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German Cathedral To Showcase St. Corona Shrine, Patron Of Epidemics: A Source of Hope During these Testing Times

In the light of growing concerns over Coronavirus and the entire world struggling with the pandemic, a roman cathedral in Germany ‘Aachen Cathedral’ has dug out the remains of little-known Christian martyr ‘Saint Corona’ and is polishing the shrine for public display once the pandemic has passed. The cathedral was also used for coronations of kings and queens. Saint Corona is believed to be the patron saint of resisting epidemics.

The Aachen Cathedral was built in the 9th century and is considered as one of the oldest churches in Europe. The relics of St. Corona have reportedly rested there since the year 997 A.D. The cathedral had planned to exhibit St. Corona’s shrine in summer as part of an exhibition on gold craftsmanship even before the Coronavirus outbreak. Current situation owing to Coronavirus has boosted public interest in this Christian martye who is believed to have been killed by the Romans around 1800 years ago.

Germany has observed more than 30,000 cases of Covid-19 and St. Corona’s shine has naturally gained popularity these days. As of now, it’s not clear when people will be able to see the shrine owing to strict regulations on gathering imposed to combat further spread of the virus. However, experts are leaving no stone unturned to clean the gold, bronze and ivory shrine that has been hidden from the world for the last 25 years.

Corona is purported to have been only about 16 years old when the Romans killed her for professing the Christian faith. Legend has it that the teenager suffered excruciating death. Romans tied her to two bent palm trees and torn her apart by releasing the trunks. It was a pure coincidence that this teenager girl became a patron saint for resisting epidemics.

Just as the information about the patron saint became news headlines, people all over the world have started praying to the St. Corona to save humans from sufferings caused by Novel Coronavirus. It is said that King Otto III brought Corona’s relics in 997 to Aachen Cathedral and kept it in a tomb underneath a slab inside it. No matter what, St. Corona has definitely given us hope in these challenging times and it would be interesting to see people paying visit to her once this horrible phase is over.