You are currently viewing Famous Dishes from 29 States Of India- Food Specialties You Can’t Miss Out

Famous Dishes from 29 States Of India- Food Specialties You Can’t Miss Out

If you happen to visit India, you are bound to get confused when it comes to choosing a cuisine from a plethora of options available right in front of you. No other country is going to ignite your taste buds and enhance your gastronomical affairs other than India that unleashes an explosion of flavors inside your mouth. In India, the culinary richness of each state is not only unique but vivid and exclusive to their climate and culture. We are sure that you won’t want to explore 29 states of India without devouring their unique food specialties, right? From spicy coastal curries to the blandest dishes, here is the list of the best food of 29 states of India you must try!

  1. Jammu and Kashmir

Food in Jammu and Kashmir varies greatly. Jammu cuisine typically features vegetarian options like Dal Patt, Maa Da Madra, Rajma and Rice and Kulthein di Dal, Kashmiri food features meat based dishes like Rogan Josh, Tabak Maaz and Chaman-fried Paneer. Jammu on one hand has Sund Panjeeri, Kalari Cheese and Patisa to devour as sweet after a heavy meal, Kashmir has Kahwa to appetize stomach after every meal. But no matter what, these soul-satisfying dishes from Jammu and Kashmir will imprint your soul with a sigh of contentment.

  1. Himachal Pradesh

Pahari cuisine of Himachal Pradesh has a unique aroma and flavor that keeps on tantalizing one’s taste buds. Traditional Himachal cuisine is mostly dominated by red meat and white bread. However, Madra, Mittha Bhat, Sidu, Channa Madra, Tudkiya Bhaat and Nashpati Sabzi are absolute dinner delights. Seeped in desi ghee, these dishes also help one fight chills of winter.

  1. Punjab

Known for its Butter Chicken worldwide, Punjabi food is something that’ll leave you yearning for more. Apart from that, Sarson Da Saag, Makke ki Roti and Amritsari Kulche are another food to try when you are touring India. The best thing about Punjabi cuisine is that you can devour it anywhere in North Indian restaurants. Enhance your culinary taste with Pinni and Lassi just as you are done with the food. The food in Punjab is not only spicy but finger-licking tasty too!

  1. Haryana

Haryana is known for its simple yet delightful food, particularly Kadhi Pakoda, Kachri ki Sabzi, Methi Gajjar, Bathua raita and Khichdi. There is no dearth of milk and ghee in Haryanvi cuisine. You can find ghee in almost every vegetable you eat. It’s not only nutritious for your body but also improve your stamina as well. Haryana’s sumptuous desserts include- Churma, Malpua and Gajjar ka Halwa that is enough to satisfy your stomach.

  1. Uttarakhand

Talk about different dishes that can make you fall hard for them, Uttarakhand has a lot in its store for you. Whether it’s Kafuli or Ripe Lemon Chaat with Bhaang Chutney, the food here will leave you anticipating for more. Bal Mitthai is a notable dessert typically seen in Uttarakhandi cuisine. Then there is Gahat ke Paranthey, an absolute breakfast meal that are served with tea. Chainsoo is a high-protein Dal you won’t want to say no to!

  1. Uttar Pradesh

The land of Galauti Kebab unleashes foodie inside you as you step onto its soil. With remarkable lip-smacking dishes like Shami Kebab, Dum Pukht Biryani, Pasandas, Nargisi Kofta, Korma and Murg Mussallam , Uttar Pradesh surely wins heart of hardcore foodies. Beside its street food, mughlai and lucknowi cuisine also make one go crazy in love with spicy, sour, bitter, salty and aromatic food of UP. Even sweet dishes like Agra ka Petha, Meerut ki Gajjak, Mathura ke Pede are quite popular.

  1. Rajasthan

Known for its impeccable dish ‘Dal Bati Churma’, Rajasthan is loaded with tons of options for foodies. From Gattey ki Sabzi to Lahsun ki Chatni, Rajasthani Kadhi to Panchmel ki Sabzi, Safed Maas to Sangri ki Sabzi, Bajre ki Roti to Bikaneri Bhujia, Rajasthan is a place to lose yourself amid an explosion of flavors. Balushai, Ghujiya and Ghevar is popular sweet delicacies of Rajasthan you cannot afford to miss on your trip to the place. Rajasthani cuisine is always loaded with a blend of masalas that makes them hard to resist eating.

