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6 Bad Habits to Avoid When Travelling and How to Quit Them

Wisdom says bad habits are often caught easily but good ones take time to develop and are no less than a struggle. Researchers point out that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit or change one, but reality speaks otherwise. Bad habits can ruin your vacation when you ignore certain things.  But you need not take stress on vacation especially when you can avoid bad habits and save yourself from unnecessary hassle and trouble. These problems might be related to overpacking, or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable in the hotel room you’ve booked or wish you have researched well. Breaking these bad habits can open doors to surreal travel opportunities and experiences you cannot get otherwise. Moreover, responsible traveling can help you make a connection with the culture, people, food, and landscapes of the land. To know where you lack, here are 6 things to change that you might have been ignoring this whole time.

  1. Spontaneously Booking an Accommodation

Spontaneity goes synonymous with adventure but when it comes to accommodation, you can fall flat on your feet. Randomly choosing a hotel can turn into a nightmare when you ignore the most important element of traveling i.e. research. Google might help you book the cheapest accommodation quickly but the safety aspect cannot be helped by it either. To avoid unpleasant experiences, all you need to do is research. Research and book a hotel well in advance and grab the best deals on hotels of your liking. This is not only limited to hotels but flights and cabs too.

  • Overstuffing Your Suitcase/Backpack

Do you stuff your travel bag with things that can last for a month despite your short duration of your trip? You might me mumbling ‘yes’ but won’t agree to it. Overpacking the suitcase is a big no-no while on a vacation. To be honest, why would you slightly be interested in carrying the burden of your heavy bags?

As shocking as it might appear, 70% of travelers end up packing unnecessary things in their bags. This bad habit is not going to break so easily. But you can try to keep your travel accessories and clothes as minimum as possible (unless you have a fashion show to attend!) so that you can enjoy your trip the way you have thought. Write down the things you may require for your trip a few days in advance so that you don’t forget it and compensate with irrelevant ones. Remember, the more weight you carry, the more fees you are charged at the airports.

  • Being Clueless About the Language Of The Land

Don’t be that random john who doesn’t know the basic language of the place. No one is telling you to be an expert either, but you should at least try to learn a few sentences that can help you throughout your journey to an unknown place. Learning a new language is not as tough as climbing Mt. Everest. With the help of a language app, you can pick up the grip and connect with locals easily. So don’t wait for someone to spell out the words to you. Download the concerned language’s app and start with the basic aspects of communication.

  • Squeezing Time to Explore Every Place At One Go

Quite often travelers try to cover everything in a short time which is the biggest blunder they do while travelling. Squeezing time to see every place defeats the whole purpose of travelling. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a laid-back vacation or an adventurous one, the rule stands still ‘never be hasty in visiting all places at one-go’. You are bound to miss things on your trip. To avoid this bad habit, you should try to cover a few places per day (2-3 places would be ideal) and enjoy them to the fullest. Even if you have paucity of time, you shall stick to the rule and revel in the amazing experience of travelling.

  • Sticking To the Clichéd Food Options

Most travelers when going on a vacation are scared to try out the local cuisine of the place and end up ordering the same old comfort food. If you are also clutched by this bad habit, then you have no idea what you are missing. Trying out different cuisines is as much fun as discovering the place. It wouldn’t hurt to give your tongue taste a different food once in a while.

Food plays an important role in connecting you to the customs and culture of the land. Hence, next time you plan a trip, don’t hesitate to gorge upon local food/ street food. The experience is certainly going to be a rewarding one!

  • Busy Clicking Pictures And Updating Stories On Social Media

Travelling is meant to be an enlightening experience. But one of the most annoying things newbie travelers do is they spend lots and lots of time posting their pictures and whereabouts on social media rather than living in the moment and enjoy what the destination has to offer. When you do this, you are ignoring the real or let’s say big picture here, your purpose of travelling is to enjoy and relax not clicking endless selfies with different poses or capture the roads, scenic beauties, food etc.

When you explore a place like a local, you are sure to stumble upon something unique no matter it’s in terms of experience or a thing. To soak the best elements of the place, make sure that you use your camera or phone efficiently and responsibly not obsessively.