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Nepal Best travel Guide. Interesting facts and more!

Nepal is one of the most visited country as the place still gives an ancient feeling and a unique experience which is longed forever. Travelers can have different reasons to visit Nepal, be it adrenaline rush on mountains, travel freaks to explore or simply spiritual awakening, it depends how you want to spend time in Nepal and follow Nepal best travel Guide.

When we talk of Nepal, we think of Himalayas, Mount Everest, Nepalese and innumerable temples.  It is also the ‘Amazon of Asia’ due to its variety of animals and plant life. The realness of the place is its uniqueness, the kind, helpful & simple people, the views of the roads and the mountains and all the winsomeness. This heavenly place has the best of trek routes. Here are some must know things about Nepal which travelers must read and know.

Nepal Landscape


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How to enter Nepal.

  1. Indians do not need any passport to enter in Nepal, other documents such as driving license, ration card, Aadhar card are valid for entry.
  2. Tourist visas are available for citizens of all other countries at land borders.

Nepal scenary

When to visit Nepal.

  1. Nepal temperature is generally fine throughout the year and you can visit it all along.
  2. The skies are generally clear and views are visible in October to December. This is also the best time to visit Nepal.
  3. January & February are cold which is also recommended if looking for peaceful and silence atmosphere.
  4. May month is all humid until June when monsoon arrives.

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Nepal Map

Nepal location on map of India.

  1. Nepal is 94th largest nation in the world which is located in South Asia.
  2. The country share its border with China and India.

Ways to reach Nepal.

  1. Flight are from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Bagdogra to Kathmandu. Kathmandu has Tribhuvan International airport which is the only international airport in India.
  2. Other option to travel Kathmandu is by road. Reach at Nepal’s border at Sunaluli and take a local bus to Kathmandu which takes about 30 hours to reach destination. This is the cheapest way to reach Kathmandu as till now.
  3. There is no train journey to Kathmandu yet.

Popular cities in Nepal.

 Durbar Square Nepal

  1. Kathmandu.

    i. Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city of Nepal.
    ii. Being the main city, it is chaotic with tourists and commercial activities like tourists shops, hotels and different adventures agencies.
    iii. Kathmandu Durbar Square is the highlight of Kathmandu and is a UNESCO World heritage site.

Thamel Nepal     2. Thamel.

Thamel is the market which has all common goods for everyday utilities to vegetables and fruits, from handicrafts to clothes. Everything is available in Thamel. When you come, must enjoy restaurants, pubs and all nightlife.


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Swayambhunath Temple       3. Swayambhunath Temple.

Swayambhunath Temple is also known as ‘Monkey Temple’ which is in northwest of Kathmandu Valley. This temple is an important centre of Buddhism carrying sleeping Buddha, traditional Tibetan paintings and much more. It carries prayer wheels, statues and shrines of Buddhist & Hindu deities.

Lumbini Nepal        4. Lumbini.

Lumbini is the place where Siddhartha Gautam also known as Buddha was born. Pilgrims visit Lumbini in heavy numbers even more than tourists in Nepal.

Janakpur Nepal

        5.  Janakpur.

Janakpur is the place Goddess Sita was born. This is a major religious place Hindus come which is a celebrated site. The people also speak Maithli.

Khumbu Nepal

        6. Khumbu.

Khumbu is a location in northeastern Nepal which includes Namche Bazaar, Thame village, Pheriche & Kunde. It’s trek is also very famous for its low temperature.


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Chitwan National park

        7. Chitwan National park.

Chitwan National park is famous for one horned rhinoceros and the tour of amazing animals is unique. The landscape and culture is cinematic and entrancing. Watching animals come near river to have water is striking. Also, enjoy and stay at elephant camp where you will be surrounded by elephants. Animal safari is must which can terminate your quest to adventure.

Patan Gate Nepal

       8. Patan.

Patan has an Industrial estate which carry small factories which has exquisite and luxurious products. It is tourist centered area which possess crafted carpets, metal work, wood carvings.

       i. Patan Gate is also famous for artefacts and displays which reminds you of the bygone era. It has Shiva, Parvati, Kumar & Ganesh excellent carvings.

ii. You can also visit Ashokan stupas, Hari Shanker Temple, Jagan Narayan Temple, Bhimsen Temple, Khumbeshwar Temple and many more temples located in Patan.

       iii. Patan has an Industrial estate which carry small factories which has exquisite and luxurious products. It is tourist centered area which possess crafted carpets, metal work, wood carvings.