  1. Gujarat

Gujarati dishes are known for their incredible taste. From light snacks like Khandvi, Khakhra, Fafda and Thepla to delicacies like Dhokla, Oondhiya, and Khichdi that fill your tummy with a feeling of satisfaction, Gujarati food is subtly flavored with spices and condiments. Mohan Thal and Doodh Pak is served as desserts commonly.

  1. Madhya Pradesh

Home to lively bazaars, historical monuments and forts and temples, Madhya Pradesh is also popular for its lip-smacking dishes representing different cultures. Lavang Lata, Poha Jalebi, Pilaf with Peas, Dal Bafla and Bhutte ki Khees are quite popular dishes to try once in this lifetime. Besides that there are great options for non-vegetarians also. Gosht Korma, Roghan Josh and Spicy kebabs are non-veg food to try when exploring the nook and crannies of MP.

  1. Maharashtra

If you love spicy food, then Maharashtra is the place to be. From Vada Pao to Puran Poli, Bhaji to Chivda, Misal Pav to Sabudana Khichdi and Bombay Sandwich to Thalipeeth, there is no dearth of food you can’t try to challenge your taste buds in Maharashtra. Gorging upon the street food at local tapdis by the beach is one experience you won’t forget ever.

  1. Karnataka

Just in case you think you will only get Masala Dosa to eat in Karnataka, you couldn’t be more wrong. The food of Karnataka is not only mouthwatering but soul-satisfying too be it Bisibeli Beli Bath, Maamsa Saaru, Neer Dosa, Chiroti, Koli Saaru and sweet like Mysore Pak and Dharwad Peda. Akki Roti is the nice way to begin your day.

  1. Telangana

Natu Kodi Pulusu, Hyderabadi Biryani, Sarva Pindi, Tomato Kura, Pachi Pulusu, Kodi Pulao and Mutton Liver Fry are some notable dishes Telangana is famous for. Every bite you take will leave a unique taste of aromatic spices on your tongue. Food in Telangana usually contain spices like ginger, garlic, cumin, fenugreek, cinnamon, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, star anise seed, cloves, cardamom, and bay leaves.

  1. Andhra Pradesh

Sharing most of its food with Telangana, Andhra Pradesh is not only famous for its Hyderabadi Biryani but for an ample of mouth watering delights as well. A typical Andhra dish is loaded with spices unique to it. Tamarind rice (Pulihora), Poppadams, Andhra pappu, Gongura Chutney, Pesaratu, Bondaalu and Chicken Gravy are worth dying for!

  1. Kerala

If you want to get a taste of traditional south Indian food, you must try out authentic delights of Kerala. It has got so many options in food that you are bound to get confused. From Puttu to Malabar Parotta, Uttapam to Prawn Curry, Kerala is a foodie’s paradise where you can eat heartily.

  1. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is credited for bringing Dosa, rice and lentils based healthy dish on our plate. Not only famous for its classic ‘Masala Dosa’, Tamil Nadu has a plethora of Dosa variety to offer to foodies out there. Besides Dosa, there’s ‘Idiyappam’, ‘Sappadu’, ‘Pongal’, ‘Banana Bonda’ and ‘Paruppu Payasam’ to try out. One taste of these dishes will make you place an order for more. Filter Coffee is the most famous beverage you can spot people enjoying while standing near a coffee shop.

  1. Odisha

In a traditional sense, Odisha is a gourmet heaven for food connoisseurs. The land of ‘Rashgulla’ and ‘Chena Poda’ has so much to offer for those born with a sweet tooth. It would be a sin not to devour traditional dishes like Dalma, Chungdi Malai, Kankara Jhola and Ghanta when you’re on a trip to Odisha.

  1. Chhattisgarh

The ‘Rice Bowl of India’, Chhattisgarh is famous for its mind-numbing Mahuwa, a spirit made from a natural sweet flower found in abundance in the state. Raipur’s Petha is famous all over the country. However, if you want to truly immerse yourself in a food eating experience, make sure to try out Kochai Patta, Muthia, Sabudana Khichdi, Bore Baasi and Doodh Fara. Khurmi is a dessert you can enjoy after relishing these dishes.

  1. West Bengal

Bengalis pride themselves for their simple living and high thinking. But if you think this is also reflected in their food, you will be left disappointed. Bengal goes beyond Rice and Fish when it comes to food that touches your soul. You can gorge upon some of the utterly drool-worthy delights like Doi Maach, Bhapa Ilish, Bengali Lamb Curry, Sondesh and Sukto during your vacation.

