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Best Winter Holiday Destination in India for Snow lovers: Ultimate Winter Vacation Ideas

Winter season is the time when things get pretty exciting. With Christmas and New Year approaching, the atmosphere gets illuminated with an aura of festivities. Some people get engrossed in the celebration (and its preparation), some snuggle up with a book in front of firewood while others make plans for spending winter holidays in a place where they can chill and enjoy the snow. To be honest, witnessing snow is one of the main reasons why people bother to travel different places during the winter season.

If you are someone who loves sipping hot chocolate/tea in chilly weather, enjoy the snowfall, and fancy lazy afternoons in winters, this post is the only thing you should be reading before making any travel plans. India is home to many magical winter destinations that can confuse anyone. There are lots and lots of options to choose from. Which is why, we are enlisting the ultimate winter holiday destinations in India for snow lovers or those who want to spend quality time in a snowy-wonderland and create everlasting memories. These enchanting cold places in the country will make you fall in love with them!

Auli, Uttarakhand

The land of Uttarakhand is full of untouched and raw natural beauty and is a popular place to discover spirituality. But these are not the only thing that defines this blessed state i.e. ‘the land of gods’. This raw beauty can be witnessed in peak seasons especially during winters when snow wraps the place into its arms. Uttarakhand has some of the best winter vacation destinations where you can bask in the pristine beauty of nature.

Auli is one of the favorite tourist spots in the country where snow lovers gather to spend fun time and participate in winter sports events. In fact, Auli attracts a large number of adventure seekers as it has some of the best slopes for skiing. Despite the freezing temperature, Auli warms the heart and soul of tourists. The tiny houses scattered over hills, breathtaking landscapes, kids playing in the snow, people sharing stories over the bonfire, unpredictable snowfall and warm hospitality of locals contribute greatly in refreshing one’s mood.

Gulmarg, J&K

Gulmarg (literally means “the meadow of flowers”) is a quintessential winter holiday destination in India. Carpeted by snow in winters, this mesmerizing hill station in Jammu and Kashmir will make you feel as if you are walking in Arendelle of the movie ‘frozen’. Not only this, Gulmarg is also a famous skiing destination in the country that calls out to the soul of adventure freaks. Every year in March, the place gets a new lease of life when with the arrival of winter music festival. Tourists from all the nook and corner of the country come to enjoy the festivity and adventure sports. Surrounded by powdery snow, green meadows, deep ravines, tall pine trees, Gulmarg has an unusual charm that will make you lose yourself in this dreamy destination.

Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

The quaint town of Narkanda is a hidden treasure of Himachal Pradesh and one of the most popular winter destinations in the country. It is a perfect place to spend holidays in winter where you can enjoy numerous adventure activities, bask in the warm sunlight, visit the apple orchards, relish authentic local cuisine, and most importantly spend memorable moments with your loved ones. Nestled between the mountains, and surrounded by snow, this beautiful fairyland is full of the panoramic view, gorgeous landscapes and natural marvels which are no less than a visual treat to the eyes. There are plenty of things to do in Narkanda. You can enjoy nature hikes, bird-watching, visit the temple nearby, or simply spend a lazy afternoon reading a book or two, the choices are endless.

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

The little town of Dalhousie is a gorgeous place to spend winter vacation in India. A favorite place of photography enthusiasts and snow lovers, every corner of Dalhousie is filled with romanticism. If you aren’t a big fan of crowded places, Dalhousie is your go-to winter destination. The pleasant climate and chilled weather will force the artist hidden inside you to come out and show its skills. The place is packed with café’s, and bars where you can try out different cuisines or read a book in silence.  Don’t be shocked to see yourself dancing to the tunes of groovy music played in the café’s and bars.

Patnitop, Jammu & Kashmir

It’s not fair to talk about winter holiday destinations without mentioning Patnitop. With romantic climate, snow-clad hilltops, tiny houses and resorts scattered over the hills, unpredictable snowfall, this hill station in Jammu and Kashmir is an ideal weekend getaway for snow lovers. This cool town has plenty to offer to the tourists. You can opt for horse-riding, hiking, trekking, bird-watching, and simply explore the place at your pace. Away from the crowded cities, Patnitop is a good refuge to rejuvenate your soul amidst nature.