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San Francisco – Best 8 Free Things To Do

San Francisco is located in California and is situated on the West Coast of the United States of America.
San Francisco is known for its iconic landmarks, diverse neighbourhoods as well as a vibrant culture.
The city offers a plethora of experiences to its locals as well as visitors wherein they don’t have to spend a fortune.
The city of San Francisco has something to offer to every individual whether you are looking for a new adventure or seeking a budget-friendly holiday.
This blog will shed some light on the various free things to do in San Francisco to enhance your experience of the city.

Free Things To Do In San Francisco

Four of the best free things to do in San Francisco include the following –

Walk Across The Golden Gate Bridge

An iconic symbol of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge is considered to be an engineering marvel of the world.
Individuals have the option to walk as well as bike around the bridge for free and enjoy the spectacular views of the city skyline, the vast Pacific Ocean as well as Alcatraz Island.
The bridge also offers spectacular photographic views that make it a must-visit place for photography enthusiasts.

Explore Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is considered to be a paradise for both nature lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts with its vast expanse of over 1,000 acres.
The people visiting the park can spend hours in the Golden Gate Park while exploring the various attractions of the park like the Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, Stow Lake as well as the beautiful Bison Paddock.
The attractions of Golden Gate Park either have free admission or a very minimal fee for a bundle of lifelong memories.

Visit Lombard Street

If you are visiting San Francisco, you must visit Lombard Street which is the “Crookedest Street in the World”.
Individuals have the option to engage in the most famous activity of the street that is driving down the winding and steep street or enjoying the street experience while walking down the street. Individuals can also indulge in taking photographs from the top.
The street is considered to be a unique and picturesque spot owing to its breathtaking landscaped gardens as well as mesmerizing panoramic views.

Watch The Sea Lions At Pier 39

Pier 39 situated in Fisherman’s Wharf is considered to be the home of the California Sea Lions.
Individuals get the chance to witness these amazing creatures bask in the sun, playfully interact with each other as well as occasionally dive into the waters of the stunning San Francisco Bay.
This activity is considered to be fun and free for people of all ages, especially for family lovers as well as animal lovers.

Fun Things To Do In San Francisco

Four of the best fun things to do in San Francisco include the following –

Attend A Free Concert

The music scene of San Francisco is considered to be extremely vibrant and to ensure that every individual enjoys the music scene in the city, numerous free concerts and performances happen in the city throughout the year.
The city has something to offer to all genres of music lovers from outdoor concerts in parks to live music at libraries and cultural centres.

Explore Street Art In The Mission District

The Mission District is extremely famous for the colourful as well as vibrant street art scene in the city.
An individual can take a self-guided tour through the district to explore the district’s spectacular murals, graffiti as well as urban art installations.
Mission District offers a unique way for individuals to enjoy and experience the creativity as well as the cultural diversity of the city.

Hike To Twin Peaks

Individuals who wish to witness the panoramic views of San Francisco as well as the surrounding bay area have the option to hike and head towards the Twin Peaks.
The Twin Peaks offer breathtaking views of the city skyline, Golden Gate Bridge as well as other landmarks of the city.
The Twin Peaks is a popular destination for the locals and visitors of San Francisco alike owing to the hike to the summit being relatively easy and accessible.

Join A Free Walking Tour

Individuals can indulge in free walking tours of the city of San Francisco’s diverse neighbourhoods that are organized by various local organizations as well as volunteer groups.
There is a walking tour that is available according to the interests of every individual whether you want to explore Chinatown, North Beach, the Castro District, or the iconic Mission District.


San Francisco located in California, United States of America is an ideal place for people looking for a budget-friendly as well as memorable destination.
The city is delightful and a source of inspiration with its rich history, breathtaking scenery and a vibrant and diverse culture.