All About Ramadan- The Holy Month Of Fasting

Ramadan a.k.a Ramazan is considered to be the most pious Islamic month for Muslims around the world. The month of fasting has been celebrated by Muslims for more than 14 centuries. Today, a quarter of world’s population observes the fast during daylight hours paying their respect to the holy month when Prophet Muhammad revealed the … Read more

Famous Dishes from 29 States Of India- Food Specialties You Can’t Miss Out

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A  tête-à-tête with unique culture of India

The Indian culture is one of the oldest and most vivid cultures in the whole wide world. Whether you talk about festivities, customs, traditions, cuisine, or anything else, you can see how distinctiveness exists in every part of the country. The roots of these traditions and culture go way back to thousands of years ago … Read more

What You Can Do At Home To Celebrate Earth Day 2020 | 50th Anniversary Of Earth Day

We often think of doing something for our environment but instead of helping or protecting it, we end up making a mess of it. Now that the entire human race is following social distancing and staying at home, we are witnessing changes in our environment. And these changes ideally should have occurred a long time … Read more

Creepy Urban Legends From Around The World To Give You Goosebumps!

Urban legends are a modern adaptation of fairy tales with a spooky twist. Urban myths are often spread by word of mouth with no vague clue of their origin. These creepy tales have been around for centuries and inspired numerous novels, movies and plays. Passed down from generation after generation, even today urban legends continue … Read more

Bored Of Netflix Already? Take A Virtual Tour Of Museums| Museums offering Free Virtual Tour

Just in case, you are struggling to decide what to view next on TV or Netflix, we have something new that will keep you entertained amid the Coronavirus crisis. The pandemic has put a ‘full stop’ to our outdoor activities and social meetings already, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep on clicking the … Read more

A Timeline Of The Pandemics That Changed The Course Of The World: History’s 5 Worst Pandemics

Throughout history, outbreaks of several diseases have ravaged humanity thereby changing the course of the world and its history.  As civilizations thrived, so did infectious diseases that led them to their end. The ongoing spread of Novel Coronavirus has made people lock themselves down to their homes to prevent further spread of the infectious disease … Read more

How These Wacky Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Covid-19 Are Grabbing Headlines

Talk about the latest nuisance we all have to deal with, Coronavirus will certainly be on top of the list. The mayhem surrounding infectious diseases is not unknown to anyone. The pandemic that started with China has now got a grip over the entire world. Just as the COVID-19 cases are rising, so does various … Read more