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10 Rumors around Coronavirus That Are Fooling People

As the world is going crazy about Covid-19, more and more conspiracy theories are on the rise. People are being sent fake news on Coronavirus through Whatsapp messaging app and other social media platforms that are doing nothing but escalating their fright. From the movie ‘contagion’ to the episode of the Simpsons predicting the outbreak of a deadly virus in the year 2020, conspiracy theories and fans have got something to keep us all amused when the world is experiencing the ill effects of the pandemic. But fret not! Don’t get caught up in the fictional stories made by rumor mongers as we bring you the facts on Novel Coronavirus that will help you get clarity of thoughts.

Rumor #1: Hot temperature will stop Corona outbreak

Fact: There is no evidence that the Corona outbreak will decrease as the temperature goes warm. Since the disease is fairly new, it demands more research on its transmissibility, severity and other associated aspects. CDC and WHO are leaving no stone unturned to figure out a solution to this problem.

Rumor #2: Wearing a mask prevents Covid-19

Fact: A mask is only advised when someone shows Coronavirus symptoms especially coughing or come in close contact with an infected person. Those who aren’t showing such symptoms need not wear masks unnecessarily. Since face masks are already in short supply, you may save the masks for needy. Only using a face mask cannot provide you protection from Coronavirus.

Rumor #3: Eating Garlic can cure Coronavirus disease

Fact: Rumor has been going around that garlic intake can cure Covid-19 pandemic. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that ‘even though garlic has antimicrobial properties, but there is no evidence that proves that its intake can protect people from Novel Coronavirus.

Rumor #4: If you don’t increase your water intake, the virus will get into your windpipes and then into lungs.

Fact: While drinking 8-10 glass of water daily is considered a good habit. There is no logic behind the rumor that supports that low water intake will most likely infect you since the Novel Coronavirus can enter your body via nose too (not only through mouth).

Rumor #5: If you have runny nose, you are infected with Coronavirus

Fact: Coronavirus has caused panic all over the world and with each passing day, new claims are being made by people that are generating more fear. Runny nose doesn’t mean that you have been infected by Covid-19. There are other symptoms which you need to look after too. A runny nose can also mean you’re suffering from common cold or flu or any other illness. It doesn’t point out to Coronavirus alone. However, just to be sure, you can get yourself checked by a doctor.

Rumor #6: You can get Coronavirus from packages from China or anything associated with China

Fact: There is nothing concrete to prove that buying any product from China or products that are ‘made in China’ will give you Coronavirus. Covid-19 virus cannot live for long on objects like letters or packages. Temperature, humidity and mechanical changes won’t let the virus survive for long. If you are already in possession of a Chinese product, the chances of getting Novel Coronavirus are really slim.

Rumor #7: Pets can spread Coronavirus

Fact: You don’t need to stop loving your pet just because the origin story of Coronavirus was linked with bats and other animals fondly consumed in China. As far as this rumor goes, you can relax and need not worry about getting infected with the disease via your pet. Presently, there is no evidence or case reported that held any pets such as dogs and cats being responsible for carrying Coronavirus or infecting their owners. Just take care of your pet’s hygiene and you’ll be good to go.

Rumor #8: A person who has already recovered from Coronavirus cannot get it back

Fact:  According to health professionals, the chances of getting Coronavirus twice are rare. This might occur in cases where errors were caused during the testing. Those with a weak immune system need to take precautions as told by the WHO.

Rumor #9: Hand sanitizers are more effective than soap in preventing the virus

Fact: Experts suggest that soap is a far better option in fighting Coronavirus than hand sanitizers. The CDS states that even though an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can remove germs quickly, it doesn’t work on all types of germs the way soap and water do. As far as sanitizers are concerned, you may keep it as a backup but always make soap and water your first priority for washing your hands.

Rumor #10: You are more likely to die than recover once you are infected with Covid-19

Fact: There is no doubt that Coronavirus is surrounded by uncertainties, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll certainly die once you get the virus. Reports suggest that almost 80% of Coronavirus cases are mild where infected people can recover shall they take precaution and remain in quarantine till they are completely free from it. The WHO says that older people, kids and those with the poor immune system are at more risk of being exposed to the virus.