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Best 5 Hacks To Save Money On Car And Bike Rentals!

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Often people forego an opportunity to travel because of the cost associated with it.

Sometimes, it is the transportation cost that makes the entire trip more costly than any other factor.

This could be because the number of travellers is more than can be accommodated in the family car with all the luggage or because of the fuel efficiency offered by your own car or even if you don’t have a car, the taxi fare may be too high!

In such a scenario when the traveller believes that the cost of transportation is very high, they can opt for car and bike rentals at an affordable cost.

This blog will help you uncover the best 5 practical hacks that can be applied to save money on car and bike rentals.


Advance Booking

One of the best ways to save on money car and bike rentals is to plan your trip early as well as book the rental well in advance.

Booking well in advance helps the traveller in many ways like the traveller does not need to stress about their transportation anymore, the traveller gets to choose from a wide range of vehicles and the traveller may also get early bird discounts from the rental companies thus saving his cost!


Price Comparison

Like with hotel booking websites, car and bike rental companies are also available to be compared across multiple platforms.

Therefore, the traveller can compare the prices as well as features and special discounts offered by various car and bike rental companies to get the best deal.

To ensure that the traveller obtains value for their money, it is important to factor in the type of rental vehicle, duration of the rental as well as any special or additional features being offered.



Timing is of the essence when opting for a car and bike rental.

It is often seen that car and bike rentals become comparatively cheaper during the off-peak season. Therefore, if as a traveller you can have flexible travel plans, it is recommended to opt for an off-peak season journey.

As the demand for car and bike rental is lower during the off-peak season, the rental companies often offer lower prices for the rentals during this time.

Not only will you save money on car and bike rentals, but you might also save on hotels and enjoy your destination with a little less crowd.


Small Or Local Rental Companies

It is imperative to carry out your own research when looking for rental companies at your destination.

Though the bigger names and companies in the rental business are convenient and easily accessible, a traveller can save money by choosing a smaller or local rental company as they tend to offer a more competitive price.

Additionally, smaller and local rental companies generally also offer personalized service and if you rent a car or bike for a longer duration, they may also negotiate the price, making the rental a little cheaper.


Rental Vehicle Insurance Coverage & Fuel Policies

It is important for the traveller to be aware about their current car insurance or offers on their credit cards with respect to rental vehicle insurance.

If the traveller’s current car insurance policy or credit card benefits already cover rental car insurance, then, they need not buy any additional or duplicate insurance policy when renting a car or bike.

Further, it is also imperative to be aware of the fuel policy of the rental company. Before signing the agreement, study the fuel policy and check if the company offers a prepaid fuel policy or a full tank on-return policy.

It is important to be careful of the fuel policy as fuel constitutes a large part of the costs of the trip especially when renting a car or bike.



To avail the best pricing of a car or bike rental, it is imperative to keep in mind all the above factors!

So, the next time you decide to rent a car or bike for your trip ensure to get the best deal after executing the above given hacks!