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4 Best Sustainable Hotels For Eco-Conscious Travellers

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With the impact of environmental changes affecting our everyday lives with global warming as well as an increased number of earthquakes and hurricanes, individuals have started becoming environmentally conscious in their approach towards life.

Making eco-friendly and sustainable choices in life is the latest trend that has caught up with people of all generations.

With businesses moving towards sustainable practices, the hotel industry has also made major developments in making sure that they are environmentally friendly.

The move of hotel businesses towards an eco-friendlier approach is in line with the increased demand for eco-conscious travellers who want to give back to nature in their own little ways.

This blog aims to provide you with the top sustainable hotels that are an ideal match for eco-conscious travellers while providing them.


The Green Leaf Niseko Village – Hokkaido, Japan

Keeping its purpose of lowering its carbon footprints in mind, the Green Leaf Niseko Village situated in Hokkaido, Japan (a 4-star rated property) offers its customers sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

The hotel ensures local sourcing of all its materials and produce as well as providing the customers with energy-efficient lighting in alignment with its sustainable practices.

Providing the picturesque beauty of Mount Yotei, the Green Leaf Niseko Village is a prime example of a luxurious holiday that can be offered while keeping in tune with the environment and providing a paradise for eco-conscious travellers.


Soneva Fushi – Maldives

The Soneva Fushi Hotel situated in Kunfunadhoo islands in Maldives is a 5-star property that has taken up numerous measures to implement sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

In addition to being the home to an observatory that offers stargazing in an effort to reduce light pollution, the hotel also has a waste-to-wealth program that is considered to be extremely innovative.

The hotel recycles almost all of its waste material to create new items of use thus taking recycling to the next level.

Further, powered entirely by solar panels, the Soneva Fushi Hotel is a one-of-a-kind sustainable and eco-friendly hotel offering luxurious services and a nature-friendly environment to all its customers.


Inkaterra Machu Pichhu Pueblo Hotel, Peru

The Inkaterra Machu Pichhu Pueblo Hotel, situated in the heart of Andes in the country of Peru is a 5-star property that has been built in a posh village style in order to preserve all of its surrounding biodiversity.

The hotel works towards its conservation efforts by offering all its customers carbon-neutral operations that includes bird watching, nature walks as well as access to Machu Pichhu.

With a carbon-neutral footprint, the hotel proves to be one of the most scenic places to enjoy for eco-conscious travellers.


The Brando, French Polynesia

The Brando Hotel found in the French Polynesia is situated deep in the South Pacific and is just 30 miles from Tahiti.

This 5-star resort operates with an energy that is 100% renewable with a coral restoration project that is considered to be world-class, water production that is sustainable as well as an air conditioning system that works on seawater.

As a result, the Brando Resort Hotel is considered to be the ideal vacation place for travellers looking to relax while not harming the environment and feeding their own eco-conscious.



With many man-made activities harming the environment and reducing the longevity of the planet, it is imperative that when we choose to relax and have a vacation, we keep Mother Nature in mind.

Awakening the eco-consciousness of travellers, it is important to ensure that our holiday does not cost the environment and instead keep it sustainable and healthy.

Therefore, for all the eco-conscious travellers out there – visit the above-mentioned sustainable and eco-friendly paradises while enjoying guilt-free and in the lap of Mother Earth!