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5 Winter Holiday Vacations You Must Explore With Your Family

Wintertime is the time of the year where most of us need to get ourselves stress-free and relax. While summers have its charm, winter is the season when we all love to snuggle up inside a warm blanket, drinking hot coffee and simply enjoy the time as it passes. As the temperature starts to drop, our attention goes to the winter holiday destinations where we can spend a fabulous and memorable time. Whether you are looking for an alpine retreat where you can ski in the snow-clad picturesque mountains or a place where you can sip phenomenally refreshing drinks by a roaring fire, we bring you the best winter holiday vacation spots in the world that will bring you and your family closer like never before.


From ancient monuments to splendid landscapes, ridiculously delicious food and drink to vibrant nightlife, soaking up vitamin sea to vitamin D, Greece is an ideal destination to travel with family no matter the season. Even if you are too much into sports, you are most likely to develop a crush on this beautiful old nation. The simple and authentic rural life of Greece is also a welcoming change for those who wish to escape the humdrum of the cities. So, it’s the right time to recharge your batteries and enjoy your winter holidays the way it’s meant to be.


Belize is a place of the earth that is known for being ‘under the radar’, a destination that yearns for attention. The tropical ambiance of Belize will remind you of European nations like Austria and Switzerland, but make no mistakes; Belize is no less than these places. Nature lover will find Belize a perfect destination to feel connected to nature. The sparkling shores of Belize will tempt you to walk past them and enjoy the surreal view in front of you, lush greenery will make you fall hard for the place even more and don’t even talk about food, it’s so satiating that you won’t be able to resist devouring it in one go.


Slovenia has always been one of the most underrated winter destinations in the world and considered to be quite a small destination to visit. But contrary to that, it’s a place that you cannot afford to miss exploring with your family. This breathtakingly gorgeous location boasts a wildly diverse topography and offers everything from charming sidewalk cafes to snow-covered alpines, picturesque views of Swiss countryside to the mesmerizing lake. The magic of Slovenia is bound to steal your heart as soon as you step into its soil. Slovenia is also a great destination for having a quiet and nice time with loved ones where you can enjoy precious moments with them and savor your time together. Don’t ignore Lake Bled, Istria, Piran, and Ljubljana when touring Slovenia otherwise you won’t get the best the land has to offer.


Canada is best to be explored during the winter season when you can spot rare wildlife, spend some quality time on the snow-clad cliffs of Canadian Rocky Mountains, participate in winter sports, or simply enjoy the beauty and peace Canadian wilderness has to offer. There are plenty of places to explore and thousands of things to do when touring Canada with your family. Canada is not only regarded for its maple syrup and pancakes but is one of the best places for spending comprehensive winter holiday vacation time with your family. Don’t forget to add these places to your itinerary to Canadian vacation- Whistler Mountain, Quebec, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Cold Lake in Alberta to amplify a fun-loaded trip to this magical snowy place.


Finland is a winter wonderland that justifies being known as one of the best places in the world to spend winter vacations with family. Interestingly, the place is packed with reindeers in more numbers than the population itself. From watching aurora borealis to building snowman, sleeping in an igloo to stargazing, snowshoeing to igloo building, every activity here is so fun and exciting that you will be spell bounded by Finland and would want to visit it again and again. If you wish to experience what it feels like to spend Christmas or New Year amidst the aura that is infused with it, Finland is a great place to be.