The fear of Coronavirus has limited the boundary of our homes and as soon as we step out there is a lot of fear of being infected by the currently incurable virus. But after a long lockdown, the world has been coming to normal. Many of the major annual events like the Met Gala and sports meets have been put to halt by the organizers. Coachella’s music and art festival have also been postponed accordingly. The dates have been adjusted to October 9, 2020, to October 18, 2020. You may expect a lot of celebrities, singers, reality show stars from around the world to visit this place.

But, apart from the Art and Music festivals filled with concerts and freshly brewed beer which has put this place on the map, Coachella has a lot to offer. There is a huge list of the things that you can do here and explore to freshen up your mind after the great quarantine. Here’s a list of 5 things in Coachella that can attract you to the desert valley and can give you a never to be forgotten vacation or time-out.



When was the last time you saw an eye of the desert from an open-air balloon, just between the sky and the ground? Probably never. Well, Coachella gives you that opportunity. All the visitors, the tourists, and the locals are keen on getting a ride on the hot air balloon. You can book a personal ride and with a group of people as well.

A romantic getaway on a hot air balloon in the air seems like a dream and so you can plan this dream with your bae while you are in Coachella. The colorful skies and the mountain ranges on the borders are magnificent sights to see and will make your visit as memorable as possible. Specifically, at the times of light festivals when the whole ground is decorated with colorful lights and magnolias lighting. Watching it at the time of twilight when the sky is changing its color and at the same time the lights on the ground start playing aerobatics, it is more than a memory and I would rather prefer it as an experience. Watching the strings of hot air balloons making a staircase towards the sky as if making a flight of stairs towards heaven is so sublime and stupendous all at the same time.


If you remember the deep rustic voice of the song “ Who makes my heart beat like thunder, Who makes my temperature rise? “, then probably you are an Elvis Presley fan just like me. And if you are his fan enough to visit one of his residences in Coachella, then you are most welcome here. Who would have thought about the place that has been hidden from fame and tabloid noise rose to the discussion of the world just after its music and arts festival? But there has always been this hidden gem on this deserted land.

The great singer and songwriter Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla lived in this small hideaway from the year 1966 to 1967. But now walking down the lane of this magnificent artist you can take a guided tour of the entire honeymoon destination inspired by Elvis’s artwork and music. You will find many of his artistic creations in this small den. Though the guided tours are only available in a time slot of 01:00 pm to 3:00 pm. So, I would suggest you visit during the given duration. In the present world, these halls are used for special events, conferences, films, and weddings. And if you end up at this home around Elvis’s wedding anniversary or Elvis’s birthday then you might be a part of special celebrations conducted here every year.



All the flora and fauna that you want to visit or you can visit in this desert land can be done by the red jeep Safari and if you want to know why it is called so you might visit the place for sure. All you need to do is hop on the red safari with black hood available on the gates of any national parks in the Coachella region and it would lead you to a tour of all the jungles widespread here. The monster truck-sized tires of the jeep will give you a comfortable exploration of the area. The jeep would lead you to a safari of vast Californian jungles at once.

The coast of these Californian states might feel a bit high for the first timers but of course, it would not do any damage to the joy of the safari. You have been suggested to explore the rocky backcountry of the state ranging from the Interstate 10 to Joshua Tree National Park. If you are with a visitor’s crew then you are in for a fun ride with a lot of outdoor activities, astounding views, staggering sceneries, rugged adventures, geology, culture, and many more things.




If you are interested in knowing the culture all around the world or to explore more of the hidden tribes and their way of living. But you were not able to do the same just because of the coronavirus breakdown and the sudden lockdown around the world then, the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum is set to quench your thirst for the same. It is a newly built museum and was set to open in 2020 but COVID- 19 delayed its opening at once. Now with the new dates of the music festival and the world is returning to normal the museum would also welcome you with open arms.

