Coronavirus Update: Visitors from Afghanistan, Philippines and Malaysia Are Barred From Entering India

After banning the entry of passengers from European Union countries, Turkey and the United Kingdom (UK) till 31st March, the Indian government has now imposed travel bans of travellers from Malaysia, Philippines and Afghanistan with immediate effect.

So far, Afghanistan has confirmed 22 positive Coronavirus cases, Philippines have 142 people tested positive for the disease and Malaysia has reported 553 confirmed cases. The latest figures show that In India, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has increased to 147, of which 122 are Indian nationals and 25 are foreigners.

As per the latest travel advisory issued by the central government, no flight will take off from the aforesaid countries to India after 15:00 (IST). However, the government has notified that the suspension of flights is temporary and airlines are instructed to enforce this at the port of initial departure.

India has already imposed a temporary suspension of air services from Milan, Rome and Seoul and has put flight restrictions to countries including Spain, Sri Lanka and France.

The decision of putting travel restrictions came after Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla reviewed the level of preparedness to contain the spread of Coronavirus in India especially in states that are on the borders of Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Reports state that regular screening of passengers is being done by doctors at different transit points to avoid getting Coronavirus infection. People living close to the borders are being sensitized about the graveness of the situation and what to do to fight the pandemic.

With the cases of Covid-19 disease swelling in the country, narrowing travel bans further to tackle the menace of Coronavirus is a well-thought step taken by the government. The disease poses a great risk to India since it is the most populated country in the world after China (the birthplace of Coronavirus).