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Best 5 Tips For Handling Roadside Emergencies In A Rental Car Or Bike!

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Each individual’s life is full of uncertainties. Nobody knows what may happen in the next second of your life.

Similarly, driving on the road is another uncertain event of life that can have multiple unforeseen circumstances resulting in emergencies.

A roadside emergency that may require assistance can range from being stranded on a road with a flat tyre, technical failure or even a roadside accident.

The emergency may arise in one’s own vehicle or even in a rental car or bike.

The tips for handling the emergency are the same irrespective of who is the owner of the vehicle.

The only difference is that in a rented car or bike, the traveller must inform the rental company immediately of the issue or damage and ask if they can send out any assistance for the traveller’s help.

This blog will provide you with the best 5 tips for handling roadside emergencies in any vehicle – be it your own or a rental car or bike.


Safety First

As roads are usually filled with moving traffic, it is important to ensure your own safety in case of any emergency.

This requires you to move your vehicle to the side of the road or an emergency lane (if present) and switch on your parking (hazard) indicators.

Additionally, you can also use the reflective triangle or some leaves to indicate to the other drivers that you are experiencing an issue with your car (either owned or rented).


Assessment Of The Situation

Like in life, in a roadside emergency, it is imperative to first assess the situation and then take the necessary action.

Identify the issue at hand – whether it’s a flat tyre, a technical engine issue or anything else – then, if you have the relevant knowledge and expertise in the field attempt to make the repairs, otherwise, it is recommended to call an expert and seek professional help.


Contact Roadside Assistance

Nowadays many cars come with an inbuilt SOS button which can be used in a roadside emergency scenario.

Similarly, the rental company or your travel insurance may also provide you with roadside assistance service.

In case of an emergency, it is advised to avail such a service and contact them and provide them with the required details like your location & the issue at hand.

The roadside assistance will send out help to assist you and deal with the problem, thus helping you!


Stay In The Vehicle

If your car breaks down in the middle of a busy road where traffic moves swiftly or on the highway, it is recommended to stay inside the vehicle unless appropriate assistance does not reach you.

Staying inside the vehicle is recommended as standing on the road amidst moving traffic can be dangerous and can cause injury to the individual.

If you still want to stand on the road and not stay inside the vehicle, then, you should do it on the side that faces away from the oncoming traffic.


Stay Calm And Communicate Your Message Clearly

Keeping your calm during a roadside emergency is key to getting the correct assistance at the correct time.

It is normal to get stressed or anxious in such emergencies but if the traveller remains calm, they will be able to understand as well as clearly communicate all the details required by the roadside assistance or any passers-by who may wish to help them.

It is also important to stay calm to understand as well as execute the instructions and directions of the roadside assistance providers so that help can be given immediately.



It is important to note that the key to handle roadside emergencies effectively is to stay calm and follow all the tips (relevant to you) given above.

Additionally, the traveller must also keep emergency contacts handy and be aware of all the benefits of the car insurance that they have.