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Is Pet-Friendly Places In India The Most Trending Thing Now?

Doesn’t your heart sink when you have to leave your furry friend behind for a vacation? You must have wished for a place where you could accommodate your pet without any problem. If you are planning a trip with your goofball, then there is good news for you and all pet lovers in general! Indian hotels and resorts are now opening their doors to loyal four-legged friends. These hotels are extending their hospitalities to your pets so that you can enjoy your vacation the way you are supposed to.

Realizing the importance of pets, these resorts have also started catering to the needs of your pets be it- grooming, vaccination, special meals, veterinary,  playroom, access to swimming pool, litter box, etc. Gone are the days when you’d have to drop your pet to your relative or in a pet boarding facility. With the change in time, hotel industries have also evolved to an unimaginable extent. We bring you the best pet-friendly places in India where you and your box of sunshine can spend your holidays. The pet policy of these accommodations varies accordingly, so check with them individually before booking it.

Four seasons, Mumbai

Home of Hindi cinema, Mumbai is a bustling city that is flocked by tourists round the year. People come here to capture Arabian sea, the vivacious energy of the city, India gate, Vada-Pao, bollywood movie shootings on their camera. Mumbai is not only welcoming to tourists but their pets as well. One of the best places where you can keep your pet in a safe environment while exploring the city is four seasons. Cat and dog lovers can keep their calm and enjoy a luxurious stay in this intimate sea-facing hotel with all the modern facilities. The hotel has a dedicated pet-friendly zone where you can unleash your dog and have a fun time with your hairy buddy. You can avail pet grooming services, vet services and other luxurious amenities at extra cost. However, no charges will be levied when you checking-in with your pet. A nice stay with the comfort of home is what your pet needs on a vacation.

Dune ecovillage, Pondicherry

When you decide to explore Pondicherry with your furry friend, Dune ecovillage solves your worries related with accommodation. The uniquely designed bungalows with traditional architecture will soothe your mind and body.  Here you can play fetch with your dog on the beach, or walk it along the beach and create beautiful memories. The only catch is that you’d have to be careful while walking your dog and keep certain rules in mind before unleashing the goofy tails. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool or near its premises and you’d have to keep them under leash when venturing outside. This eco-friendly place has always welcomed pets. So next time you’re in Pondicherry, give you pet wonderful trip he/she deserves.

Taj Vivanta, Bangalore (Also in Haryana and Kerala)

Taj Vivanta hotel in Bangalore and its chain in other parts of the country are extremely pet-friendly. This luxurious hotel provides all the necessities that your pet might need apart from the high-end grooming service and pet-spas. Taj Vivanta truly understands your relation with your pet owing to this; they have leveled-up their services to give you your best vacation with your fur ball. The hotel might charge you a certain amount for your pet and allow its stay only if it fits the eligibility criteria decided by the management. Your pet must be at least one year old and weigh less than 45 kgs. The hotel has gorgeous lawns and spacious gardens where your little friend can play all day long while you explore the place. You can also avail caretaker service to feed your dog from time to time, walk him or groom him if you like.

Greenex farms, Kerala

Located in Wayanad district, Greenex farms are the best place in Kerala to bring your pet. The comfortable environment of the place will ease the nervousness of your pet and make him playful amidst the greenery. The eco-friendly cottages, treehouse, pond, and lush vegetation will not only give you the relaxation you need but also soothe your pet. There are ample of fun activities you can do here to have a memorable time with your poodle. It’s one of the few places in the state that is pet-friendly. Staying in an eco-friendly lodge is a small yet powerful step in sustainable travel. The experience of exploring Kerala gets twofold when your furry friend accompanies you.

OG’s beach bungalow, Kerala

OG’s beach bungalow is a popular place among pet lovers where they can bring their pet on a vacation. Situated along the backwaters network of lagoons and canals, this beautiful beach bungalow has a perfect setting to have frolics with your pawed friend. From boat rides to beach walk, from playing fetch to splashing water, you can have a great time with your pet here. Moreover, OG’s bungalow is relatively cheaper than luxurious hotels where pets are allowed. Now you need not wander alone when your true companion is with you. Exploring Kerala with a pet is one experience you must take.

Tree of life resort and spa, Jaipur (Also in Rishikesh and Udaipur)

Tree of life resort and spa in Jaipur and other parts of the country is another popular pet-friendly destination in the country where pets can stay with you for as long as you are in the state. You can take your dog for a walk, plunge into the pool, go on a village walk, and do numerous other adventurous things together. The resort charges an additional amount for dog food and other facilities like grooming, vet etc. The place is indeed a paradise for pet lovers where they can spend their holidays with their beloved pets.

Presa di Goa Country House

Owned by a portuguese man, Presa di Goa country is your ideal hotel to be with your pet. The rustic air, colonial architecture, coconut trees, pristine beaches of Goa is what you can capture when staying in this place. There are many cool things you can enjoy with your furry friend to have a memorable trip. Outdoor activities involving beach walk, sightseeing, playing in playground, is enough to excite your little pet and love the place. You can also play several indoor games. At presa di goa country, you won’t face any problem related to dog meal, emergency vet services, spa and grooming. Maybe this is the reason why the place is loved by people especially pet-owners.

Emerald trail, Bhimtal

Emerald trail hotel in Bhimtal is one of the most cherished pet-friendly hotels in the country. This wooden colonial styled hotel is equipped with all the basic necessities your pet might require. There are caretakers to look upon your pet when you venture out to explore the best of Nainital. These caretakers will bathe, feed and walk your dog too, however this might cost you a few bucks extra. You need to follow certain rules when you bring your pet in here. Pets cannot enter your room but they can stay in the premises of the hotel. You must not leave them alone without a caretaker. The place has ample of space where your pet can roam and run around freely. Talk about a budget hotel in Nainital that allows pets then you’ll find the emerald trail leading. So pack your bags and get your pet ready for an exciting trip! Happy petcation!!