Bhaktapur Nepal

       9. Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur has various sacred and religious sites such as Chagu Narayan, Nyatapola temple, Dattatreya temple, Pashupatinath temple.

i. If you like to experience clay pots making, pottery making, shaping the clay, this place is best for you.

Bodhnath city

       10. Bodhnath city.

Bodhnath city has Bodhnath stupa which is famous and largest in the world. It is a UNESCO World heritage.

i. After visiting Bodhnath stupa, you can go to healing arts centre, enjoy spa.

ii. Visit Kopan monastery which is a Buddhist monastery in Tibetan tradition. Prayers and Pujas are performed everyday and meditation takes place.


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Things to buy in Nepal.

Thangka paintings

  1. Thangka paintings are famous in Nepal which has a religious significance reflecting faith and culture.

Singing Bowls    2. Singing Bowls are sweetest thing from the country which is metal made making soothing sound creating vibration. This is generally used while meditating and healing process.

Pashmina Shawl    3. Pashmina shawl with embroidery is famous in Nepal. Pashmina shawl manufacturers in nepal are in wide numbers and people from around world go to Nepal and own it.

Handicrafts Nepal

    4. Handicrafts in Nepal are unique like prayer wheels, traditional masks, puppets and much more.

Nepal Jewellery

    5. Jewellery is also famous in Nepal which has local beads in necklace. Traditional Newari designed utensils are of silver and people take them as souvenir.


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What to eat in Nepal.

  1. Kathmandu is have authentic Nepalese cuisine which you should definitely try.
  2. Want to try something offbeat? Eat Yak curry or Buffalo steak. These are familiar dishes in Nepal which are local and has to be tasted in order to experience local culture.
  3. Let’s start with the simplest yet delicious dish in Nepal which is familiar to Indian dish which is Dal Bhat. ‘Dal’ with Rice, mixed vegetable and ‘achaar’.

Chatamari Nepal

4. Newars are the local group in Nepal which prepares ‘Chatamari’ which is a rice flour and vegetables topped upon. Vegetables include yak cheese, ground meat and eggs. Newari Cuisine uses buffalo parts including tongue, bone marrow, spine and lungs. This is quite unusual and bizarre but true.

Thukpa Nepal Dish  5. Thukpa is Nepalese noodles soup which has pieces of meat & vegetables. This is a hot and warming dish made in mountains to keep the body warm. It is a scrumptious dish with pleasant aroma.

Sel Roti Nepal   6. Sel Roti is eaten as Breakfast in Nepal which looks like a doughnut made of rice flour. Sel roti is deep fried and eaten when dipped in yogurt with vegetables.

Bajeko dish  7. Bajeko Sekuwa is love for non-veg lovers. It is mouth watering barbecued meat eaten joyfully.

   8. Momos is the most cherished dish, also called ‘Dumplings’. It is meat or vegetables stuffed wrapped with dough and eaten with spicy dipping sauce.

   9. Puwa is a sweet dish prepared with rice flour, butter & sugar.People prepare it in sacred rituals at homes which is taken with warm milk.

Pustakari   10. Pustakari is again famous sweet Nepali toffee prepared with sugar, milk, peanut powder.


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Fun Facts about Nepal.

Nepal Flag

1. Nepal’s flag is the only one which has two triangles (rather the being quadrilateral like others) which represent Hinduism & Buddhism.
2. Nepal time is 45 minutes off the universal time.
3. Nepal has so many languages, even in hundreds that the natives sometimes are unable to communicate due to different languages known.


4. Nepali word for Everest is ‘Sagarmatha’ which means Forehead of the sky’.
5. People sat that, Obnoxious and abominable snowman roam in snow.
6. Nepal do not celebrate any Independence day as it does not have any.

Nepal View

Nepal is multi-religious, multi-ethnic country which has every bit of second worth seeing. The flora and fauna calls you, the adventure magnetize you. Be it Motor biking, helicopter sightseeing, paragliding, rafting, everything attracts the visitors as they were incomplete before. Nepal Tourism supports visiting of more tourists whose rate is just increasing year by year. Without any doubt, this is the best place for vacation to spend with friends or family. The delightful and thrilling experience will make you want to visit again and once is not enough.