Traveling is fun for many people and thus they define themselves as true wanderers. Diving deep into the sea with the sharks and reaching the highest of the mountains are few of the adventures which can be found in the bucket lists of the most courageous hearts. And many true wanderers achieve these as well. But others fail to do so.

But there are other places where your worst enemies won’t be sharks or heights but humans themselves. Apart from that, you can’t complain about any of these things cause these places have this lifestyle. YOu might want to complete all of your pending tasks and get life insurance to cover up your family before visiting these places. Cause who will know whether you will return or not.


The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan or simply Afghanistan is a beautiful place with natural raw beauty and man-made creations which attracts a lot of tourists there. And people from around the world also visit this place for its Islamic culture and what ancient heritage sites that have been left by the rulers who once ruled this land. The beauty of Kabul which is the attraction of many tourists has always been filled with foreigners visiting here, the mosques of Herat and the architectural sites of Bamiyan, the blue oasis of Band – e Amir national park, there are a lot of places in Afghanistan worth spending time. But does a visit to Afghanistan worth your life? The history tells the story contrary to the fun found in this desert.

The regular attacks of the Taliban have become regular ongoings in some areas of Afghanistan. The world knows about the fact that the Taliban attacked a group of foreign visitors which left at least 6 people wounded and harmed. So, if we consider that there is no casualty visiting the Taliban, then probably we are neglecting a wider aspect of it. The Bamiyan which has been known as the main touristic spot in Afghanistan was once blown by the Taliban, resulting in a broken statue of Buddha. The UN World Tourism Organization does not receive any statistics on the number of tourists in Afghanistan. However, Afghanistan has been continuously sending data to Afghanistan on tourist expenditures. The fact that Afghanistan attracts tourists may be a surprise but a huge number of big travel companies around the world offers tours to Afghanistan with almost 11,000 casualties registered last year.


In the colonial times, this was known as Upper Volta, but Burkina Faso means “ The land of the Honourable People”. It is a separate country in west Africa and has an official name as the People’s republic of Africa. Not only this is beautiful but is also the oldest city on earth back when it was not a country. This native country with all its culture gives you a lot of reasons to visit. It has a complete market to visit which is widely known as Ouagagougou famous for its cathedral establishments, markets, design, handicrafts, and gardens. Apart from that, you have Bobo-Dioulasso which is the hub for performing arts, music, and culture. To widely boast about its natural beauty it has Pendjari National Park and Banfora waterfall. In a continent like Africa, it is very difficult to find a natural enriching place like Burkina Faso, and you are most welcome to enjoy your time here. only if……

There is a huge sign of No entry is certain places here. The fear of pickpockets, gamblers, thieves, and purse-snatchers is always there. You won’t even realize when your belongings would vanish in the air and you would be left with nothing in a strange land. It is so common in big cities of this country that specifically in Ouagagougou, it has been highly suggested not to carry a bag with you. Though there are no outbursts in the major sites of the country where tourists generally visit. However, it has not been suggested to visit and not the favorite place for weak hearted tourists as the news of terrorists, kidnapping, and crimes are very common here. The local people do not even pay attention to the tourists’ news and might not even inform your whereabouts to your people back home.


Burundi is another beautiful place which can give you several reasons to visit itself, not only once but a multiple of times. Its culture and the numerous tribes that live here and have been living here can give you a lot of tales to tell to your grandchildren. These tribes somewhere descended from Red Indians or Somalins might give you a little glimpse into the picture of your history books and all those lessons of Social Science which you read but forgot. Like any other exquisite place in the world, Burundi has a lot of spell bounding places to visit. A few of the must-visit places that Burundi has which you can expect to find under any travel tour to Burundi are Livingstone-Stanley Monument, Rusizi National Park, Reptile Park, Karera Waterfalls, etc. You can do a little bit of meditation at Eglise Vivante de Jesus Christ, watch the tribal dance performances at Gishora Drum Sanctuary, or roam around at National Park of La Ruvubu, along with the Monument of Unity. There is a lot that Burundi offers but is it safe to visit all these places in the lap of Burundi while you fear for your life every second.