Situated in the Palm Springs in the Coachella Valley this museum is the rear view of the cultural heritage of the people belonging to the community of Cahuilla people. All the components in this museum will include the art, the culture, the history, the beginnings, the present of the evolution of the Caliente culture. You would be amazed by the museum that has been built now and they are still planning to renovate it and expand it with one of the best architectures in the world, Jones and Jones.



You are with the kids or you simply want to make your inner child come out as soon as possible, the Children’s discovery museum of the Coachella desert is going to enthrall you for a while and can give you forever memories. Now, if you want to know why such a difficult name to a child’s museum. To answer that I would like you to understand that the people of the museum or the Coachella people who designed it in the way it has been running now firmly believe on the fact that children interpret a lot of things on their own and they see the world by their own naive eyes which is very different from the perspectives of a grown-up or a parent. Therefore, the parents or guardians of the children are strongly recommended to stay with the kids to see and understand the different phases of their personality which would be very influential in the kids’ development.

The museum’s attractive campus is located at 71 – 701 Gerald Ford Drive in Rancho Mirage. As soon as you enter the area, the amusing architecture of the building and interesting design might make your kids attracted to them as soon as possible. As soon as you enter the land you will realize that it is a different world altogether and you might name it as your kids’ wonderland while they go across every single counter to explore and learn different aspects of language, culture, numbers, nature, science, astronomy, etc. Kt has a garden of butterflies and an edible garden just like Roald Dahl’s story “ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” which is a children’s classic. All the other sections or areas include Brain Buster Road, Maker Space, Toddler Town, etc. Sounds cool! Right??



Palm Springs is one of the populous and most visited areas in Coachella Valley and thus brings in a lot of visitors and tourists. Another exciting place which attracts people here is Palm Springs Air Museum and Art Museum. As the name suggests Air Museum, the Palm Spring Air museum has the most marvelous creations of aviation. It has been named one of the fourteenth of the best Aviation museums in the world by CNN. You will find a variety of flying machines here in this museum. The vintage aircraft from the Vietnam wars, Korea, and World War II. The museum has been spread into a large area and been divided into different hangers, where each hanger is given certain themes accordingly.

On the other hand, the Art Museum of the Palm Spring has its collection of unique articles, handicrafts, history, and paintings from the regional communities in this region. Walking in the halls of this handcraft makes you feel as if you are walking through history, the past, and the evolution of mankind. The whole journey of the community of the people of Coachella has been displayed here. But That is not the only thing that you will find here, meanwhile, this museum might surprise you with the creations of Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams, Marc Chagall, and Henry Moore.



Spending my free time appreciating the different designs and architecture of different houses, palaces, museums, and stay-ins in the world is one of my hobbies. And if we are somewhat on the same page regarding this interest then the architecture and design center can promise to surprise you. This architecture and design center is home to many pieces of art from regional, to aesthetic, modern to classical, medieval to ancient, and can inspire you to make your surroundings in the same manner. At the same time, numerous exhibitions take place at this center, so, as soon as you walk in you might be astonished by the arts of the artist or painter that you might not know of.

The underground floor or the second floor of the building gives a place for some research to be done. There is a library, collection spaces, archives, and a meeting space here. With so much to dig in, so much to discover and so much to innovate, the center offers community and education programs in addition to the exhibitions. The best part is your inspiring surprise starts from the moment as soon as you look at the building as it is a notch higher than the street level and the fragile glass design spreads into 13000 sq.ft.

Coachella has a lot to offer if you want to explore the place. Though it is a Californian desert and you may wonder that none of its creations or places has been registered or recognized by UNESCO, but I am pretty certain that they can amaze you with its organic, natural, and raw beauty spread around. With the finely brewed beer which goes fresh from the refineries to the music festival to lesser-explored vegetation, parks, and The Salton Sea, there is a lot to wonder and experience here.

So, let me know if you are simply interested in the great music and art festival here which comes in with a lot of fun or you might want to go some steps further to know this place a little more.