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Make 2020 the Year Of Gratitude

Novel Coronavirus has put a stop to our life. The more we are fighting this crisis, the more we are getting in touch with humanity. You might be missing dining in open, walking in the park, shopping at mall, visiting your friends and relatives, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit idle at home or pay attention to your work only. This is a great time to learn something that you can never get to learn ever again or more like paying attention to your attitude towards life. There are times when we forget to pay our gratitude to an ample number of things that seem ordinary but have a lasting impact on our lives. Let’s call this year, a year of healing, gratitude, forgiveness or anything you want because this period will be embossed in the chapters of history our future generation is going to read about.

Apologizing is not as tough as you think

People think that it is easy to break someone’s trust or hurt them, but more difficult to gain it back. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of apologies and forgiveness. After all, what good will it do when it’s all over and no one is by your side? Loneliness doesn’t require a tool to kill people. Which is why, while you are staying at home, you should be grateful for the life you are blessed with and apologize to people you have hurt in the past. You’ll feel light-hearted once you are done apologizing. This is a magic recipe for healing a relationship and mending broken ties once again.

Thank you goes a long way

Imagine the plight of people who cannot afford to buy groceries let alone feeling the comfort of being at home. In this busy lifestyle, we have forgotten what it is like to live without luxury. We cannot imagine if even we want. While we are enjoying our life at home, away from the noise and pollution, we fail to connect with people who have been part of our lives and working invisibly to give us what we have today. Gratitude is the most important thing we can express to such people or organization or entity for giving us a life that is a dream for many out there. It’s time when you should stop complaining and thank your stars for the life you are enjoying. Those who are struggling with personal issues should contemplate about showing gratitude because what goes around comes back around.

Quality time with family is golden time that won’t come again

Our life has become so busy that we often forget to spend quality time with our loved ones. Thanks to the pandemic, we have realized that family matters the most. You can utilize this time to communicate with your family and show your interest in their life. Play with kids in your house, give time to elderly discuss important issues with them and eat dinner together. By doing so, you’d get to know what true bliss feels like. Always remember that this time will not come again, so make the most of it while you are in quarantine or practicing social distancing.

Learn to express your emotions

It seems like the ongoing situation of Coronavirus has least impacted the lives of introverts but turned the life of extroverts upside down. If you are an extrovert who is missing hanging out with friends and going through fear of missing out, now would be the time to keep calm and work on honing your skills. There’s nothing much you can do in that department.

Broaden your perspective on life

The times are changing and our world is becoming modern, but there is a thin line between modernity and forgetting your values which most people easily cross over. You’ve got a heart break, doesn’t matter, you are not getting promotion, doesn’t matter, you’ve got no one beside you to understand you, doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you want to live your life. Everything good or bad that happens to us has a motive behind it which most of us fail to comprehend. In these testing times, you can think of what shape you’d like to give to your life and how you can achieve what you’ve always wanted. But remember, you should feel thankful for this life as it has given you so many things to cherish forever. Look on the brighter side and you’d know what you need to do next.

Face failure with positive attitude

There will be times when you’d start questioning your purpose on life and would feel like as the world around you is tumbling down and you are not able to do anything to save it. But don’t let the feeling get the best of you. Failures have their own importance in our life. Without them, no one truly understands their potential. And it’s a fact that no one can achieve success overnight. So instead on feeling disheartened you should take failures positively.

Stop running away from your problems

It’s natural for you to feel burdened with emotions and worried about your life especially when we all are fighting the pandemic. In this environment of uncertainty and unpredictability, it’s essential for you to take one thing at a time and contemplate on solution rather than worrying about your problems. Running away from any problem you might be facing in life is not the solution. You have enough time to think about changes you can make to keep problems at bay. Take online consultancy if required. During this time of uncertainty, you have enough time to think about transforming your life by facing your fears.