are heading for same destination. This way you’d not feel alone and you get a travel companion to talk to.
  5. Feed emergency numbers (hospitals, police station, women helpline, hotel number) in case you need assistance.
  6. Experimenting with food can be a little difficult initially but you can start with a simple dish. The best way to try a new cuisine would be to eat with locals and ask for their suggestions based on your likings and disliking.
  7. Don’t take a nap on a bus especially when you are alone or if there are only a few male passengers on it. Pretend or talk to your loved ones informing them of your whereabouts and where you are heading right now.
  8. Cost is another factor that can make you change your solo travel plan quite easily. But know this; there are plenty of places you can explore within budget that are as breathtaking as anything.
  9. Feeling homesick? Meet locals, know their customs. You might even stumble upon another solo traveler looking for someone to talk to.
  10. Worried about your career? A 10 day of vacation will not cause harm. You can travel the places in your wish list without taking any stress. The skills learned on solo travelling cannot be taught in a corporate environment.
  11. Carry pickpocket-proof backpacks and a sharp knife for safety purposes.
  12. Try to learn the language of the region if it is something you don’t understand. This way communication with other people will become far easier.