  1. Jharkhand

Sweet, crusty and crunchy, thekua of Jharkhand will make you fall in love with this sweet snack so much so that you won’t hesitate to shell out extra bucks to take these snacks back home and let your loved one enjoy them too. The staple food of Jharkhand includes- Tarkaari, Dal and Bhat. People in Jharkhand don’t relate much to mouth-watering dishes. However, you must get a taste of Ghugni, Litthi, and Malpua when exploring the land.

  1. Bihar

If you haven’t ever feasted upon ‘Litti Chokha’ of Bihar, you have been missing out on so much. Food in Bihar is influenced from Bhojpuri cuisine, Maithil cuisine, and Magahi cuisine and is predominantly vegetarian. Bihari people tend to fancy spicy dishes. Traditional food in Bihar includes- Sattu, Pittha, Kadhi Bhari, Khaja, Tilkut, Balushahi, Bihari Kebabs and so much more. Bihar also has loads of options to satisfy your craving for sweet snacks.

  1. Sikkim

If your love for momos knows no bound, you’d be delighted to know that Sikkim is where you will get the best momos you’ve ever had. Sikkimese cuisine reflects a strong blend of Nepali, Bhutanese and Tibetan food. From Gundrak and Sinki Soup to Kinema Curry, Shimi ka Achar to Pakku, you’ll find delights of Sikkim a perfectly balanced meal. Don’t hesitate to take a few snacks on your way back to home.

  1. Meghalaya

From majestic mountains to tranquility-filled monasteries, Meghalaya is blessed with natural resources. But its distinct cuisine is what makes it all more charming. Jadoha in your plate will not only satisfy your appetite but cuisines like Ki Kpu, Tung-rymbai, and pickled bamboo shoots. Blood sausages might sound weird but they are consumed with much fervor.

  1. Assam

Forget Assamese tea, food in Assam will swirl your mind if you happen to visit the state. Assam has so much variety when it comes to snacks, desserts and staple meals. Snack like deep fried spinach fritters, Pittas, Tora Pitha are eagerly devoured in any normal evening. Traditional food comprises both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes like Hilsa, Masor Jhol, Manxo, Eri Polu, Khar Anja and Tenga. And then there is Gooror Payas as a dessert that is a joyous affair for all foodies out there.

  1. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is popular for its Thukpas and Chicken with Bamboo Shoots. Due to tribal influences, delicacies in Arunachal vary region-wise. People here either prefer boiled or smoked food rather than eating fried food. This might be the reason why their skin glows like moon. Here are some divine dishes to try in Arunachal- Noo phan , Phak kho, Nou kai noo som, Pasa and Pika Pila.

  1. Nagaland

Be it Bamboo shoots or Smoked Pork, Nagaland pride itself in its simplicity. Naga people love boiled food rather than consuming spicy and fried food. But don’t take this simplicity for granted as the food here taste not only divine but fill your appetite pretty soon. Some common dishes are Axone with smoked pork and beef, Anishi , Bushmeat (dogmeat), Akini, Chokibo and Samathu. People who love to experiment on food particularly non-veg will find Nagaland delicacies quite satisfying.

  1. Manipur

Manipur is not only blessed with rich culture but also with rich and scrumptious food. Soibum Eromba, Thambou singju, Ooti, Chagem Pomba, Sana Thongba and Morok Metpa are famous food worth having. If you are non-vegetarian then your trip to Manipur can be memorably delectable for you. Rice and fish are staple food in Manipuri cuisine.

  1. Mizoram

Influenced heavily by North Indian and Chinese delicacies, food in Manipur is an affair to be involved into. Bai, Sawchair, Misa Maas poora and Laksa Stock will leave a zesty flavor in your mouth. Moreover, Bamboo Shoot Fry will surely tickle your taste buds.

  1. Tripura

Tripura has loads of fancy options to offer to foodies. Whether you are want to experiment tasting new dishes or relishing local cuisine, you won’t be left disappointed in Tripura. Here’s our recommendation for food to try on your trip to Tripura- Mui Borok, Awandru, Kosoi Bwtwi, Chatang, Deng, Gudok, Hang, Ik, Muitru, and Hontali. Chakhwi is a healthy recipe you will absolutely love to eat.

  1. Goa

Goa is not only famous for its pristine beaches and attractive locations, but for its unique cuisine too! It has quite a lot of options for foodies to challenge their taste buds. Goan curry fish, Chicken Carfreal, Sorpotel, Samarein Chi Kodi, and Arroz doce deserved to be eaten on your coastal vacation. Goan cuisine is incomplete without lingering over Goa’s best known dessert, Bebinca.