All About Ramadan- The Holy Month Of Fasting

Ramadan a.k.a Ramazan is considered to be the most pious Islamic month for Muslims around the world. The month of fasting has been celebrated by Muslims for more than 14 centuries. Today, a quarter of world’s population observes the fast during daylight hours paying their respect to the holy month when Prophet Muhammad revealed the … Read more

Famous Dishes from 29 States Of India- Food Specialties You Can’t Miss Out

If you happen to visit India, you are bound to get confused when it comes to choosing a cuisine from a plethora of options available right in front of you. No other country is going to ignite your taste buds and enhance your gastronomical affairs other than India that unleashes an explosion of flavors inside … Read more

A  tête-à-tête with unique culture of India

The Indian culture is one of the oldest and most vivid cultures in the whole wide world. Whether you talk about festivities, customs, traditions, cuisine, or anything else, you can see how distinctiveness exists in every part of the country. The roots of these traditions and culture go way back to thousands of years ago … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Complete Lockdown- A Battle Against Covid-19

To flatten the transmission curve and help a frayed healthy system cope with a building number of COVID-19 cases, the government of India has finally imposed lockdown in the country starting 25th March 2020. Many states have imposed Section 144 of the criminal procedure code that prohibits the assembly of five or more people, holding … Read more

Coronavirus Update: Visitors from Afghanistan, Philippines and Malaysia Are Barred From Entering India

After banning the entry of passengers from European Union countries, Turkey and the United Kingdom (UK) till 31st March, the Indian government has now imposed travel bans of travellers from Malaysia, Philippines and Afghanistan with immediate effect. So far, Afghanistan has confirmed 22 positive Coronavirus cases, Philippines have 142 people tested positive for the disease … Read more

How to Clean Your Phone to Counter Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus has been in headlines for the last two months. The severity of the outbreak has made it deemed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). People all over the world are taking necessary measures to ward off the disease. But do you know that your mobile phone can also infect you? Mobile … Read more

10 Rumors around Coronavirus That Are Fooling People

As the world is going crazy about Covid-19, more and more conspiracy theories are on the rise. People are being sent fake news on Coronavirus through Whatsapp messaging app and other social media platforms that are doing nothing but escalating their fright. From the movie ‘contagion’ to the episode of the Simpsons predicting the outbreak … Read more

Worldwide Travel Restrictions Imposed by Countries: Refrain From Travelling Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to increase, countries are imposing travel bans to the tourists as a precautionary measure.  As of now, the number of deaths caused due to Coronavirus has globally crossed 6000 with 160000+ confirmed cases of the pandemic. The United States State Department has recently released a list of countries … Read more

Head To These Digital Detox Destinations in India to Re-Discover Yourself

Technology in recent years has become an addiction. We spend more than 10 hours a day looking into our phone screen and checking Facebook, Instagram, and other activities on social media that we rarely get time to connect to nature and those around us. If you find yourself sitting at your desk right now and … Read more