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Top 4 Hotel Booking Hacks to Save Money For Your Next Stay!

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With the race of life draining us out, every individual dreams to fill up their travel diaries.

The only restriction due to which many individuals fail to fulfil this dream is lack of funds and the travelling expense that they may have to endure!

As a result, many individuals do not travel frequently or to their desired places.

This blog aims to provide you with the top 4 hotel booking hacks that will help you save money for your next stay so that you can utilize it to enhance your trip further with a better destination, tourist attractions, food and drinks, or even an increased number of days!


Hotel Booking at the Right Time!

It is imperative to choose the right time to make the bookings for your hotel stay. If the timing is correct, you may save a lot of money on your hotel bookings. The following should be considered with respect to the timing of the hotel booking –

  • Advance Booking – Early reservations may attract discounted rates from the hotels. This implies that if you book your hotel 2-3 months in advance from your date of stay, you may be offered very good deals for the same!
  • Last Minute Deals – As against the advance booking rule, if you can have flexible travelling plans, you can wait until the last minute to book your hotel and some hotels may offer you discounts in order to fill up their empty rooms and increase their occupancy.
  • Off-Peak Seasons – More affordable hotel rates can be found if the bookings are made during their off-peak seasons. Some hotels also offer different tariffs for their peak and off-peak seasons.


Use Price Comparison Websites

Different people use different booking websites in order to get the best deal but they may miss out on a better deal offered by some other booking website.

Therefore, it is advisable to compare the deals offered by different booking websites and then choose the deal that suits you the best.

You can put up various filters and sort the results to match your preference and then choose the best outcome.

Some of the websites that are among the best price comparison sites are, Expedia, Kayak, etc.


Join Loyalty Programs and/or Subscribe to Newsletters

If you are a part of a hotel’s loyalty program, then, you may be privileged to enjoy some exclusive offers, discounts as well as perks.

By paying a minimal amount (sometimes even 0 charges), an individual can become a member and can accumulate points with each stay which can be redeemed in the future for discounted hotel stays or even upgrades.

Further, some hotels also offer special and exclusive deals to the subscribers of their newsletters which can reflect in your email under special promotions from the hotels.


Use Promo Codes And Coupons as well as Cashback and Rewards Credit Cards

Various websites provide their customers with promo codes and coupons that when applied to any other site can result in discounting of prices leading to affordable hotel stays.

Significant savings can be attained by searching for such promo codes and coupons with respect to hotel booking platforms. Some websites that provide these promo codes and coupons include RetailMeNot and Honey.

Additionally, you can also use credit cards for bookings that provide cashback and reward points for travel. This leads to garnering points on your cards which can be redeemed in the future for cheaper hotel bookings.



By using the above-mentioned hacks, you can save a considerable amount of money in your hotel bookings hence fulfilling your dream of achieving your own travel diaries and exploring the world!