Instead of so many nice places to visit, Burundi has a tough political climate, specifically to roam around during elections. There have always been reports of riots and communal fights in the name of elections. As the local police try to pacify them as much as they can, however, it has been very difficult to control them and barricade from place to place bars the freedom of movement. Apart from all these seasonal issues which the land of Burundi faces from time to time, there are local crimes and goons which normalize fear amongst the heart of local people. The others don’t pay attention to that cause it is considered to be very common here. An attack of a local goon or gangsters might cost your life on your adventurous trip. All you need to do is be aware.


Another beautiful country in Africa and a worth visit. Not because it is an ancient country and has remained the evolution of mankind. But, it has pure African nature in its heart. There are a huge number of natural reserves, sanctuaries and national parks here. And inhabiting these biospheres are unique creatures and species of animals most wonderful and rare to have ever walked on earth. If this place is so rich in Fauna so is rich in Flora. And what made you think that there could not be any plants grown on the equator. And if you visit there the survival strategy of these plants here might surprise you anytime. There is a wide range of plants who climbed the stairs of evolution in the veils of time. You will find all of these and more in Dzanga- Sangha National Park, Manovo-Gounda-Saint-Floris National Park, and above all the home of the African elephants Nouabele-Ndoki National Park. Apart from having a stroll in the wild, you can also visit the Bangui cathedral near the Bagui river which is an experience in itself.

Everything was fine until 2020 when the conditions worsened for tourists in CAR and the citizens as well. It has been widely reported that tourism in the central African republic has been negatively affected by its recent troubled history and fighting in neighboring countries. It has also been registered that security in the country has been unstable particularly in its north and north-west. There has been warning of bandits, armed groups of rebels, and poachers particularly poachers, especially outside the capital city.


Chad is the country famous for its lake chad, numerous monuments, and wildlife sanctuaries. It has N’ Djamena museum, Zakouma National Park, and another beautiful sight to watch like     Lake Ouininaga Kebir. Of course, it is one of its kind places to visit. Again being located near north-central Africa, it is rich in flora and fauna but the most unique things that you can expect here are the varieties of birds that you are going to see. Apart from birds and lake views, you will witness the mangroves, the African elephants, and one-horned rhinos as well.

But is it safe to visit the land to watch all of this? Probably not. Governments around the world request travelers to reconsider traveling to Chad because of its terrorism, crime, and minefields. The locals will tell you all the crimes that have been reported there regularly. Violent crimes such as armed robbery, carjacking, and mugging are common doings there.


Iran, a place one of its kind, where the old Ottoman empire ruled and the great Persians and Muslims have built their homes and have bought land giving a reality to the monuments one can only dream. Iran is ravishing because of its architectural structures and history which tell the tales of how sultans used to live a lavish life of comfort and the old harems converted into museums where the angelic dresses or Sultan’s concubines sare still hung on the mannequins. When you land on this land you realize there is so much to know. The great Isfahan mosque, Tehran tower, Shiraz Tomb, and many more are a sight to behold.

Being surrounded by the areas of tourists and travelers, Iran is still considered to be the safest country to travel. Though we hear rumors of terrorist attacks and mugging by the local goons on the lesser-visited parts of the country most of the heritage sites and monuments are safer to visit. Many governments warn their citizens to be careful while visiting Iran because of its dusted reputation. However, travelers tell a different story and suggest visiting a place at once. Though, mishappening has a surprising attribute of not informed when it comes to our prey. You better be aware.


Another beautiful place in the ancient Ottoman empire which tells the tales of its history is Iraq. And at one glance you will feel as if the whole country has been decorated with colorful gems and jewels. The colorful esthetic marbles all around the ancient establishments and buildings are a sight to see. They are marvelous. Whether it is the city of Baghdad which is separately known for its beauty because of its mosques, shopping centers, etc. Or the waterfalls and ancient history of Erbil. The mountains, parks, and natural sunset beauty at Sulaymaniyah or the shrine and the museum at Karbala. They all are an experience in itself.

And so does if it gets any worse by the terrorists. Any person who has been following international news pieces must be familiar with the name of Iraq and its connections with terrorism. You might not have it hard that travelers come out of Iraq, impressed by the beauty of it but Iraqi terrorism is quite famous and always makes the headlines. It has been said that the political situation in Iraq has been unstable, even though the war has been over in 2017. Traveling there is considered extremely dangerous and strongly discouraged. All foreigners are still in danger of kidnapping, murder, and general armed violence.

Let me know if you prefer to visit these places even after knowing the danger. Let me know if you have the guts and you are a true traveler to go on any heights for exploring.